Super Gene - Chapter 798: Getting into the Shelter

Chapter 798: Getting into the Shelter

Chapter 798: Getting into the Shelter

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The fog lay heavy, and Han Sen made sure to summon his most useful beast souls before entering the mist. He pierced into the clouds without hindrance, but as he entered, a frightful feeling crept along his spine and chilled him to the bone.

Han Sen saw a fire-wreathed shadow approach from his side. If he wasn't wearing his devil-eye mask, he wouldn't have caught its coming.


The little angel came over to cover him, and her greatsword collided with something in the fog. She was knocked back a bit, but before anything else could happen, their phantom a.s.sailant retreated into the deeper recesses of the mist.

Before Han Sen could continue his journey through the fog, the shadow came at them again from another side. It was fortunate Han Sen was able to follow it as it neared, and command the little angel to respond appropriately.

While Han Sen commanded her to deflect the shadow's incoming attack, Han Sen took advantage of the window of opportunity and flew faster through the fog towards the shelter. He knew that the shelter's walls were only a hundred meters away, but it now felt as if he had traveled several hundred meters. And still, he had yet to see the ground.

"Oh, no!" The wretched realization that this was no ordinary fog dawned on Han Sen. He wanted to leave its stuffy-clutch, but it was too late. Despite flying back a few hundred meters again, in the direction he had come, he was unable to exit. He wasn't going anywhere.

But Han Sen was at least glad he was in possession of the devil-eye mask, so he could watch any creature that lurked inside the mist. It did well to keep him alert and out of danger.

"It seems as if there is only one super creature hiding out here in the mist with me. If the others don't come near, then perhaps I'll be able to kill it one-on-one," Han Sen thought to himself.

He did not believe whatever super creature lurked around him would pose too much danger, and even without his devil-eye mask, he could use his dongxuan aura to sense its presence and see it coming.

The only problem was the need to deal with it quickly. If he didn't take care of it soon, it was only a matter of time before the big monster down below would beat itself to death against the doors. If that happened, Han Sen would have one less ally on the field.

The evil-eye mask could only enable Han Sen to watch the shadow of the creature. It was a lifeforce, one that seemed to have been wrapped in flames. He couldn't quite see what sort of super creature it was.

The little angel could not see very well in the mist, and she had to rely on the commands of her master for when and where to react.

Han Sen quietly drew his peac.o.c.k crossbow and loaded it with Z-steel bolts. He propped it up, ready for the creature's re-emergence.


The little angel used her greatsword to knock away an incoming shadow. Han Sen did not do anything yet, and he just patiently watched it.

The flaming shadow failed in its attempts to attack a few times, and it appeared to be frustrated. So, it gave up trying to strike them, sunk into the mist, and watched the two in return.

Han Sen pretended as if he could not see it, rolling his head in a number of different directions to feign inattention. But in truth, aside from the creature, he really could not see anything else.

When he was outside, he had managed to catch the presence of other super creatures by spotting their lifeforces. But now, inside the mist, this singular lifeforce was the only anomaly he could make out.

After observing for a while, the flame began to believe Han Sen and the little angel had truly lost their target. It sailed through the fog behind Han Sen, and slowly approached.

Han Sen continued looking left and right, as if it he had no idea where it was coming from. But with the dongxuan aura that he cast a while ago, he was able to keep an eye on its every slight movement.

The flaming shadow came within ten meters of Han Sen when it suddenly became enraged, and it launched itself towards the mist's intruder.

The moment the flame got close to Han Sen, he quickly turned around and used his Flaming Rex Spike to block the attack while his left-hand fired the peac.o.c.k crossbow repeatedly. Consecutively, he fired eight of the Z-steel bolts towards the foe.


But Han Sen and the rex spike were rocked away upon the collision, which negatively affected his accuracy. Still, he heard a foreign noise in the mist sound three times. Three of the eight bolts had found their target.

At the same time, little angel flew to the shadow's head and brought down the greatsword upon it with all her might.

"Roar!" The flaming shadow screamed in agony, seemingly injured by the bolts. Frantically, it tried to scramble back into the cover of the mist.

But under the all-seeing gaze of the devil-eye mask, Han Sen was able to observe its every move. With the little angel by his side, he took off after the misty-menace.

The creature had been well-and-truly fooled by Han Sen, and now, the little angel instantly caught up with the monster. She swung her sword like a loon and brought an end to the fleeing monster's escape.

Han Sen fired the peac.o.c.k crossbow again, emptying the other six bolts.

The timing could not have been more perfect, as the creature had just exhausted all its strength in avoiding the brutal cleaves of the little angel's greatsword.

More moans rumbled out across the fog, as four of the bolts found their target. The creature trembled.

Like a sudden streak of light, the little angel shot right past the creature. As she did so, a head launched into the sky, trailing blood. Before the choking mist could be dyed red, it began to disappear with the felling of its master.

"Super Creature Mirage-Gas Freak killed. No beast soul gained. The flesh of this creature is inedible, but you may harvest its Life Geno essence. Consume its Life Geno essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly."

The mist faded, and Han Sen's prior vision of the shelter's walls and gate returned to him. It was only ten meters away now.

The Mirage-Gas Freak that the little angel had slain began to fade away. It was strange, like a cat. The head had been lopped off, and that too began to melt away with the body.


A Life Geno essence, one that looked like an orb of solid mist, fell to the ground. Han Sen made sure to pick it up, and after doing so, flew to the back of the gate that had previously barred their pa.s.sage. Then, he lifted and removed the bolt that prevented its opening. After doing so, he made sure to make a quick escape backwards.


The purple-door was smashed open by the big monster. With a loud roar, it marched inside without hesitation.

Inside the shelter was a large and beautiful palace, but strangely, it now seemed devoid of creatures or spirits. The place seemed empty.

When the mirage cloud totally disappeared, Han Sen's vision became clearer. He couldn't see any creatures. Even the small monster that had been captured by the black tiger was totally gone, and not even its screams could be heard anymore.


The big monster quickly arrived before the grand palace, and at its tall doors, it again tried to open them by throwing its weight. It wanted to see with its own eyes whether or not the little monster was inside.

Its strike did not collapse the palace, but as Han Sen watched, he saw the flash of a sword. Suddenly, a huge, b.l.o.o.d.y gash had been drawn deep into the big monster's hardy scales.