Super Gene - Chapter 290: Heresy Mantra

Chapter 290: Heresy Mantra

Chapter 290: Heresy Mantra

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Bai Yishan paused and did not continue.

Han Sen, on the other hand, was overjoyed. He thought there was no hope and did not expect to get a positive answer. He quickly asked Bai Yishan, "Professor, do you have any hyper geno art in mind?" Bai Yishan hesitated and then continued, "It's not exactly a hyper geno art. You know that hyper geno arts all came from ancient martial arts. More than 20 years ago, an incomplete version of 'Heresy Sutra' was unearthed. Since it was incomplete, most ancient martial arts recorded in the book are no longer suitable for practice. Only in ancient martial art called 'Heresy Mantra' was relatively complete. If you could practice this ancient martial art to a certain level, it would be easy for you to break gold with bare hands."

"Is the Heresy Mantra in the S-cla.s.s section of the Saint Hall?" Asked Han Sen excitedly.

Bai Yishan shook his head and said, "Although many authoritative professors had done research about the Heresy Mantra and wanted to modify it into a hyper geno art, they had discovered its problems after many experiments."

"So, is the Heresy Mantra not as powerful as they thought it would be?" asked Han Sen.

Bai Yishan replied, "It's not that. After practicing Heresy Mantra, the volunteers did experience incredible enhancement in their physique. However, they also went through something weird."

"Something weird?" Han Sen looked at Bai Yishan.

Bai Yishan pondered and organized his words, "So, every volunteer who tried to practice Heresy Mantra would have too good an appet.i.te."

After hearing Bai Yishan's reply, Han Sen was dazed. He a.s.sumed it was some serious issue and did not expect it to be as simple as "too good an appet.i.te."

Bai Yishan knew what Han Sen was thinking from his look. He said seriously, "Maybe you cannot imagine what it's like to have too good an appet.i.te. I'll put it this way, normal people would feel full, but those who practiced Heresy Mantra would lose the sense of fullness. No matter how much stuff was already in his stomach, he would still feel hungry."

"Among the six volunteers who tried to practice Heresy Mantra, two were almost stuffed to death. When they stopped practicing Heresy Mantra, the sense of hunger slowly disappeared."

"So, does the Heresy Mantra work well?" Han Sen asked.

"I don't know." Bai Yishan's reply made Han Sen pause again. Bai Yishan had said earlier that Heresy Mantra was very effective.

Bai Yishan understood Han Sen's thoughts and explained, "After practicing Heresy Mantra, the six volunteers had witnessed great improvements in their speed and strength. However, because of the unbearable hunger, they all gave up practicing. Since none of them had reached the first phase of Heresy Mantra, the enhancement of their physique disappeared with their sense of hunger. I would say one would have to reach the first phase to tell how Heresy Mantra works."

"So, n.o.body else practiced Heresy Mantra again?" Han Sen could not help asking.

"We had many volunteers who had practiced it, but none of them could get past the hunger. n.o.body could persist to finish the first phase," said Bai Yishan.

"How many phases are there in Heresy Mantra?" Han Sen started to get interested in Heresy Mantra. Since there were no risks after giving up, he would like to try his luck.

After all, this was the only thing that Bai Yishan could think of after hearing his needs. Han Sen had to see how it worked.

"There are four phases: keeping the vital energy, seeing through the mirage, longevity, and immortality. The volunteers never even reached the first phase of keeping the vital energy. That was why Heresy Mantra was never adapted into a hyper geno art."

"Professor, would you mind if I try to practice Heresy Mantra? I could give you an S-Cla.s.s license for it." Han Sen decided to give it a shot, for there was some hope.

In order to kill super creatures, Han Sen would not say no to any possibility.

"No need for the license. Since Heresy Mantra has not yet been listed as a hyper geno art, it is not for sale. If you're really interested, I can apply for a volunteer opportunity on your behalf. You could practice Heresy Mantra, but need to provide certain data to the Saint Hall," said Bai Yishan.

"Thank you so much. I would love that." Han Sen then asked Bai Yishan more questions about hyper geno arts.

Bai Yishan could not think of any hyper geno art that could meet Han Sen's demands.

Even the advanced Atomic Fission would not necessarily allow one to tear the turtleneck apart with bare hands. And that was a hyper geno art that took one to two decades to get anywhere.

Heresy Mantra was different. According to Bai Yishan, if the volunteers did not give up, they could reached the first phase in about three months.

Han Sen then asked Bai Yishan about other hyper geno arts that could improve his fitness in general. When fighting super creatures, Han Sen not only needed to be strong but also need to be fast enough to dodge the super creatures attacks.

After chatting with Bai Yishan for several hours, Han Sen finally hung up. Bai Yishan went to apply for Han Sen's volunteer quota, while Han Sen went to the office of academic affairs for some paperwork.

He needed enough time to travel from Green Shelter to Steel Armor Shelter, so he must miss some activities on campus including archery compet.i.tions and a series of tests and examinations.

Fortunately, Blackhawk had related regulations in this regard. After Han Sen provided enough proof, the school approved his application.

Han Sen planned to leave Green Shelter when he got his hands on Heresy Mantra. He planned to practice it on the way, since it was not something dangerous to practice other than generating the sense of hunger. The worst-case scenario, he could just give up practicing, which would cause him no harm.