She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000: A Mistake

When the couple turned around to catch up to the boys, they noticed someone flash by nearbyit was Caleb.

All three noticed one another. Caleb paused and looked at Nora.

Both Nora and Justin stopped and then approached Caleb.

Caleb also walked toward them.

They met in the middle where all three stopped.

Caleb, who looked solemn, frowned and asked, Isnt there any other solution we can try? Is Xander really going to die? If you can, Id like you to extract the V16 from my blood and administer it to him.

Nora replied, You know it yourself that the V16 is absorbed into the cells once it has been injected into someone. Doing that is useless now.

Caleb then asked, Its been so long. Havent you found the V16 formula yet?

Nora shook her head. Youve been with us the whole time over the last month. When am I supposed to find the time to do any research?

Caleb suddenly became furious. Seemingly a little crazed, he snapped, So, why did you do that? Why didnt you use this time to study the V16 instead of wasting time traveling around? If you had studied the V16 in the lab from the start, maybe youd already have found the formula by now! And Xander wouldnt have had to die anymore!

Nora replied, Xander made his choice.

The chances of her successfully developing the V16 in the laboratory within a month were close to zero.

So many people had spent decades trying to develop the V16 and still failed. Nora couldnt say for sure that she could develop something like that in just a few months.

She had already made her decision with regard to this matter a few months ago.

Moreover, Lily had been in the laboratory all this time and even so, she had only just managed to outline the real situation. After all, genetic modification was a brand-new field for them. They had never looked into it before.

Upon hearing her reply, Caleb realized that his anger was utterly unreasonable. He lowered his head and took a deep breath.

Only then did the trio enter the villa. When they were about to head up the stairs, they saw Xander and Pete looking at them quietly.

The few of them were surprised.

Pete nudged Xander. Go tell them.

Xander fidgeted awkwardly but stayed where he was.

Seeing this, Nora stepped forward and stroked Xanders hair. Whats the matter? Is something wrong?

Mommy, I I want a kiss from you.

Xander made a request to Nora.

Nora nodded and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Xander then looked at Justin. Tyr Daddy, lower your head.

Justin lowered his head.

Xander gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Lastly, Xander looked at Caleb, who took a step forward and squatted down, stretching out his arms to give him a hug.

However, Xander kept quiet. After some time, he suddenly looked at Nora. Mommy, would you be able to cure Daddy Truemans illness?

Over the past month, Nora had been treating Calebs condition the whole time. He had almost fully recovered from schizophrenia. Trueman pretty much never appeared the entire time.

Nora nodded. Yes, I will.

Xander made another request. Can you do it before I die?

Nora was taken aback.

But faced with the stubbornness in Xanders eyes, Nora could only sigh and reply, Itll more or less be done over the next couple of days. Trueman will be killed off completely and he will never appear again.

Only then did Xander nod. He said seriously, Then I will wake up again tomorrow. I want to see Daddy Trueman recovering from his illness with my own eyes.


Nora stroked his hair.

Xander yawned. Rubbing his eyes, he then said, Im sleepy.

Go to sleep, then.

Nora said gently, You will wake up for sure.


Nora went up the stairs, took Xander and Pete to their room, and watched the two little boys get into bed. Xander was awfully sleepy. Unable to control his body, he fell asleep immediately after lying down.

Petes closed eyes were still moving about, though.

When Nora noticed, she smiled and flicked his forehead. Pete opened his eyes and looked at her. Mommy, Xander wont die, right?

A surprised Nora asked, Why do you say that?

Once, when I was sick and nearly died, the tyrant held me all night, but hes not treating Xander with the same tenderness now. This means that he wont die, right?

After a long silence, Nora finally replied, I dont know, either.

She was telling the truth.

Since the moment Justin made the decision for them, Nora hadnt once asked him about his plan. She had done as he said merely because she trusted him.

She also felt that Justin had a backup plan.

It was just that she didnt know what it was

Pete was not disappointed at her reply, though. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, In that case, its pretty much confirmed.

Nora slowly broke into a smile. Perhaps we will have the answer tomorrow.

Because Xanders body wouldnt be able to hold out any longer now.

Pete nodded.

In a guest room.

Caleb walked in and entered the bathroom. When he was was.h.i.+ng up, he took off his and looked in the mirror.

In the mirror, Calebs smile slowly disappeared and his expression suddenly turned into one of extreme indifference.

Suddenly, he said, Youll be dead tomorrow. Is there anything left that you want to say?

Almost as soon as he spoke, his expression became animated. The corners of his lips rose slightly into a smirk, and his voice also turned a bit shrill. Caleb, you are so shameless!

After he spoke, his expression turned into one of indifference again. I didnt let you out so that you could throw insults at me.

Then what did you do that for? To bid me farewell? Ha, are you that kind? Caleb, you stole my credit and my son! And now, youre here to rob me of my life and my body! You sure are scheming! I must have been blind to misjudge you so badly in the past! Who would have thought that youd be the biggest winner in the end?!