Super Gene - Chapter 736: A Shelter For One

Chapter 736: A Shelter For One

Chapter 736: A Shelter For One

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Watching an extra large orange furball approach with haste, the silver fox that was still perched on Han Sen's shoulder moved before its master could.

The silver fox's hair all stood up, and a charge of silver light began to form across its pelt. With a fierce discharge, a silver thunderbolt struck the super creature that the short-haired lady referred to as Little Orange.

"Meow! Aaargh!" The shrill shriek of the cat, and the sharp scream of pain from the lady that mounted it, sounded at the same time. The hair of Little Orange all stood on end following the strike, and the hair of the short-haired lady looked as if it had been set ablaze. Unmoving, she fell from the back of the cat.

Little Orange, after its shock, blazed with anger and leapt towards Han Sen and the silver fox.

The silver fox did not wait a second, and it quickly dismounted its master's shoulder. It jumped into the air and fired more thunderbolts while airborne. The Little Orange once again reeled back, squealing in pain. But despite the pain it was suffering, it was in no mood to submit and yield just yet.

The silver fox was its primary target, and the cat did its best to snare the silver fox that repeatedly glided through the air, zipping back and forth.

Although Little Orange's speed was fairly impressive, it was not enough for it to nab the silver fox. Every time the silver fox evaded an attack, it zapped its foe.

The silver fox could not fly high, but it didn't have to. It only flew high enough that Little Orange was unable to grab it; it was frustrating for the cat, who oh-so desired the furry felon that outwitted it.

For Han Sen, it was an amusing sight. Although Little Orange was much larger than the silver fox, they were both juvenile super creatures. The cat looked like it had been born before the silver fox, but somehow, it seemed to be in alliance with the short-haired lady.

The short-haired lady was frozen while watching her cat get bullied. She was quite surprised earlier, when Han Sen managed to escape from the spirit hall without suffering harm. But now, she was even more surprised that the little pervert's silver fox pet could challenge her own. And the way it attacked was more of a fun-making tease, than anything.

"Birds of a feather, flock together!" The short-haired lady shouted aloud, despite the fear that started to encroach upon her mind.

When Zhou Yumei became an evolver and entered the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, she never expected she would be sent to a dump like this.

Not a single human populated the region, and when she first came here, she witnessed a creature battling a spirit. That was how she made it out of the spirit hall upon her arrival, and that was how she also became stranded, here in no man's land.

Zhou Yumei was fortunate enough to meet Little Orange in the shelter. It did not treat her like an enemy, and it was really nice to her. The reason Zhou Yumei had managed to survive here was all down to Little Orange, as a matter of fact, who frequently went out to collect loot for her.

The flesh of the creatures it brought her was of the sacred-blood variety, which surprised Zhou Yumei a lot.

After being together for a long time, the bond between Zhou Yumei and Little Orange had become a strong one. They hunted together often, and she was able to witness how easily Little Orange slew such creatures.

But this powerful Little Orange of hers was now getting bullied under an oppressive little fox, and she was starting to grow a touch worried over its wellbeing.

Zhou Yumei turned to look at Han Sen with her concerned expression, but she was surprised to see him already walking closer. He wore a smile, and a h.o.r.n.y glint twinkled in his eye as he returned her a gaze.

"What do you want? I'm warning you; I am a powerful evolver. Keep your hands to yourself and do not attempt anything stupid." Zhou Yumei a.s.serted a battle position as she gave Han Sen her warning. Her proclamations of strength were untrue, however, and the feigned tone of power she tried to force did not work. She lacked the intimidation she desired.

After all, she had been easily restrained by Han Sen earlier, and now her greatest pillar of support—her pet Little Orange—was getting played with by the man's pet silver fox. It couldn't help her at all, despite its desire, and this started to make her panic.

"Let me ask you a few questions first. If your answers satiate my curiosity, I will forget that orange furball ever tried to attack me. Otherwise..." Before Han Sen finished his sentence, he laughed twice with a menacing tone.

"Otherwise what?" Zhou Yumei's heart was struck with a chill, after seeing Han Sen laugh.

"Since there are only the two of us here, whatever transpires between us can only be kept like so. If I am in a good mood, I will rape you and then kill you. If I am in a bad mood, I will kill you and then rape you. If my mood is ambivalent, then I'll just kill you while I rape you," Han Sen bluffed.

When Zhou Yumei heard him speak those words, her skin flared with gooseb.u.mps. She forced herself to present a cute smile and with a voice of pleading, she begged, "Oh, Big Brother! There is no need for you to do something like that. We are both humans, aren't we? And in this grand Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, we were fortunate to cross paths. Our encounter has to be one of fate. We should help each other, not antagonize each other."

"What is your name?" Han Sen gave Zhou Yumei a deep stare as he asked.

"My name is Zhou Yumei. I hail from a poor family of minor prominence. I worked my hardest to become an evolver, and I cannot believe I ended up here in this place. Not a single other person exists here, and it seems like I cannot leave. I almost died here! Meeting you was a stroke of luck, indeed!" Zhou Yumei looked very pitiable right now.

"Put away the acting talent. You are very young and powerful to have joined the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary; you must have maxed out your sacred geno points to become an evolver. And you are saying you hail from a poor family?" Han Sen spoke with disdain.

Zhou Yumei presented an awkward smile and said, "Well, I'm alright. I'm poorer than most rich people, but I suppose I'm a little wealthier than most poor people."

"Just be honest with me; do you think I won't hesitate to strip you naked and throw you into the spirit hall?" Han Sen gave her a grim face as he told her this.

"Okay, Brother. I will tell you everything you wish to know," Zhou Yumei was spooked by Han Sen once again.

Han Sen was then quickly educated on who she was and the relations.h.i.+p she shared with Little Orange.

Zhou Yumei was quite something, and she was a councilman's child. Although there were many children in the Zhou family, not all possessed power. But being an evolver with maxed out sacred geno points, at such a young age, suggested she was quite powerful amongst the members of her family.

Han Sen then learned all about Zhou Yumei and Little Orange's bond, which wasn't all too different from his with the silver fox. Such a thing was very rare, as creatures didn't often come to acknowledge humans as potential masters.

Little Orange was a second-generation super creature, and Han Sen knew this by observing its energy flow. The first-generation, its mother, must have been the creature she had witnessed battling the spirit. Who knew what had happened there.

Zhou Yumei then provided Han Sen with some intel about various landmarks of the encompa.s.sing area that interested him.