Super Gene - Chapter 288: Map

Chapter 288: Map

Chapter 288: Map

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Han Sen thought that since he had been gone for so long, a new head of the special squad must have been appointed in his stead. After all, there were rules about that.

What he did not expect was that he still had the position, and Yang Manli had taken care of all the business of the special squad.

Han Sen was surprised. In this condition, Yang Manli as his deputy could have stepped up and replaced him. However, she chose to leave the position to him.

After talking to other members in the special squad, Han Sen learned that the management wanted for Yang Manli to take his place, but Yang Manli refused.

Han Sen was surprised about is finding. He knew that Yang Manli had always wanted to become the head of the special squad and could not imagine she would give up such a perfect opportunity.

He dialed Yang Manli's number and wanted to thank her. However, Yang Manli simply told him what happened in the special squad in this year in an impersonal tone and did not give him any chance.

In fact, the two of them did not have the best relations.h.i.+p, and Han Sen felt it was difficult for him to say something nice as well.

Although Han Sen did not care that much about this position, he still needed to thank Yang Manli for helping him.

"Brother, why didn't you inform me when you came back?" Huangfu Pingqing called Han Sen and said.

"Because I'm scared," said Han Sen with a smile.

He had black blackmailed Xu Ruyan in the worst way possible and of course had offended the Starry Group. Huangfu Pingqing was Son of Heaven's cousin, so Han Sen was not sure if he should call her.

Ares martial Hall had always been conducting business among different shelters. So, no one would know better how to go back to Steel Armor Shelter from Green Shelter than Huangfu Pingqing.

Han Sen wanted to get the information from Huangfu Pingqing on how to going back to Steel Armor Shelter. Otherwise, he would not be able to eat the sacred-blood creature he had been feeding.

"Ha-ha, how did you dare to blackmail Xu Ruyan like that since you're scared? If my cousin Son of Heaven is still in Steel Armor Shelter, I would advise you never to go back. However, he had evolved and gone to Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, and you wouldn't have any chance to see him there again." Obviously Huangfu Pingqing had learned what Han Sen had done on Windend Island. And she was rather shocked.

"Son of Heaven became an evolver?" Han Sen was dazed. But that made a lot of sense, since Son of Heaven had about the same geno point count as Qin Xuan, and it was about time that he evolved.

"Do you want to go back from Green shelter?" Asked Huangfu Pingqing seriously.

"Of course I do. Do you have any good ideas?" Han Sen did not expect Huangfu Pingqing to bring this up first.

"Of course. However, it could be very costly," Huangfu Pingqing grinned and said.

"How much?" Han Sen had blackmailed a lot of mutant beast souls from Xu Ruyan and had gained a lot of other stuff. At this point, he could afford spending some money.

"If it were anyone else, I would not go through such trouble no matter how much I could earn. However, in your case, as long as you're willing to become a member of Ares martial Hall, I would make sure that you go back safely." Huangfu Pingqing blinked at Han Sen.

"Please name the price first," Han Sen frowned and said. He did not want to be regulated.

In addition, since seeing the super creature golden growler, Han Sen had a different mindset. At the time being, his goal was to hunt super creatures and gain super geno points. Becoming a part of an organization would only slow him down.

"How about the sacred-blood beast soul you gained from the nest?" Huangfu Pingqing was quite flexible.

"This price is too high, isn't it?" Han Sen frowned.

"You know that from Green Shelter to Steel Armor Shelter, you have to go through more than five other shelters. The trip would be highly unsafe. I will have to dispatch our guys in each and every shelter to take you back safely. The difficulties and cost were beyond your imagination. If it were not for you, I would not even do it for two sacred-blood beast souls," said Huangfu Pingqing seriously.

"How about you give me a map, and I can travel on my own," Han Sen pondered and suggested.

"Without someone leading the way, you might easily run into troubles. Think again before you choose to do this," advised Huangfu Pingqing.

"That's fine. I just need a map," insisted Han Sen. There was no way he would give her the sacred-blood beast soul.

However, the map which was not even very detailed was a trade secret. Han Sen used five mutant beast souls to buy all the data and map from Huangfu Pingqing.

Han Sen teleported to G.o.d's Sanctuary, made the deal with Huangfu Pingqing's guys in Green Shelter, and obtained all the materials and map. However, Han Sen did not leave for Steel Armor Shelter immediately.

He must pa.s.s the makeup a.s.sessment in Blackhawk first. If he entered G.o.d's Sanctuary and spent a lot of time there again, he might be expelled for real.

The makeup a.s.sessment was quite smooth for Han Sen. He did not do that well in some theory courses, but his overall grades still met the requirements. Han Sen had also won many victories for the school before, so he successfully became a soph.o.m.ore and could be a junior in a short period of time.

Of course, Han Sen had missed all the Military Academy League contests and the Chosen contest in G.o.d's Sanctuary, for which she did not feel sorry, since all he could think about right now was super creatures and super geno points. Other things were of little meaning to him. However, it was impossible to kill a super creature with sacred-blood beast souls alone. It was the same as a sacred-blood creature could hardly be killed with just mutant beast souls. Sacred-blood beast souls posed little threat to a super creature.

Han Sen used everything he got and could not even hurt a baby golden growler, not to mention an adult super creature.

With a lot of thoughts, Han Sen decided that in addition to maxing out all types of geno points, the one thing that could significantly improve the possibility of success was hyper geno art.

Only the strongest hyper geno art could lead to a breakthrough and allow him to hunt and super creatures.

"Maybe I would be able to become the first person who maxes out on super geno points in human history." Han Sen was completely focused on super geno points and could not be distracted by anything else.

How to kill a super creature was the most important question in his mind.