Super Gene - Chapter 1536 - Secret Skill

Chapter 1536 - Secret Skill

Chapter 1536: Secret Skill


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“And what method would that be?” Everyone turned to look at Six Paths. Little Fairy was the one who asked, desperate for a solution.

Six Paths said quietly, “The s.p.a.ce-Vortex s.h.i.+eld means there is a dimension beyond it. No matter how strong we are, we will be sucked inside. That is, unless we have the necessary power to break through s.p.a.ce. If we don’t have that power, we can’t break through the barrier.”

After pausing, Six Paths pointed at one of the pedestals and said, “These are different. If that king was able to leave text on them, that means they are not protected by the s.p.a.ce-Vortex s.h.i.+eld. If we get rid of them, perhaps it will be possible for us to deduce the blind spot of the s.h.i.+elding.”

“Although there may not even be a blind spot, it is still worth a try. This is the only opportunity we might get,” G.o.d’s Retribution added.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s break those pedestals.” Little Fairy had calmed down. She spoke quickly, but she wasn’t actually in a great rush, and she didn’t move.

Six Paths summoned his Six Paths Sword and pointed it towards the pedestal which carried the sword. Then he said, “If this works, I want this sword.”

Six Paths then struck the pedestal. A metallic clang rang out. All his strike did was leave a white mark. Six Paths looked stunned, and the others all looked on in surprise.

They all knew how strong Six Paths was, and if his damage output could only render a white mark across the surface of the pedestal, it meant they had drastically underestimated the strength of the stone.

Six Paths stared down at the pedestal. The power across his body began to surge into a single spot—the tip of his sword. When he had gathered it all, he unleashed another swing.

This worked far better. He inflicted a half-decent mark across the pedestal. It was still rather shallow, though, and shallower than the inscriptions left by Eastern King.

“The rock is hard,” G.o.d’s Retribution couldn’t help but say.

“This top surface of the pedestal is one meter in length. If we can’t do any better than this, trying something else like drilling might work, but it would take us a long time.” Six Paths frowned.

“Then how about we all take s.h.i.+fts, chipping away at one?” Han Sen said. “If we can end up getting the items inside, then it will be worth the time spent trying to extract them.”

Everyone started to discuss the suggestion. In the end, they settled on working in s.h.i.+fts to drill a hole into the pedestal from below. They really wanted to see if they could grab the items that were upon them.

The pedestals were hardy, but definitely diggable. They dug into them nice and slow, and after a few days, they managed to dig a hole far enough to allow them to reach the treasure. ( Boxno vel. co m )

But, to their mild disappointment, the relics were still on the surface. The s.h.i.+elding vortex was wide, and it still prohibited them from reaching in and grabbing what they had worked for.

“It is no wonder Eastern King didn’t bother taking these items. Unless he was able to break through s.p.a.ce, he wouldn’t have been able to grab them.” G.o.d’s Retribution sounded extremely disappointed.

Han Sen knew it would be difficult to break s.p.a.ce. He’d only be able to do it if he was like Dongxuan Zi, who really could break through s.p.a.ce and punch a hole into an entirely different world. If they could do that, they could grab the items.

The treasure was in front of them, teasingly. And yet, none of them had the required strength to nab it.

The treasure might not have been obtainable, but at least Han Sen had earned something out of the affair. He recalled the Blood-Pulse Sutra’s secret technique, and after giving it a go, he realized he could practice with it.

Han Sen returned to Sta.r.s.ea Beast and Little Silver each and every day to check on the pair and see if they were fine. G.o.d’s Retribution took the opportunity to leave the white tower with him, as well.

“Bro, did you practice the secret scrawled upon the wall?” G.o.d’s Retribution asked Han Sen in a hushed voice when n.o.body was around.

“Not yet. Why? What’s wrong?” Han Sen knew the man wouldn’t randomly ask him about this. Something had to be up.

G.o.d’s Retribution went on to say, “You can tell that the secret skill written on the wall is related to our Blood-Pulse Sutra. I think this white tower is connected to Blood Legion. This skill might be the key to grabbing the loot. But when I practice it, I have no synergy or reaction with it. Maybe I’m doing it incorrectly, I don’t know. But I just figured I should ask you.”

When Han Sen heard what he said, he thought to himself, How is this happening? Can G.o.d’s Retribution really not practice this? This is a skill that is connected to the Blood-Pulse Sutra. Blood Legion members must be able to learn it. And if he really can’t, then how am I able to? The only possibility that I can think of is that maybe G.o.d’s Retribution did not practice Life Door. He didn’t activate the breakthrough and learn it in its complete form.

That option seemed to make the most sense.

“You are a member of Blood Legion, so if you can’t learn it, I definitely cannot.” Han Sen shook his head.

G.o.d’s Retribution thought that was likely, too, but he still said, “You should still try practicing it, anyway. Perhaps there’s something wrong with me or something.”

Han Sen pretended to agree, and in two days, he was going to tell G.o.d’s Retribution that he had achieved no reaction with what was written on the walls.

If the skill was the key for obtaining the items, there was definitely no chance Han Sen was going to admit he had learned it. If someone from Blood Legion found out that an outsider was able to learn their secret skills, but an actual member could not, it would direct a lot of ire and jealousy his way. Plus, it really could have been the key to obtaining the items.

Han Sen did not want to leave his fate up to G.o.d’s Retribution’s kindness. So, he couldn’t admit to the man that he had success with the secret skill.

Of course, G.o.d’s Retribution might have been just acting, too. Perhaps he was able to practice it, and he was just pretending so he could snag all the treasure for himself.

Han Sen went to the place where Little Silver and Sta.r.s.ea Beast were. Sta.r.s.ea Beast was lying down, simply staring at the tower. Seeing Han Sen come near, it stood up happily and ran over to him. Its big tongue licked him across the face.

“How many times have I told you? You can’t greet people with your tongue.” Han Sen had taught Sta.r.s.ea Beast the many manners of humans, but the creature was still unable to deny its nature.

Sta.r.s.ea Beast had recovered now, and although Han Sen had learned the basic nature of the skill, it was not something he could fully accomplish in two days. So, he planned to leave the place and return when he had mastered the technique.