Super Gene - Chapter 795: The Monster That Inhabits Emerald Lake

Chapter 795: The Monster That Inhabits Emerald Lake

Chapter 795: The Monster That Inhabits Emerald Lake

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After the match was over, Han Sen exited the virtual community. He thought battling other humans was fairly lame, and all-around boring; he viewed compet.i.tion against the AI to be much more exciting. Until he could challenge a surpa.s.ser, it was a waste of his time.

The fact that the match was considered boring was something that rocked the entire Hand of G.o.d community.

A legendary, professional player G.o.d's Third Hand was bullied into defeat with a final score of one hundred to nil. It was a shocker.

A video of the match circulated virally, as everyone who saw it shared and pa.s.sed it on. No matter who ended up watching it, they were amazed.

But no one suspected Win A Girlfriend was cheating, and rightfully so. Cheats only allowed someone to speed up, and Han Sen's hands were actually slower than his opponent's.

Many Hand of G.o.d professionals a.n.a.lyzed the match, since the details of the match promised to bring the game into a new era.

Previously, it was entirely believed to be a game of speed. After one match, it was revealed to everyone that it could be something more. No longer was it about collecting points through speed alone; now it was about prediction and foresight. And it was possible to play mind games on your opponent, and work to prevent your opponent from collecting their points.

A new era began, and this match was officially doc.u.mented as a guide and a showcase for players. And so, as it was handed out more and more, it became even more widely-known.

Many people wanted to uncover the ident.i.ty of the enigmatic Win A Girlfriend. Some teams and organizations even placed a bounty for any concrete information that could aid in the discovery of who the player truly was. But after time elapsed, with no progress in such investigations, the trail went cold.

Han Sen no longer had any interest in playing Hand of G.o.d. He decided to return to the sanctuary, since the sensing abilities of his dongxuan aura were almost on par with his Jadeskin's eighth sense. He believed by now, he had what it took to overcome Falsified-Sky Sutra, and thus, Han Sen wanted to find Luo Yin again. He wanted to see if he could well-and-truly beat the Falsified-Sky powers.

But Luo Yin was not there, so he reverted back to his original plan—the one that led him to encounter Luo Yin in the first place. Han Sen returned to the Emerald Lake, in the hope he could find the dinosaurs that had been said to reside there—the parent and child.

If they did not live together, then Han Sen thought he had a fair chance of killing them.

After the silver fox had eaten the second-generation Devil-Eye Spider, it seemed to have grown up quite a bit. Its energy flow had almost reached the same level as the fairy's. While these changes occurred on the inside, little happened to its exterior. It looked practically the same as it always had, so it didn't seem as if it was yet an adult.

Han Sen pulled out the corpse of the silver-winged b.u.t.terfly, and the silver fox's eyes began to s.h.i.+ne towards it. The silver fox hopped onto Han Sen's hand in the hopes of swallowing it.

But Han Sen suddenly pulled back his hand. He looked at the silver fox and said, "Little Silver, I treat you better than I would my own son. I give you everything. If you ever think to betray me, I will never forgive you. Do you understand?"

The silver fox used its head to rub Han Sen, as saliva drooled from its mouth into the fabric of his clothes.

When Han Sen put his hand down, the silver fox leapt off and gobbled up the b.u.t.terfly in a second-flat. Its body seemed to shake and tremble afterwards.

Silver lightning suddenly burst forth from it, like silk. This static silk crackled and weaved its way around to encase the silver fox in a silver coc.o.o.n.

Han Sen used his dongxuan aura to watch the coc.o.o.n and took a surprised notice of the chaotic energy that swirled inside. It was like a volcano, preparing to erupt at any second.

"Is it finally growing up?" Han Sen felt relieved. He was worried that even after eating the silver b.u.t.terfly, there'd be no change. If so, Han Sen hadn't a clue how much longer it would take.

Han Sen did not know how long it would take for the silver fox to finish its time inside the coc.o.o.n, either, but he didn't fancy waiting around. So, he stuffed the coc.o.o.n inside his pack and resumed his journey to the Emerald Lake.

The Emerald Lake sparkled green, and all you could see was the green unspoiled surface reflecting the sky above. It was a gorgeous view to behold. Upon reaching the lake, Han Sen walked around its length but did not find a single super creature.

He used his dongxuan aura to scan the water. He could only scan up to a depth of about ten meters, despite how deep it truly was. As a result, he was unable to find anything.

"Friend, have you come here looking for dinosaurs? A bunch of us have established a camp and with a fire, and we're having a barbeque." A man appeared and greeted Han Sen, inviting him to join in the festivities.

It was rare to see a man so pa.s.sionate and welcoming, so Han Sen did not hesitate to oblige and take a seat.

They spoke together for some time, and Han Sen learnt the group was a bunch of friends that composed a squad. They all knew each other back in the First G.o.d's Sanctuary, but they all happened to be sent to the same region in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. Such an occurrence was highly unlikely, and so, they took it as a sign that they should form a team. Pa.s.sing by this lake, they had heard the tales of a dinosaur supposedly inhabiting the place. Therefore, they decided to stop for a while and scope the place out.

They had been camping at the same spot for two days, but alas, they hadn't seen anything out of the ordinary.

"Which squad are you from?" Liu Yunyi asked.

"My squad is a bit special; it is not appropriate for me to discuss their affairs here." Han Sen smiled.

"A special team, huh? Has anything interesting hit the airwaves? Is there any juicy gossip you can share with us?" someone else asked.

Just as Han Sen was about to tell them a story, he heard watery splashes. Suddenly, the surface of the lake was disturbed, and the tide that caressed the skirt of the lake began to rise. A wave that was a few meters high was generated, and it quickly came in the direction of the camp. Under the force of the sudden tsunami, the fire was immediately put out and the tents were all ruined.

Everyone, now drenched, looked out towards the lake. They saw something with the neck and head of a giraffe emerge from the water. This was much bigger than the dinosaur they had previously expected. Its body had to be over a hundred meters wide; it was ridiculous.

Near the monster, a little version of itself lay. Its body was smaller, at only about ten meters wide. They both exited the waters and climbed upon the sh.o.r.e

At the ghastly sight, Liu Yunyi and his team froze. It was rare to see creatures of such goliath proportions inhabiting a sanctuary.

"Boss, should we fight?" someone asked Liu Yunyi.

Liu Yunyi smiled wryly and muttered, "Do you have a death wish? It's huge! Our weapons would only be capable of tickling such a fiend. Its tail alone could wipe us out!"

As their dialogue unfolded, Han Sen was already running towards the two creatures.

He used his dongxuan aura to scan them. The big one's life force, although blurry, was incredibly strong. It was a first-generation super creature.

The small one's energy flow was running strangely, but that aside, it was clear. It was a second-generation super creature.

It was rare to find a second-generation super creature that was alone, and although the big one was beside it, Han Sen didn't see a reason why he could not kill it.