Super Gene - Chapter 1348 - Fighting Fire with Fire

Chapter 1348 - Fighting Fire with Fire

Chapter 1348: Fighting Fire with Fire


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen was taken aback. He thought the slippery, worm-tongued Cheap Sheep had played a magic trick on him.

Looking at the red figure that had just appeared on the plain, he noticed it was the chef. Unfortunately for her, she looked to be in very sorry shape, and the red color was the blood that soaked her person.


The chef collapsed on the ground.

Han Sen could breathe a sigh of relief, knowing she wasn’t a threat. But he also smirked a little as he thought about getting revenge on her.

Han Sen pulled out his horns, ready to finish her off. But she managed, with great strain, to look up and mumble a few words. She said, “Han… Jin… Zhi…”

Han Sen immediately withdrew his weapons and bent down near her. He raced to ask, “What did you just say?”

She quietly repeated what she had spoken, pauses and all. “Han… Jin… Zhi…”

Han Sen now knew he had not been mistaken, hearing what she said.

He then recalled the man who had died slumped against the entrance to the underground shelter. After examining the person, Han Sen and his companions had discovered a pocket watch on him.

There was an old photo inside, featuring an unknown middle-aged man and his father, as a child. Han Sen had asked his mother who the man was, but she did not know who it was, either.

Now that she had spoken the name Han Jinzhi, Han Sen thought to himself, “What connection does she have to Han Jinzhi? Might she know who the man holding my father was; the same person who was dead outside the tree door?”

Han Sen wanted to ask her more questions, but she had pa.s.sed out.

Han Sen wished to wake her up, but before he could do anything, he felt a frightening presence approaching quickly—it was the boss of Jade Hill.

There were many beasts following him, like a swarm of locusts.

Han Sen picked up the chef and began running. He would have happily killed her earlier, but there was the possibility she held valuable information. He wasn’t going to let her die now.

If he failed to get her to safety, he wouldn’t learn more about his father or find out anything about that photo. Even if she didn’t know a whole lot, Han Sen was eager to follow even the most meager trail of breadcrumbs he could find, if it meant securing a lead around the mysteries that surrounded his father.

Han Sen ran off like a madman, with the chef on his shoulders. Unfortunately, he was unable to go at a pace quick enough to shake off the tide of beasts behind him, and the wretched spirit who commanded them.

After running for a while, Han Sen’s eyes traced a sheep running in the distance. He imagined the fluffy fiend had managed to get away while he was busy examining the chef.

It was a slow creature, though, and it wasn’t long before Han Sen caught up with it.

“Bossman Bub, don’t kill me! I’ll do whatever you want,” the sheep pleaded and begged, as its little legs carried it as fast as they could.

“Stand right there, then!” Han Sen shouted.

“No can do! Are you blind to the army that’s chasing us, bub?” The sheep wasn’t willing to follow the command and simply kept on running.

“F*ck you!” Han Sen said, keeping up with the sheep.

Across that emerald expanse, the sheep was leading the chase. Han Sen was directly behind it, while a ma.s.sive swarm of creatures chased at a good few paces behind.

“Stop right now!”




Han Sen knew he wasn’t going to listen, so he exerted more energy to try to outpace the sheep. The beasts were catching up, too, and they didn’t look as if they were going to get winded anytime soon.

The sheep, seeing that Han Sen was about to overtake him, summoned its horn and fired it towards him. Han Sen, seeing the boomerang come for him, employed his phoenix techniques to swoop across and over the sheep.

The sheep was not very proficient when it came to combat, and after leaping towards it, Han Sen grabbed the sheep by its neck and lobbed it at the swarm of creatures behind.

“Go make him your boss!” Han Sen shouted out.

Han Sen believed the sheep might actually get the job done.

After the sheep was launched towards the self-proclaimed boss of the Jade Hill, Han Sen saw the boss raise his hands towards it. The sheep immediately pleaded, “Boss, don’t kill me! I’m coming to serve and obey you.”

After the sheep called this out, the boss frowned. He wasn’t impressed. He grabbed hold of the sheep and cast it away like a stone.

Han Sen, seeing Cheap Sheep earn itself another boss, hoped someone or something might suddenly appear to kill it.

Strangely, nothing happened, and the monsters continued to chase him.

Han Sen was just testing it out, though. He didn’t think the death of leaders was some sort of curse or ability Cheap Sheep inherently had, but he was curious nonetheless. So, he had no choice but to continue running.

The oppressive atmosphere propagated by those behind him was incredibly strong, though, and Han Sen could not keep up at the rapid pace he was going. He knew he’d not be able to escape, no matter how long he went for, so, he gritted his teeth and launched himself back towards the boss of Jade Hill.