Super Gene - Chapter 289: Stronger Hyper Geno Arts

Chapter 289: Stronger Hyper Geno Arts

Chapter 289: Stronger Hyper Geno Arts

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There was not anything about super creatures on the Skynet or the special squad insider materials. It was very likely that humans had never killed a super creature so far.

Maybe some people had encountered super creatures. But since they were not able to kill one, they would never know that it was a super creature, but took for granted that it was an especially strong sacred-blood creature.

When Han Sen first saw the golden growler, he also thought it was just a strong sacred-blood creature and did not realize there was a higher level.

Without any data, Han Sen had to rely on himself to kill super creatures. Without any way to gain a super beast soul, Han Sen had to practice some stronger hyper geno arts.

Han Sen would max out on his sacred geno points one day, which was bound to happen. However, even with all four types of geno points maxed out, Han Sen did not believe he could be a threat to any super creature.

Han Sen had to become stronger in order to kill a super creature.

Having seen how powerful the golden growler was, Han Sen had an idea what kind of strength could be threatening to a super creature.

Han Sen's only hope at the point was hyper geno arts. He had been practicing Jadeskin, but it was not a hyper geno art that could be rushed.

If Han Sen had started since his childhood, maybe he would have made more progress. However, he started quite late, and it took time for him to be significantly stronger.

At the time being, Han Sen still had 5 S-Cla.s.s Saint Hall licenses. In the past year, the special squad had provided him with nearly 100 points, which could also be traded for S-Cla.s.s licenses or geno solutions.

However, Han Sen had no idea which hyper geno art could increase his strength significantly. Han Sen found Bai Yishan's number from his comlink.

As a professor and maester in the Saint Hall, Bai Yishan was a part of many research programs of hyper geno art's. There should be no one that knew hyper geno arts better than him. Han Sen decided to ask for his help.

Bai Yishan was glad to see Han Sen. He had always been paying attention to Han Sen, and more specifically, how Han Sen had practiced Yin Yang Blast and put it into use.

When Han Sen first disappeared, Bai Yishan was constantly asking the President of Blackhawk about Han Sen. However, Han Sen had been gone for so long that Bai Yishan thought something had happened to him. Surprisingly, Han Sen came back, which made Bai Yishan very happy. He asked Han Sen many questions about his practice of Yin Yang Blast.

Han Sen took his time and answered all Bai Yishan's questions. After that, Han Sen asked, "Professor, I have some questions about hyper geno arts that I like to ask you. Do you have a minute?"

"What you want to ask?" Asked Bai Yishan.

"I want to know, in all the hyper geno arts that could be practiced by the unevolved, which one had the most destructive power?" Han Sen asked.

"Destructive power is a vague term." Bai Yishan thought about it and said, "For example, the Yin Yang Blast you practice could be very destructive if you use it properly. You could even use a mutant beast soul weapon to kill a sacred-blood creature with that hyper geno art. Isn't that enough?"

"It is unfortunate that what I want to kill is much stronger sacred-blood creatures," thought Han Sen. He smiled bitterly, organized his words, and said, "Say… Is there a hyper geno art that would allow me to shred the sh.e.l.l of a sacred-blood crystal-sh.e.l.led turtle with bare hands?"

The sacred-blood crystal-sh.e.l.led turtle was a creature known for its tough sh.e.l.l. People called it the toughest sacred-blood creature in First G.o.d's Sanctuary.

In Han Sen's opinion, the fur of the golden growler should be even tougher than the sh.e.l.l of the sacred-blood crystal-sh.e.l.led turtle. However, he could not describe it to Bai Yishan, so he thought of an example.

"To tear apart the sh.e.l.l of the sacred-blood crystal-sh.e.l.led turtle without the help of any tools was almost impossible, even for those who had maxed out on all types of geno points." Bai Yishan heard Han Sen's question and started to think.

"Isn't there a hyper geno art that could increase one's strength significantly to make that happen?" Han Sen frowned. If he could not even tear apart the turtle sh.e.l.l, it would be less likely for him to kill the golden growler.

Bai Yishan thought about it and replied, "It would be easy to achieve that if you were to practice the hyper geno arts for evolvers. Many hyper geno arts that change your body cells could achieve the effect you described. However, the hyper geno arts for the unevolved, I could not think of any."

"Han Sen, why are you asking me this? You do not have to achieve that. With any sacred-blood beast soul weapon, you could kill anything you see in First G.o.d's Sanctuary. When you evolve and go to Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, everything will become natural for you." Bai Yishan looked at Han Sen puzzled.

"It is just a personal preference. Is there really no hyper geno art that could allow me to do that?" Han Sen insisted.

If there was no hyper geno art that could help him to achieve that, all he could count on would be super beast souls.

However, the source of the super beast souls remained an issue. Han Sen could only think of the nest so far, and he was not even sure whether there could be super beast souls in the eggs.

"In fact, you would not need to think about all that. If you practice Yin Yang Blast well, you could use the yin force to penetrate the turtle sh.e.l.l and break the inner organs of the sacred-blood crystal-sh.e.l.led turtle," suggested Bai Yishan, getting a kick out of the fact that he was the one who invented Yin Yang Blast.

Han Sen secretly shook his head. If that could work, he wouldn't have to go through so much trouble. He was able to stab the baby golden growler in the eye, but could not even hurt it with Yin Yang Blast.

Even the most vulnerable eyes were so tough, Han Sen could only imagine that the baby golden growler had tougher inner organs. If he did not have enough strength to begin with, even with the yin force, Han Sen would not be able to hurt its organs.

"Professor, isn't there a hyper geno art that could fundamentally enhance one's strength to an incredible level?" Han Sen had to ask.

Seeing the disappointment in Han Sen's face, Bai Yishan touched his chin and thought for a long while before he said, "I can't say there isn't, but…"