The Bloodline System - Chapter 1005 I Can't Lose Consciousness Right Now!

Chapter 1005 I Can't Lose Consciousness Right Now!

Chapter 1005 I Can't Lose Consciousness Right Now!

The creature didn't seem satisfied and wreaked even more havoc with its last arm.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sounds of collision rang out repeatedly as it punch and stomped upon the same area.

The crater created had spread across more than twenty miles at this point and multiple infected along with MBO officers and even AI bots had fallen into it.

Gustav's status was unknown after more than five minutes of repeated pounding but the creature seemed to have been satisfied after doing this continously so it finally stopped.

The whole place once more descended into silence as the creature stood in place with its golden aura getting stronger with every pa.s.sing second.

It looked forward in the direction of the wall that had cracks all over right now with multiple parts having holes.

It began stepping forward without releasing its Yarki. Its intention was to get rid of the wall now that no one was standing in its way, including the infected.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

With every movement it crossed more than a hundred feet and was getting closer to the wall. It wasn't in a hurry as it moved but it was still very fast and would get to the wall in less than ten seconds.

Despite only having a single arm currently, Gisodinym would still be capable of ruining the city without anyone to stop it.

Gradier Xanatus had repeatedly called for backup since he could still speak even though he was unable to move his body.

However, the aircraft that were closing in on the city found themselves unable to move further after reaching the affected areas of both Yarkis.

They couldn't attack nor move so it was useless.

The Gisodinym arrived a few feet away from the wall in no time and paused for a bit.

Just as it raised its hand, it felt a presence from behind.


It quickly turned around as this familiar voice drifted into its ears but the moment it did...


A four feet sword with reddish blade stabbed through what was left of the protective barrier surrounding its head and cut into its forehead.

It was merely a needle due to the Gisodinym's large size but in the next instant it burst forth with immense destructive energy.


Gustav yelled out as he poured energy into the jiko hakai katana and pushed forward as much as he could.


A blast of Crimson light shone forth as the jiko hakai katana ripped through Gisodinym's forehead.

Its forehead made a loud sound as Gustav tore further into it and infiltrated the creature's skull.

The energy blasted forth into its head wreaked havoc within and in the next few second...


Gisodinym's golden eyes slowly turned dim as it fell over.


A loud sound rang out as Gisodinym fell to the back, causing another ma.s.sive shockwave to spread across the environment.

Gustav who was within its forehead was holding his breath as his entire body was covered in brain matter and blood.

He pulled out the jiko hakai katana from a wall section within Gisodinym's brain after he confirmed the creature was dead.

He stood in place for several seconds despite knowing that he had won the battle because of an unexpected reason...


[Does Host Wish To Absorb This Parallel Being Cosmic Superiority?]

'What is this? I can absorb Cosmic Superiority?' Gustav was pleasantly surprised as he saw this notification.

("Well you've never fought a Cosmic Superior being so its understandable that you had no idea you could,") The system responded.

"It didn't make it easy as well..." Gustav had to admit that this was the craziest battle he had gotten into.

("Retract your Yarki,") The system stated.

Gustav's eyes widened as he realized that his Yarki was still activated. Now that Gisodinym was dead, the full effects of his Yarki would have returned and everyone on the battlefield would be suffering burns.


He quickly retracted it, causing the entire battlefield to return to normal as everyone found themselves in control of their body functions once more.

"I'm almost out of energy," Gustav muttered with a look of urgency.

("Are you going its absorb the Cosmic Superiority or what?") The system questioned.

"Of course," Gustav answered.

"So long as it helps me to regain a bit of my energy because this battle is far from being over," Gustav stated.

[Host Has Decided To Absorb This Parallel Being Cosmic Superiority]

("Uhmm about it helping you to regain your energy...") The system voiced with a weird tone.

[Absorbing Cosmic Superiority]

"Huh? What is it?" Gustav had a feeling of foreboding as he heard this.

His entire figure brightened up with a golden glow within Gisodinym's head as he began absorbing its Cosmic Superiority.

Gustav began to feel weird as he absorbed Gisodinym's Cosmic Superiority.

"Hey system what is it you wanted to mention?" Gustav asked once more with a tone of urgency as he could feel that something wasn't right.

("You'll be losing consciousness in a few...") The system revealed.


"No! I can't,"

Gustav voiced out with a worried tone as he spread his perception across the vicinity.

He could tell that the battle between the infecfed and the officers had continued after he retracted his Yarki.


"I can't lose consciousness right now!" Gustav said with a high tone.

("There is nothing you can do about it... do you know what it means to absorb a Parallel Being Cosmic Superiority? You're already defying all the laws of the cosmos and this is the greatest defiance of all... stopping the Cosmic Superiority from returning to the Cosmos so another being might be granted with the blessing...") The system explained.

At this point Gustav was already starting to get drowsy. No matter how much he tried to fight the sleepiness, his eyelids kept shutting subconsciously.

"Stop... Absorbing... I... can... do that... later..." Gustav listed as he staggered while trying to keep himself standing.

("I am afraid the process cannot be stopped after it has began,") The system disclosed.

("See you in three days... Gustav,") The system added.

"s.h.i.+...ttt," Gustav cursed under his breath before he his eyelids closed completely and he fell unconscious.


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