She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1001

Chapter 1001

Chapter 1001: She Killed The Wrong Person

Upon hearing this, Caleb revealed a touch of a smile. What are you talking about? How is it that I dont understand what youre saying? Trueman, you are the eccentric and vicious extremist here. What does that have to do with me? I am the gentle and considerate hero who betrayed even himself in order to take down the mysterious organization!

His words enraged Trueman. Youre shameless! Who did you even betray?! You only went to the special department because I wanted you to! I told you to do it! We were going to fight the old King together!

Caleb replied, Is that so? But did you put up any resistance? Havent you been doing as he wished the whole time? Besides this body will only survive if Im the one in it, no? If youre the one in it, you would be arrested. Those things you did Heh But Im different; Im the special departments informant! In everyones eyes, Im the good guy now! Whereas you, Trueman, are a heinous villain! Besides, thanks to Dr. Smith, you havent shown up at all during this period of time, have you? Dont worry, when youre gone and I get full control over this body, I will find a way to get Nora for you. I know youre in love with that little fatty Otherwise, you wouldnt have visited her when you were younger, right?

CALEB GRAY! What are you planning to do to my little servant? Shes my little servant! Not yours!! Trueman suddenly yelled.

Thats not something you need to worry about, Trueman. Although you are the primary personality, I am the one who truly controls this body. Dont forget how you couldnt do anything except shout and be angry in the past! Your anger was utterly useless; your arrogance was no different from a joke in front of the old King! If I hadnt shown up and helped you step by step to become what you are today, do you think youd have been any different from those children who died in the lab? Anger is just a display of your incompetence! I summoned you today to say goodbye to you. No matter how much you resist, its useless, hahaha! You are completely under my control now, so you cant come out at all You should be thanking me. If I hadnt let you out, you would just have fallen into a deep sleep instead!

Trueman was stunned.

He fell silent, aware that what Caleb said was true.

All his anger was pointless at this moment.

Suddenly, he stopped being angry. He said, Okay, even if everything you said is truein fact, I can even let myself be killed off tomorrow without fighting backI only want you to promise me one thing.

What is it?

Dont do anything to that family anymore.

Caleb smiled. Sure, Ill promise you that. Do you trust me, though?


Trueman answered truthfully.

Then why bother saying that? My dearest big brother, give it some good thought. What else do you want to say?

Trueman clenched his fists.

Anger was a display of incompetence.


He didnt know what to do except throw temper tantrums, which was probably why they were in this situation today.

He was clearly the one who had saved Xander and Pete, but Nora and Justin obviously credited Caleb for it. As for Xander he must also think that Daddy Trueman was a bad person, right? Only Caleb was a good man to him

Trueman hung his head, which he had held up all this time, in defeat.

He suddenly said, Xander is about to die. I wont tell anyone about this, so I hope you can also keep it a secret.

He didnt want Xander to leave this world with regrets.

Caleb replied, Of course.

After a while, Trueman suddenly said, Xander loves ramen the most. I hope you can take him out for some tomorrow. I promised him that I would.


Xander has always wanted a big helium balloon. He didnt want to be trapped in the bas.e.m.e.nt forever, he wanted to fly into the sky. I hope you will buy him one. Buy a cheery one. He would like that.


Back then, when I visited the little fatty and gave her food, I only did it so that she would agree to be my servant. But she refused so adamantly, she would rather starve to death than agree to it. Toward the end, she even bit my hand

Trueman lowered his head and raised his arm. Sure enough, he saw a bite mark on his forearm.

He said, I was so mad at the time that I threw the food to her and arrogantly declared that I would make her my servant one day.

Why are you telling me all this?

Trueman paused and then replied, Since Im going to die while youre going to live on as me, Ill give you a clear and detailed account of some of the things that happened back then. I hope you can let Xander leave without any regrets, and I also hope that you can keep these things a secret forever and never let them know that she killed the wrong person.