Super Gene - Chapter 735: Little Orange

Chapter 735: Little Orange

Chapter 735: Little Orange

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The man yanked the chain, and a powerful force tugged Han Sen towards him. Han Sen was shocked, but he let go of the Flaming Rex Spike that had become entangled with the chain.

Han Sen summoned his Snow-Lady beast soul and combined with it, returning the rex spike as he did so.

The man lashed his black chain, which had split into a thousand smaller snakes that sought to latch onto Han Sen. If he didn't do something, he'd be covered in a legion of the slithering fiends.

"Oh no, I'm dead. Did you just want someone to die alongside you, so you didn't have to die alone? I have never had a boyfriend, and I have never had s.e.x. I don't want to die yet!" The short-haired lady was still under Han Sen's arm, and seeing the black chains, she almost started to cry.

But then Han Sen moved his body. With the lady in-hand, he managed to weave and evade every single chain lash.

The attacker looked spooked, and so he lashed his chain again. The black chain that he wielded looked alive, and it turned into a toxic snake that tried to snap and bite Han Sen.

Han Sen ran between the chains, and no matter how frightening the weapon was, it could not touch him.

"I'm going to die! I'm going to die!" The short-haired lady felt like a pa.s.senger in a car, driving at top-speed along a cliffside. Any second, the car might tip and send her plummeting to the distant ground below. The short-haired lady's eyes were starting to water.

Han Sen had the skills to dodge the attacks, however; if the short-haired lady had been left to her own devices, she'd have been s.n.a.t.c.hed up by the chain in an instant. But still, being held by Han Sen and having her life put entirely within his hands was more terrifying than anything else imaginable.

Han Sen's face was starting to look gloomy, though, and he was already pus.h.i.+ng his Dongxuan Sutra to the max. All he could do was continue to dodge the man's chain, and no matter how much he tried, he couldn't find a window of opportunity sufficient for him to make an exit.

"This is a super spirit, that's for sure. But why has it been locked up in here like this?" Han Sen pondered the peculiarity of spirit's situation, as he observed the hall in between his evasions of the attacks.

There was no statue in the hall, just one black pillar. There were two black chains that were each as thick as an arm. They were wielded by the spirit, yes, but they were attached to the pillar through exposed wounds in the man's chest.

The man had less than one meter leniency in movement, and the chain he used was one of the two that bound him to the pillar.

Han Sen used dongxuan aura but was unable to observe the man's energy.

Han Sen tried escaping six times, but his withdrawal was prohibited each time by the chain.

But still, the chain had yet to hit him, and Han Sen's continued evasion was fueled by his simulation of Light Son of G.o.d's energy flow through Dongxuan Sutra.

The fact that he was up against a chained-up super spirit began to grate on Han Sen, however. He believed he should have had more than what it took to defeat such a foe, and his inability to do so made him sulk. Still, he knew it would be best for him to try to escape right then, and so that was where he utilized his power.

Every time he attempted to flee, he was pulled back for some reason. He didn't feel anything, but the short-haired lady was in tears as if she was riding a rollercoaster.

She had screamed so much, she had now lost her voice. With a sobbing, tear-drenched face, all she could do was helplessly remain carried in Han Sen's arms.

Although he was unable to observe the man's energy flow, he could still memorize the pattern and methodology of how the man used the chain. If he learnt his chain skill and understood all his movements, he could escape the spirit hall without issue.

Fortunately, the spirit itself was chained to the pillar and unable to move. If it wasn't chained up, he wouldn't have concerned himself with fighting the spirit, and would have just summoned his little angel instead .

But battles such as this were very educational for Han Sen. He rarely encountered a weapon such as this, so viewing it was quite the surprise.

Han Sen was now getting quite excited. He almost forgot about the crying woman under his arm. His mind excitedly raced to find a way in which he might shatter the chain that was used against him.

After an hour of this, Han Sen finally managed to exit the hall. The spirit's full power was undoubtedly restricted by its binding.

"Why is that spirit chained up here? There is no statue or spirit stone here; it's pretty strange to say the least." Because he had no spirit stone, Han Sen had no particular interest in killing the spirit. Killing him did not provide Han Sen any benefit, and instead, it might only aid his attacker. If the spirit died, it would simply resp.a.w.n at its own spirit stone, and it would not be trapped like it was now.

"You d.a.m.n pervert; let me go!" The short-haired lady, whose face was painted with dried-up tear marks, felt her waist begin to hurt.

"Sorry; I forgot all about you." Han Sen only now remembered he was carrying a beautiful lady. He put her back and removed the platinum chain he had used to bind her.

The short-haired lady tried to stand up, but her waist was very sore. Her whole body was feeling numb, too. She stood up halfway, but then stumbled and fell back into Han Sen's arms.

Han Sen helped her stand up straight, smiled, and said, "Lady, I know I am handsome but please slow down. There is no need to literally throw yourself into my arms. I am not willing to date just anyone. It is important that we get to know each other first."

"You go to h.e.l.l!" The lady pushed Han Sen away and sat down on a stone stair, feeling somewhat crippled. She then began rubbing her sore waist.

Han Sen wanted to flirt with the lady for a bit longer and perhaps come to learn of what might have happened here. But suddenly, he felt a scary presence dawn someplace outside the city walls. It was moving quickly.

Han Sen seemed glum and looked out towards the city gate. He asked the short-haired woman, "Lady, aside from this spirit, do any other horrible creatures reside in the area?"

The short-haired lady did not answer. Han Sen heard loud footsteps, however, and then he saw a creature that looked like a cat. It looked like a cat, but it was as large as an elephant. It had orange fur and was stomping towards them.

Han Sen frowned. With the life force he could sense, he acknowledged it as a super creature.

"Little Orange, good timing! This big pervert has been trying to bully me; so get over here and kick his a.s.s." The short-haired lady saw the super creature and suddenly looked overjoyed. She leapt onto the back of the cat and stroked its head. With a paw, it pointed towards Han Sen.

The creature used its big round eyes to look at Han Sen, and then let out a fearsome cry.