Super Gene - Chapter 797: Scary Shelter

Chapter 797: Scary Shelter

Chapter 797: Scary Shelter

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Han Sen was fuming. He was the master of stealing easy kills from others, but now, someone had attempted to do the same thing to him. It was infuriating. In silence, Han Sen blitzed through the sky in pursuit of the tiger. The little angel and the big monster also went after it, and in the big monster's wake, giant craters remained as the soil was upturned, mud was flung, rocks were smashed and trees were crushed.

Fortunately, there was no human shelter in the vicinity and neither would there be in the lands ahead. If even a royal shelter was to be in the rampaging behemoth's track, it'd be flattened within seconds.

Han Sen was the slowest of them all. He was in the back, and the distance that separated them only increased the further they went. The little angel and big monster were both faster than him.

Han Sen gritted his teeth and simulated Light Son of G.o.d's energy flow; with this, his speed increased by a vast amount. Through this, he was just about able to catch up and not get left behind.

The black tiger was an extremely menacing creature to look at. Despite carrying such a large monster, it was able to continue its flight west and outpace them all without any trouble, whatsoever.

Han Sen chased after the black tiger for four days straight, and neither of the creatures slowed down. Han Sen himself was unable to excuse the misdeed committed by the tiger, and with a burst of energy, swore to the high heaven he would catch up with the tiger and deliver its just desserts.

The big monster felt the same. Gripped in the fearsome talons of the tiger's paws, its baby repeatedly cried out for aid over the course of their flight. The baby's perseverance had to be admired, and it was no wonder why it was a second-generation super creature.

Devil-Eye Spiders had a weak vitality, and if they were the ones s.n.a.t.c.hed, they'd have died a long time ago. There was no way they'd remain alive, let alone muster the effort of screeching for help.

But despite all their most valiant efforts, none were able to catch up with the black tiger. And by now, it had been eight days. Their flight had gone on so long and far, they had exited the San Dao River region. Treacherous mountain ranges are what lay in the distant lands ahead, ones which the black tiger was not hesitant to fly into once nearing them.

Han Sen looked ahead and stopped. Amidst all the mountains that were connected, there was one purple mountain that stuck out like a sore thumb. The black tiger landed on its slopes and dragged the small monster up with it.

The purple mountain was a strange one, indeed. It was very tall and its peak rested somewhere above the clouds. On this peak was what looked like a palace.

Han Sen witnessed the black tiger land there, and suspected things were only going to take a turn for the worse. For a spirit shelter to have a monster as wild as that, it wouldn't merely be a royal cla.s.s one.

Han Sen recalled the little angel, while the big monster went on ahead. It seemed as if it was willing to do whatever it took if it meant securing the safety of its child.

The purple palace appeared semi-transparent, as its appearance was masked and unmasked at the whims and travel of clouds. The black tiger raced its way to the top.

The purple palace's double-doors opened as if they were automatic, and with the squirming, screeching monster in its clutches, the tiger ran inside. Once it was beyond them, the doors closed and locked the big monster outside.

The big monster was not willing to stop there, however. With its goliath body, it threw itself against the gates repeatedly, in a bid to bring it down.

The big monster had a width of one hundred meters, and it was at least fifty meters tall. But in the shadow of that door, it didn't appear so grand. They were of comparable height.


The giant monster's body used all its strength in hitting the door, and each thud echoed far and wide. But despite its efforts, the stone gates did not budge a single inch. The monster's wretched power was nothing in comparison.

The monster used so much strength in each push, it fell backward a few times after every throw of itself. It would scream aloud after each failed attempt, and then try once more.

Nothing happened. The stone gate was firmly sealed and no matter how much strength was exerted, the big monster was unable to break down the door.

After all these hits, the monster had begun to bleed. And still, the door remained closed.

Han Sen was shocked while watching this. The powerful monster must have been a super creature, and he suspected most second-generation sorts would be unable to kill him.

Yet this one door, despite receiving the monster's absolute might, was unwilling to submit. It remained sealed, and Han Sen suspected it was a testament to the strength of whatever master waited inside.

Han Sen frowned and flew back up into the sky, keen to take an aerial view of the site and see what creatures were inside the shelter.

But while he was airborne, the sight was entirely shrouded by mist. Unable to get a good look, Han Sen felt his heart sink somewhat.

With his eyesight and abilities of perception, he should have had no issue piercing the clouds with his vision. Strangely, he was unable to see anything. The clouds themselves were quite curious, however.

Han Sen summoned his devil-eye mask and ran the Devil-Eye Spider's energy flow. Keenly, he looked back at the shelter once more.

Although Han Sen couldn't quite make out what was in there, he was able to espy the presence of a few flames that looked like lifeforces.

"One, two, three, four, five." Han Sen counted at least five super creatures inside.

Of course, that was only what Han Sen was able to see. He couldn't be sure whether or not there were any more inside.

"Perhaps I will indeed have to just give up this pursuit." Han Sen gritted his teeth, hating his own suggestion. It was fairly obvious he'd be unable to deal with all the super creatures inside there, but he still did not want to just pack up and leave.

It wasn't easy trying to locate and secure a second-generation super creature, so it was fairly bad for it just to be taken away from him in the manner it was.

"Ah, screw it. I'm going to risk it. Let's see just how powerful this super spirit shelter really is! Even if I'm too weak, they'll be unable to kill me. If I can't get back the prey I worked so hard to nab, I'm going to mess this place up!" Clenching his jaw, Han Sen ran towards the purple door.

The big monster and Han Sen considered each other friends for the time being, and Han Sen was willing to try to help open the door for it.

If they both got inside, it might actually be possible for the big monster to take on two super creatures all by itself. If Han Sen performed better, the prospect of earning a few more easy kills for himself would be delightful.

Although the chances of this happening were slim, he was happy enough just to raise a little h.e.l.l for the shelter as payback.

Han Sen ran before the gate, as the giant monster did its best to get it open. While the door remained undamaged, it was coated in the battered monster's blood.

Han Sen summoned his Flaming Rex Spike and tried fitting it where the seam for the double doors should be. As the rex spike drilled into the door, countless sparks illuminated the area. But still, despite his efforts, the doors couldn't be opened.

Not a single chip of the door was broken away, either. And now, Han Sen was beginning to think it was too difficult.


The big monster, seeing that Han Sen was unable to open the door, hit it once more. Its mouth spat out blood, and it screamed in pain.

"This is not going to work. Even if we barge in now, we'll be half dead. Death would be all but certain upon our entry." Han Sen gritted his teeth and flew into the shelter from above.

The shelter was veiled in cloud, and he couldn't see a single thing. But right now, in his state of mind, he cared little. Han Sen was going to fly in, try to open the door from the inside, and let the big monster in.