Super Gene - Chapter 1535 - Eastern King Was Here

Chapter 1535 - Eastern King Was Here

Chapter 1535: Eastern King Was Here


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The text Han Sen saw across the tower was in a human language, but he was too lazy to think about that. The content spoke about the Blood-Pulse Sutra. This surprised him, though.

The text didn’t concern itself with the main parts of the Blood-Pulse Sutra, and neither was there anything applying to Life Door. But when Han Sen read it, he noticed it was a secret method that could trigger a hidden power of the blood. It was similar to the shura triggering their Shura Change.

Those who hadn’t studied the Blood-Pulse Sutra would believe the text upon the wall made no sense, but Han Sen and G.o.d’s Retribution ended up looking at each other in shock.

“Does this place have a connection to the Blood Legion creator, the Human Emperor?” Han Sen was merely guessing, as he tried to remember each and every word and sear them into his memory.

Little Fairy was spinning around in circles on the first floor. The broken statue and the text meant nothing to her, and she was eager to proceed. She went ahead to the second floor.

She followed a staircase that led up, and when she reached the top, she was surprised to see that the room was completely empty. There was neither a statue nor text. It was as if a thief had just visited.

“Why is there nothing? Has someone already been here and taken all the good stuff away?” After that, she went ahead to the third floor.

Everyone followed after her, and just like the second floor, there was nothing at all there, either.

“It looks like someone’s been here before us. Something ought to have been here, but it looks like it’s been taken,” Six Paths said, as he walked around.

“That means there won’t be a relic to find here. If the relic was taken, then that also means the ruin will have lost the power to protect itself,” G.o.d’s Retribution said.

Little Fairy was disappointed. She thought the relic might have been there. But there was nothing to be found. No relic, nothing.

“Well, since we’re here, we might as well proceed to the top.” Han Sen held Bao’er and went ahead.

“Yes. Maybe not everything has been removed. There very well could be something left.” Little Fairy maintained a smidgen of optimism.

They walked up a few more floors and noticed there was nothing more. The place was cleaner than it would have been if the tower’s owner had hired a cleaning company.

After the repeated disappointment, Little Fairy had lost all hope of an interesting discovery. But nevertheless, they all went up to reach the seventh floor.

When they entered the seventh floor, though, everyone was frozen. It was not a shock of horror, though; it was a shock of joy.

The seventh floor wasn’t empty. Many things surrounded them.

The seventh floor had seven stone pedestals, and each had an item upon it. There was a sword, a s.h.i.+eld, a staff, a cauldron, a seed, gloves, and a vase. They all looked very special.

At the same time, they also noticed that the pedestals possessed a few words. The writing wasn’t original, and it looked as if it had been done at a later time.

“Eastern King was here!”

The words were written with perfect symmetry across each pedestal, flawlessly. Even the exclamation mark.

Han Sen was frozen. Eastern King had been there before them, but the words he wrote sucked. It was like something the average traveler would write when leaving their name someplace.

Little Fairy wasn’t in the mood to read, though. She flew straight over to the treasure, wis.h.i.+ng to claim the items.

But swiftly, Han Sen grabbed her by her wings and held her back.

Little Fairy looked annoyed, and she asked, “What are you doing?”

Han Sen let her go and asked, “Eastern King might have taken everything on the lower floors. If he did that but left these here, don’t you think that’d be a little strange?”

Little Fairy was feeling a mixture of disappointment and excitement. She had been so hyped, but after hearing what Han Sen had to say, she couldn’t help but think there had to be a problem, too. She turned to look at the items again, but this time, stayed where she was.

“The way I see it, there are two possibilities. Firstly, Eastern King might have simply been nice. He took what he wanted but left the rest for others to claim. The chances of that happening are slim, though. The second possibility might be that he couldn’t carry anything more with him,” G.o.d’s Retribution said.

Six Paths looked at one of the stone pedestals and said, “There is something wrong with the pedestals. There is something moving upon them. It is weak, but I am sure of it.”

G.o.d’s Retribution took out a stone from his pocket. Where he got it from, n.o.body knew; it looked to be an ordinary rock. He threw it at the cauldron.


The rock did not hit the bronze cauldron. As soon as it came near the stone pedestal, the dimensions around it began to twist. The stone fell into a portal of sorts and disappeared.

When they looked at the pedestal again, the dimension was fixed. It looked as if nothing strange had transpired, at all.

“A s.p.a.ce-Vortex s.h.i.+eld?” Six Paths and G.o.d’s Retribution frowned.

Han Sen’s face looked dim. If the master of the tower had used that power on a stone pedestal, he must have been very powerful.

The tower’s master hadn’t just cast a dimension twist, either; he had created a vortex that lasted forever. It was something that far exceeded Han Sen’s capabilities with Ghost Slash.

“Someone that strong exists? I wonder who he is. Might he be a G.o.d in the Fifth Sanctuary?” Six Paths looked at the pedestals and spoke to himself.

Even Six Paths Emperor believed the master of that place did not belong in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary. For him to think that, it was easy to imagine how powerful that ent.i.ty must have been.

“If such a strong power protects them, maybe they are the relics we seek. There are seven of them, too. So, there’s at least one for each of us!” Little Fairy spoke with a renewed joy.

Everyone contemplated her words, wanting one of the items. But they simply didn’t know how they might pa.s.s the s.p.a.ce vortex to grab the gear.

Everyone was quiet as they thought; even Six Paths and G.o.d’s Retribution were silent. They were looking at the items, thinking about how they might break the barrier.

Little Fairy was flying around as this occurred, not daring to get close. She was the weakest of the bunch, so if Six Paths or G.o.d’s Retribution weren’t willing to make a move just yet, she sure wasn’t going to.

“I have a way we can try.” After a time of silence elapsed, Six Paths spoke.