She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 999

Chapter 999

Chapter 999: That Little Rascal

Outside the door, Nora felt her heart clenching again when she heard Xander.

Then, she heard rustling movements from Pete.

What are you doing? asked Xander.

Getting out of bed.

Why are you getting out of bed?

Arent you having trouble falling asleep? In that case, finish everything you want to do before you go to bed again.

Xander paused. The way youre behaving makes it seem like youre the older brother.

Pete replied, Youre the older one.

Hey, I dont need you to give in to me just because you pity me!

Then am I the older brother?

Bah! Daddy Trueman said that he saved me first! Its only because he didnt have the strength left to save you that he approached the tyrant You were born after me!


What do you mean oh? You dont believe me?

I do, I guess.

What do you mean I guess?! Do you believe me or not?!

The two boys in the room spoke very softly, catching anyone who heard them between laughter and tears. Nora and Justin looked at each other and then stepped aside. Then, they saw the two little boys, who had dressed themselves, walking out.

Pete tilted his head and asked, What do you want to do?

Come with me.

Nora followed after the two boys and saw them sneaking into the garden.

Xander came to a spot. He looked around, stepped on it a few times, and then said, Lets dig a hole here!

Pete: ?

Xander said, Ive already looked around. From here, I can see your room, Cherrys room, as well as Daddy and Mommys room. This place has the best view! So, you must bury me here after I die! I also want to move b.u.t.terscotch and b.u.t.tercup here to accompany me

After saying this, a quiet Pete walked forward.

Where are you going? asked Xander.

Dont you need a shovel to dig a hole?

The two little guys went off to get their shovels and returned a while later. Then, in the dark of the night, they started digging a hole in the garden.

Both of them were smart, so they dug the pit a little faster than others, taking only an hour to do so. After they were done, Xander even tossed about inside. Yeah, its big enough. Theres enough room for me to turn over.


Xander spoke again. Its just that its kinda dark. Can you find me a luminous pearl?


Pete thought about it for a while and then added, Great-grandma has a big one. Ill steal it for you another day.


Yeah. I asked her for it before, but she refused to give it to me.

Alright, then.

Xander spoke again. Lets get a quilt. Its freezing inside.


The two of them went back into the house and secretly returned with a quilt. They stuffed it into the pit, padding it comfortably. Xander lay down. Finding that it felt pretty comfortable, he was finally satisfied. He said, Okay, that would do. I will stay here after I die!

Satisfied, he dusted off his hands. Then, he patted Petes shoulder and said, Peter Hunt, take care of our little sister and Mommy when your big brother is gone! Dont let anyone bully them!

Pete said seriously, Theres still Daddy

Im talking precisely about the tyrant. Mommy is so strong; no one can bully her except the tyrant.

Pete said, Actually, Daddy isnt half-bad.


The two boys started walking back home as they chatted.

Nora, who was standing behind the two:

She turned her head to look at the sullen-looking Justin and she couldnt help but laugh. Cmon now, are you really going to hold it against a child?

Justin didnt say anything, but there was anger in his eyes.

Hah, initially, he had wanted to say something because the boy was so pitiful. But since the little rascal had the b.a.l.l.s to say that about him, he would let him be frightened for a while more!