Super Gene - Chapter 1346 - Jade Snail

Chapter 1346 - Jade Snail

Chapter 1346: Jade Snail


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

There were a dozen Jade Snails occupying the valley, but because they were all so slow, they weren’t going to be much of a threat at all.

Their geno cores were the upon their backs. Although they could not be used to harm Han Sen, they offered the snail an incredibly high level of defense. Even primitive creatures would have a difficult time breaking those open.

Han Sen planned to s.n.a.t.c.h one of their and live inside it. That would be much better—and safer—than if he were to use a tent. Han Sen wanted the snail beast souls the most, though. The sheep had told him they were an armor-type.

Han Sen and Bao’er were still dressed in leaves like cavemen. Obtaining one of those beast souls would be extremely beneficial.

Han Sen noticed a few of the Giant Snails moving about near the gentle stream that flowed through the valley, and he thought that they looked like a bunch of houses on the move. The were white, which added to the illusion and looked fairly pretty, too.

Han Sen approached one of them, which prompted the creature to retreat inside its sh.e.l.l.

Han Sen was targeting them because of their docile, non-aggressive nature. It was a shame he had to pick on such gentle creatures, but given the circ.u.mstances, he didn’t have much of a choice.

The one bad thing about the snails, though, were the toxins they unleashed. They were slow, yes, but the sticky trail they left behind was wretchedly poisonous.

If another creature consumed the sticky secretions, it wouldn’t be long before the toxins ravaged their body and they’d die. If this happened, the snails would then go and eat the fallen creature.

Han Sen knew about all this, as it was information given to him by the sheep. And not wanting to waste any time, Han Sen swept toward the snail and unleashed a powerful Ghost Slash at it.

A big metal sound rang across the length of the valley, and unluckily for Han Sen, his brazen swipe had not even left a single scratch mark upon the sh.e.l.l of the snail.

Ghost Slash could teleport and befuddle opponents, but this trick did not increase its damage output. And there’d be nothing he could do to improve it, on the fly. Han Sen wasn’t going to use his fists to strike the sh.e.l.l, either, because it was poisonous.

So, Han Sen drew out his horns and tried striking the sh.e.l.l with Jadeskin activated.

And because the horns were like spears, Han Sen decided to use a skill he hadn’t used in a long time. He employed the use of Drillhead, to try to drill into the snail’s fortification.

It was a successful approach. A plume of white dust erupted from where Han Sen started drilling into the sh.e.l.l, and he managed to lodge his horn a fair way inside. The snail had clearly felt it, too, for it cried out in pain. Then it began trying to roll away while it was still inside the sh.e.l.l.

Han Sen leaped away just in case and then flipped over to the other side of the snail. Taking aim, he began drilling through the other side before it completely escaped him.

The other snails in the area had taken notice of what was going on, by now. Some began to sloppily wiggle their way over to support their brother against the human aggressor, while others tucked into their and rolled over.

But thankfully, Han Sen was far faster and quite a bit stronger than the Jade Snails. The geno cores couldn’t protect the snails from Han Sen, so that pretty much rendered them hopeless against him.

Han Sen eventually killed the snail he had started on, but right after it died, the sh.e.l.l shattered into bits.

“Ordinary Creature Jade Snail killed. No beast soul gained. Geno Core destroyed. Consume its flesh to gain zero to ten ordinary geno points randomly.”

Even if Han Sen was able to kill those snails, their seemed likely to break.

“Maybe I’ll just keep going to nab two beast souls instead, then. We can’t stay naked any longer,” Han Sen said to himself, before targeting another snail.

When he approached it, though, he stopped. Then, he thought of something else. This ingenious idea prompted him to leave the valley.

After a period of waiting, hidden just outside the border of the valley, all the snails eventually relaxed. They all came back out of their to move towards the fallen snail and eat it.

Without any more time to waste, Han Sen summoned something.

Han Sen summoned the bronze geno core Dust Bug.

Watching the snails eat, Han Sen figured he could fill the Dust Bug with the element of earth for a hearty stealth attack. Once he had prepped it for use, the Dust Bug took off flying towards the slimy things.

It flew fairly slow, but there was nothing Han Sen could do about that. It was a small and hard thing, and it had a lot of cons. That was to be expected, though. After all, it was only a bronze cla.s.s geno core.

But Han Sen thought the few positives about the Dust Bug were all he needed. He could make do with the negatives, since he was only fighting near-harmless snails. The snails did not have the Dongxuan Aura, either. With dull senses, they could not detect the Dust Bug slowly flying towards them.

Eventually, the bug touched down near a snail and hopped onto one of their gooey bodies.

The snail quickly retreated into its sh.e.l.l, feeling something foreign suddenly touch it. But it was too late, for the Dust Bug had already dug its way inside the body of the snail, as if by magic. The sh.e.l.l wasn’t going to help the snail here.

It was just like what happened to Han Sen before, in which an excruciating amount of pain was dealt, all from the inside of the snail’s body. It was literally being killed from the inside-out.

The bug was very small and rather weak, though. It took the Dust Bug two hours to completely kill the Jade Snail.

“Ordinary Creature Jade Snail killed. Beast soul gained. Bronze Geno Core received: Jade Snail Sh.e.l.l. Consume its flesh to gain zero to ten ordinary geno points randomly.”

Han Sen was delighted to receive both the geno core and the beast soul.

Han Sen threw away the leaves that currently clothed him and summoned the beast soul.

A clean, white armor covered his entire body. The only thing missing was a helmet. But even without that, Han Sen found himself pleased and satisfied with his new armor.

“Daddy, I want one, too.” Bao’er pulled at Han Sen’s leg, as if begging for a set. She was sick and tired of the leaves and p.r.i.c.king twigs that made her skin itch.

“Don’t worry; I’m going to get you one.” Han Sen used his Dust Bug to take out another snail.