Super Gene - Chapter 1347 - Spare My Life, Please

Chapter 1347 - Spare My Life, Please

Chapter 1347: Spare My Life, Please


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ten hours pa.s.sed, and when Han Sen slew his eighth Jade Snail, he managed to obtain a second beast soul. He gave this to Bao’er.

Han Sen wasn’t planning on killing any more than he had to, especially after collecting everything he had been hoping to get.

The ratio of geno core collections far outweighed that of the beast souls, though, for Han Sen had managed to obtain seven of them. Unfortunately, they were all bronze cla.s.s, but although they were as small as beans at first, they could be pumped up to the size of a house, if they were given a bit of power.

Just like the Dust Bug, they were all of the earth element, too.

Han Sen used his horns to cut up the snails. He would obtain a hearty amount of geno points by eating the vast amount he had killed, but he wasn’t entirely sure whether or not they were edible. They were toxic, after all.

And in fear of this poison, Han Sen made sure to give each slab of meat he cut a good was.h.i.+ng. He scrubbed them fiercely and cleaned them up well, but even still, he did not feel safe cooking them up.

When the meat had finished sizzling, Bao’er looked as hungry as she did the night before. But this time, Han Sen stopped her trying to grab a bite. He had to make sure they were safe to eat first.

Han Sen used his horn and stabbed one of the slabs of meat. Then, he chucked it onto the gra.s.s a distance away.

Then, in a nearby bush, Han Sen made himself comfy. He was going to watch it intently, sitting in silence.

A while later, a basketball-sized bug made an appearance. It scurried over towards the meat Han Sen had placed. It was called a Snake Bug, for its head and neck could elongate. Its jaw was said to be fiercely powerful, and with its teeth, it could snap and chew through steel with ease.

The sheep told Han Sen he’d have to be careful if he encountered one, for they rarely let go once they had bitten into something. Furthermore, their fangs injected a lethal poison into their prey.

Han Sen wasn’t planning on fighting it, though. All he wanted to do was test if the Jade Snail’s poison would damage the Snake Bug once it had taken a bite.

The insect launched its head like the firing of a hookshot. Its teeth sunk into the succulent meat and began to winch back like a chain; Bao’er took notice, and she thought it was a theft of great insult.

Fortunately, she did not do anything hasty. And as the Snake Bug gobbled up the slab of meat, it suddenly began to convulse violently. It rolled onto its back and twitched in a ghastly fas.h.i.+on, as blisters and boils began to pop up across its body.

It started to lash out and writhe around amidst the agony it was suffering, but as it did, the boils and bubbles burst to release disgusting, smelly, slimy juices.

Han Sen was shocked at the sight, and he thought it to be a rather revolting scene. The Snake Bug inflicted poison on others, so it should have had some resilience to the poison of the Jade Snail. And yet, the fact that it had reacted like this spoke volumes about the toxicity of the poison the Jade Snails wielded.

Eventually, the Snake Bug stopped moving. It had died.

“Ordinary Creature Snake Bug killed. No beast soul gained. Geno Core un.o.btained. Consume its flesh gain zero to ten ordinary geno points randomly.”

Han Sen was surprised it counted as a kill.

He returned deeper into the valley where the Jade Snails resided and noticed many more had appeared. They were all busy in the process of consuming their slain brethren. Han Sen chased them all away.

The meat of the snails shrunk quite a bit after being cooked, so Han Sen was able to fry a lot to take with him. By the time he was done, he had cooked up 200 kilograms of meat.

Han Sen packaged it all up and prepared to move off someplace else.

Killing ordinary creatures was not a difficult thing to do, he believed. All he had to do was be careful when dealing with their geno cores. Hunting primitive creatures would undoubtedly be difficult, and the need to achieve a fitness level of 10,000 was most certainly no joke.

But now that he had all that poisonous meat, he had more than a few ideas about what he might be able to do.

The sheep was true to its nature. It liked following others, particularly leaders that were stronger than itself. There was, however, one creature even the sheep was not willing to go near.

That creature was a very angry being, and merely venturing past the edges of its territory would have it wanting to kill you.

Han Sen brought his meat there to see if he could kill the creature that the sheep feared oh-so-much. If he was able to kill it, he ran the chance of obtaining a geno core and a beast soul. The creature was a bona fide primitive creature, too; such treasures would make for some good gear.

Furthermore, the creature was said to be fiercely guarding a geno plant. If Han Sen was able to slay the creature, the plant would then belong to him.

Holding 200 kilograms of poisonous meat in his arms, he placed it down near a portion of the ground that was split and around two meters wide.

Han Sen peered down into the pit he had selected and noted how black it was. He then dropped the meat down the hole. He was surprised to hear how long it took for the meat to hit the deck. Han Sen then turned around to run. If he killed the beast he had come for, the announcement would surely play.

But as he moved away from the ground, he caught sight of a white fluffy animal. Much to his disappointment, he had encountered the cheap, double-crossing sheep once more.

“You cheap sheep! Oh, I’m having mutton tonight!” Han Sen yelled as he ran towards the sheep with his horns drawn.

The sheep knew he had gone too far the last time they met, and it wasn’t likely Han Sen was the sort to let bygones be bygones and let him off the hook.

And just as Han Sen caught up to the wooly prat, Han Sen called out, “Cheap Sheep! This is your Judgment Day.”

The sheep knew he couldn’t outrun Han Sen, and so he quickly threw himself onto the ground in a kowtow position. He pleaded, “Spare my life, please!”

Han Sen felt a chill run down his spine, and he thought to himself, “You *sshole! You tried to kill me. You can’t weasel your way out of this one.”

Han Sen was planning on striking the sheep down, then and there. But just as he was about to, something red appeared in the gra.s.s.