Super Gene - Chapter 737: To Escape or Not to Escape

Chapter 737: To Escape or Not to Escape

Chapter 737: To Escape or Not to Escape

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The silver fox continued playing with Little Orange, getting it to chase itself around and around.

While this was occurring, Han Sen lay down on Zhou Yumei's bench. He drank another one of her beverages, and at the same time, asked her questions that piqued his widespread curiosity.

Zhou Yumei's heart began to bleed when she witnessed Han Sen resume drinking her beverages. She had been saving them for half a year. But she had to concede and allow it and answer every question Han Sen posed.

One can after another, Han Sen drank. He had been traversing the desert for quite some time, and he had grown tired of the repet.i.tive taste of nutrient solutions. Having long-fancied the taste of something else, he couldn't quite help himself from taking her drinks.

He had drunk so much that her coveted trove of drinks had now been depleted, and only one remained. When his devilish hands reached out to grab it, Zhou Youmei reached a breaking point. She could no longer restrain herself, and so she lunged out to grab the can. She quickly opened it and gulped it down in one large swig.

After she was done, it was as if it had instilled her with a renewed confidence. She chucked the can away, looked at Han Sen, and told him, "Do whatever you want to me; I would rather die with dignity!"

Han Sen took off the he was wearing, which also belonged to Zhou Yumei, and looked at her face, which spoke of a willingness to accept death. Then he said, "Your dignity is equivalent to the worth of a soda can?"

Zhou Yumei's face went all red. She had been stuck in this place for the longest time, and the drink and snacks she had kept were a suspension and fortification of her hope. Now, that had been ruined by Han Sen. That was why she could no longer hold her tongue and lashed out; but unfortunately for her, Han Sen had a quick-witted, forked tongue. The words made her regret saying anything.

Seeing Zhou Yumei hold her own tongue once more, Han Sen hopped off the bench. This shocked Zhou Yumei. She took a few steps backward and asked, "What are you doing?"

"What? Must I report my comings and goings to you or something?" Han Sen smiled at Zhou Yumei.

"No... you aren't... what?" Zhou Yumei's tongue tangled itself, tripping her words. She looked happy.

"If you really want to die, I can aid you in accomplis.h.i.+ng this desire," Han Sen said.

"No; you commit to your own deeds. I can take care of that myself." Zhou Yumei was starting to talk nonsense.

Han Sen ignored her, for she was just a young woman. He only wanted to tease her, not outright bully her.

"Pervert. h.o.r.n.y b.a.s.t.a.r.d. a.s.shole. Animal. Obscene. Cheap." Watching Han Sen enter the city, and end up a good distance away from her, Zhou Yumei spoke as many profanities about him as she could.

Zhou Yumei was a little depressed. The shelter was far too small, and if she had to remain here with the h.o.r.n.y bad guy, problems were bound to occur at some point.

"I'm so young and s.e.xy. I have a great figure. There is no way that bad guy will refrain from touching me. Should I escape into the desert now? But then again, I have no idea where I am or where I might go. And there are so many creatures out there, it'd be dangerous. If I don't escape, the holy temple of my body will be desecrated by that bad guy." Zhou Yumei struggled with the decision.

The silver fox eventually got tired of running around, and it ended up taking a rest on the city's gate. It looked down on Little Orange, which was still down below, meowing at him.

Little Orange had grown tired too, and despite its meowing, it didn't bother jumping up. Whether it was too tired or simply understood its inability to ever catch the silver fox, she didn't know.

"The pet is just like the master. All it does is infuriate others; they are both just as bad as each other," Zhou Yumei thought to herself, as she peered at the silver fox that was resting above the gate. She was mad.

She didn't want to provoke it, however, as she had seen and felt first-hand how powerful the silver fox was.

And so, she still contemplated whether or not she should escape. It was almost sunset by now, and she couldn't come to a decision.

If Han Sen was an ugly b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Zhou Yumei would have already run off a long time ago. But the guy was fairly handsome, and quite clean. He didn't look all too scary or villainous, and that was the reason she refrained from running away the moment he left her.

"Strange; what is he doing in the city, anyway? Why has he been in there for so long?" Zhou Yumei suddenly realized he had been in there for a whole afternoon and wondered why he had not yet emerged.

She knew all about the city and she knew there was nothing particularly special about the place. All that was there was a well that could provide water.

She then believed Han Sen had gone off in search of water and felt relieved at his disappearance. She feared if he returned, he might hurt her. The time she had spent contemplating her decision of whether or not to stay had made her oblivious to Han Sen's disappearance up until now, as well.

But now she started to worry for him. He had been gone for an entire afternoon, after all.

"Hey! Are you in there?" Zhou Yumei called out from the outside.

"What is he doing in there?" Zhou Yumei bit her lip and tip-toed into the city. She sleuthed around carefully in search of him, so she could maybe catch a look at what he had gotten up to during his absence.

But after walking around for some time, she couldn't find him.

"That's strange. Where did he go? Has he left this place?" Zhou Yumei mumbled these words beneath her breath, which made her feel a little strange.

As she was doing this, it was too late for her to notice. She tripped over something and ended up on the ground.

"Ouch!" Zhou Yumei cried out in pain. When she raised her head, she noticed Han Sen standing right in front of her. In one hand, he held a cake. In the other, a freshly-brewed beverage.

She also noticed he had changed his clothes, and his hair was damp. His body exuded a pleasant body wash fragrance—he had been in the shower!

On his back was a rucksack, stuffed to the brim with more snacks and drinks.

"Where did you get all that from?" Zhou Yumei asked, with eyes opened wide.

"I bought it, of course. How else would I get it?" Han Sen gave her a look as if he was witnessing the feverish question of a mad woman.

"No, that's not what I meant. Where did you buy all this from?" Zhou Yumei quickly asked.

"I bought it from a vending machine. Where else could I buy them?" Han Sen returned a question.

Zhou Yumei believed she was going insane. Without a care for how powerful he was, she grabbed Han Sen's arm and asked, "You can leave this place?"

"Well, duh. How else could I have bought such stuff?" Han Sen smiled.

"How did you get out? Isn't there a spirit guarding the teleporter?" Zhou Yumei asked with giddy excitement.

"I just walked." After Han Sen said this, he shook off her hand and called for the silver fox. He fed it a Geno Creation pill.

"Hey, handsome; can you take me for a walk, as well?" Zhou Yumei got closer to Han Sen, and held his shoulder, twirling cutely.