Super Gene - Chapter 1534 - Destiny’s Tower

Chapter 1534 - Destiny’s Tower

Chapter 1534: Destiny’s Tower


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Is that the big chimenea?” Little Fairy looked in the direction that the chimenea had flown.

Six Paths thought for a moment. “I’m not sure. What it looked like was never described, but I’m sure there was never a mention of blue flames or a number of Black Seahorses dragging it around.”

“So, was it that relic or not?” Little Fairy frowned.

“No matter what it is, it has little to do with us. So many elites have come here to retrieve it, but none ever do. It’ll be just as impossible for us to get it,” G.o.d’s Retribution said.

“I suppose. But we should still figure out how to get out of here.” Han Sen was not very interested in the chimenea.

They hadn’t gotten remotely close to the object in the Frozen Forest, but the frosty air in its proximity had still almost killed them. Han Sen thought the Black Seahorses were scary, and he agreed with what G.o.d’s Retribution had said. Even though so many elites wanted to come and get it, it didn’t mean it was something any of them could have.

The ice around them possessed so many flowers. They exuded no smell, and there were no bees flying around them. And while they were beautiful to look at, there was an undeniable strangeness to them.

The flowers had no lifeforce, and while the sea of flowers was beautiful to look at, staring at them too long was unsettling.

Han Sen walked closer to them to examine a yellow flower. The stalk was very clear, and there was no denying its authenticity. It had to be a real flower, and it was in no way fake.

“You guys should take a look at this.” G.o.d’s Retribution had seen something, and he pointed towards a mountain.

Halfway up an ice mountain, Han Sen espied the presence of a building that was half-invisible. It was made from white metal, which made it difficult to discern amidst the ice. They had been too focused on the flowers to notice it any sooner.

“That place looks really strange. It can’t be where the relic is, can it?” Little Fairy’s eyes opened wide.

“It’s possible,” G.o.d’s Retribution agreed.

“You said you knew where the relic was,” Han Sen said to G.o.d’s Retribution. He had lied about the relic to Han Sen once already.

G.o.d’s Retribution did not feel embarra.s.sed about this, though. He just smiled and said, “The relic? The relic is a mystery! It can be here. It can be there.”

Han Sen wasn’t in the mood to debate with the man, so he just continued to peer at the white metal building.

The ice mountain was not too far from their current location. Han Sen could discern the shape of the white metal building, but he was still only able to see one side of it from where he was.

Over the building’s door was a tablet, and upon the tablet was the word destiny. It was something Han Sen thought was very familiar. He had seen another tablet similar to that one, possessing the same word destiny, too.

“Does this place have something to do with that tablet?” Han Sen was shocked.

Somehow, the tablet had been destroyed by someone or something, and bits of it had been scattered across the different sanctuaries. This was something known only to Han Sen.

The tablet was incredibly hardy, and try as he might, not even Han Sen had been able to deal it a speck of damage. For it to have been chopped into many pieces like this was crazy. One piece had even ended up inside the Valley of Time. It was all so very weird.

Suddenly, he was seeing another piece of the tablet. And this was attached to a building. It made him think, “This place is G.o.d’s Ruin. Does that mean the tablet is related to the sanctuary’s G.o.d?”

“There are many flowers between us and there, but we should be safe as long as we don’t touch them. Let’s go take a look at that metal tower,” G.o.d’s Retribution suggested.

Everyone had a brief discussion about the notion, and they eventually decided on leaving Little Silver behind with Sta.r.s.ea Beast while the rest went to check it out.

Sta.r.s.ea Beast’s body had not yet recovered, so it might be risky for it to go. It couldn’t protect itself if danger arose.

Furthermore, it was too big. There were so many flowers, and who knew what would happen to the creature if it stepped on one.

Han Sen left Little Silver behind because if something bad was to happen to Sta.r.s.ea Beast, Little Silver could protect him.

After their discussion was done, everyone carefully traversed the meadow of flowers, headed in the direction of the white tower. There were so many flowers, but thankfully, there were a few empty patches. Overall, it wasn’t all that dangerous.

And without trouble rearing its head, they soon arrived safely before the white tower.

When they got close, they saw the tower was huge. There were only seven floors, but each one of them was at least a hundred meters tall. The door itself was twenty meters high. The tablet over the door, as they had seen, had the word destiny on it. When Han Sen looked closer, he could even tell the word had been written in the same handwriting.

The tower was octagonal in shape, and each corner possessed a metal bell. They walked around it for a bit, but eventually, G.o.d’s Retribution frowned and said, “This tower is strange. Aside from the tablet, there’s not a single carving. There aren’t even any paintings or beast statues. There’s nothing. It doesn’t… suit the tower at all. It’s almost as if this construct was built elsewhere, and simply moved all the way out here.”

Six Paths nodded and said, “Yes. This tower wasn’t built here.”

“Will the relic be found someplace inside the tower?” Little Fairy asked.

No one answered her because no one knew anything about the tower. They surely wouldn’t know what it contained.

“Do you want to take a look?” G.o.d’s Retribution pushed the door open as he spoke. He was just trying, and he didn’t expect the twenty-meter-tall door to actually open with such ease.

G.o.d’s Retribution was frozen. In disbelief, he muttered, “It really opened.”

Everyone looked through the doorframe and noticed that the room inside was empty. Aside from a single statue, there was nothing else there.

The statue was weird. It wasn’t of a Buddha, Fairy, G.o.d, or anything. Not even Jesus. The statue had a body, but it was missing a head.

It was like a headless corpse, just sitting there. Who destroyed it, they did not know.

Six Paths and G.o.d’s Retribution noticed the absence of danger, and so they decided to walk in. Han Sen brought Bao’er with him, and when they entered the tower, Han Sen was quickly given a shock.

Through the doorframe, Han Sen saw the place was indeed quite empty. But after entering, he saw words scrawled into the walls. The content of the writing made Han Sen surprised.