Super Gene - Chapter 796: Killing the Smaller Monster

Chapter 796: Killing the Smaller Monster

Chapter 796: Killing the Smaller Monster

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The little angel flapped her wings and flew directly to the big monster's head, as Han Sen took off running to the smaller monster.

His fitness had almost reached the level of a juvenile super creature at this point, and with the Flaming Rex Spike in hand, it wouldn't be too difficult for him to slay his target.

The small black-scaled monster, seeing Han Sen run towards it, shouted. Its mouth became a black, gaping maw with a set of wretched fangs piercing out of that darkness.

Han Sen swung the Flaming Rex Spike down towards it. The monster did not flee or evade the attack, and instead used its own head as a deflector. When the rex spike collided with the black-scales, a deep noise was emitted.

Han Sen felt a terrible power surge into his hands from the monster's head, as the rex spike failed to crack open the scales of the beast. The power that pushed back was so strong, it hurled Han Sen into the air and sent him through a few spins as he went.

"That is quite powerful. This thing must have a really high vitality." Han Sen borrowed strength from the air he was borne onto and returned to engage the small monster.

Liu Yunyi and his group were frozen stiff, watching the crazy waves that continued to surge out of the wild waters of the lake. Han Sen and his angel had fearlessly gone to battle the monsters there, and in the chaos of the scene, it was difficult to tell who would emerge triumphant.

"Holy c.r.a.p! Where did this elite come from? He can actually go toe-to-toe with these things and potentially beat them?"

"That angel-looking lady must be a pet beast soul. It's so strong and beautiful."

"What are you guys hanging around for? We should quickly retreat and fall back."

The little angel invaded every inch of the big monster's personal s.p.a.ce and attacked its head repeatedly. She wanted to strike its eyes and blind it, but the monster's vitality was extraordinarily high, and so its flesh was incredibly difficult to get through. Unable to deal much in the way of damage, even the little angel ended up dodging more than she could attack.

Her greatsword smacked the creature's head numerous times, but its skull was sufficiently guarded by its hardy scales. Despite the effort of her attacks, only a shallow scratch mark was left behind by each strike. In comparison to the beast at large, she might as well have tried tickling the fiend.

The small monster was angrier and less composed, however. It ignored Han Sen's attacks and instead tried to attack him, even at the cost of ensuring its own defense. The black scales looked tougher than the big monster's, however, and the creature itself looked more powerful.

The big monster took notice of the little one chasing Han Sen around, which put its concern at ease. With continued composure, it calmly fought the little angel that had targeted it.

Han Sen fell back more and more, attempting to lure the smaller creature away. He was initially worried that the small one might not follow, so he prepared to use his Devil-Eye Spider beast soul in order to seduce it. But this was not necessary, due to the monster's feistiness. Attracting it his way was the easiest aspect of the ensuing battle.

Han Sen eventually managed to lead the small monster into the nearby woods. Its teeth gnashed in a fearsome bloodl.u.s.t as it chased after Han Sen with murder in its eyes.

Although the little monster was strong and powerful, it came as a surprise to Han Sen that it had evidently not lived for very long. It clearly knew little of the world at large. Now, seeing Han Sen stop, it gaped its hungry maw and leapt towards him.

The fangs of its mouth were like daggers as they came, but Han Sen did not fall back at the sight of their gnas.h.i.+ng hunger. Just as the mouth came close, ready to tear his face off, Han Sen drove the rex spike deep into the creature's mouth.

The Flaming Rex Spike spun like a drill, as flames blazed and wreathed their way around it. With Han Sen's surprise attack, the weapon was shoved deep into the monster's throat. Like mud from a manic drillbit, blood squirted out from the ravaged throat of the beast.

The little monster squealed in absolute pain, but its cry was muted due to the presence of the ravenous rex spike.

Han Sen's heart pounded with the thrill, as he channeled an infinite source of power into the rex spike. His push with the weapon did not recede, and Han Sen slowly worked the weapon into the creature's stomach.

In a moment's notice, the two-yard-long rex spike had been driven a full three feet into the mouth of the super creature. And Han Sen primed it to go deeper.

Amidst the blood and shredded flesh of its butchered throat, the monster could do little but shake its head. As it shook vigorously, it sent Han Sen and the rex spike flying into the air. The strength of its wiggle was too powerful, and even Han Sen was unable to withstand the velocity. The little monster let out a cry of pain after throwing away its violent aggressor, and this alerted the big monster to the little one's danger. Immediately, its concerned parent stomped its way through the trees to its aid.

The giant, hulking body made the ground quake with each step it took. The lake was thrown into utter turmoil as it left the battered waters behind.

Although the little angel wanted to stop the approach of the big monster, she couldn't deal a critical hit to the monster or find a weak spot she could exploit. Thus, nothing she did could grab its attention. Even as she repeatedly struck its scaly-skin, the sword could do nothing.

Seeing the big monster heading his way, Han Sen knew it would only have to take two more steps before it was directly in front of him. He knew he had to act fast, so he quickly retrieved his rex spike and ran towards the little monster. Without thinking, he rammed it up the baby monster's b.u.t.thole with all his might.

The rex spike was driven an entire meter up its backside, as blood burst from the exploited hole like unclogged plumbing.

Its upper-body had already been severely injured, and now, it's lower-body was being quickly made the same. It squealed in agony and fell down to the ground. It exerted much effort in trying to stabilize itself, but try as it might, it could not stand back up.

Han Sen was not content to stop there, and he was determined to push harder and end the monster's life as soon as he possibly could. But the big monster was approaching quickly, like a mountain bearing down on him. Han Sen knew he couldn't remain where he was much longer, so he pulled his rex spike out and retreated.


The giant monster brought another foot down and crushed trees and fallen logs into kindling. The diameter of each footprint left behind was ten meters. Han Sen dodged the foot, but it only by a small margin.

The little monster finally managed to regain its balance and stand up, then crawled nearby the bigger monster. When the big monster noticed the wounds its young one had incurred, its wrath was stoked. Wild flames of anger now burned for Han Sen.

The giant monster roared and tried to crush Han Sen underfoot once more. The vitality-based monster was not something he could compete with, so Han Sen had no choice but to fall back.

Han Sen cast Aero and used it to more easily evade the stomping of the raging behemoth.

All the while, the little angel continued trying to attack the big monster's eyes. Her attempts were ineffective, however. The monster's neck was surprisingly spry, and it managed to duck and weave to avoid many of her strikes.

As this was unfolding, Han Sen looked for an opportunity to swing back around and finish off the smaller monster. Unfortunately for him, the opportunity was taking its time in revealing itself. But during this intense observation, a new sound came from the skies above.

A black and metallic tiger, one with wings, descended from the skies. It flew extremely fast and within a second, it landed behind the big monster. Its four paws shredded the little monster's body. Then, it grabbed the little monster, flapped its wings, and took off flying to the west.

"That b*stard! Trying to steal my kill, are you?" Han Sen was infuriated, so he took off in flight and chased after the black tiger.

Only Han Sen was allowed to steal the kills of others, and the thought of this black tiger stealing his kill was unacceptable.

The big monster, when seeing its little one get captured, ignored Han Sen and tried to chase after the black tiger, as well.

The black tiger held on to the little monster with ease, despite how many tons it undoubtedly weighed. And it was still going too fast for him or the big monster to catch up.