She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 998

Chapter 998

Chapter 998: The Only Person You Can Count On Is Yourself

Xanders gene modification was for his IQ. Therefore, when something went wrong with his body, his symptoms were not as intense as Calebs and Queenies. Instead, it would only be apparent in one wayfalling into a coma.

Nora checked his breathing. When she found that he was breathing evenly, she let out a sigh of relief.

Actually, even if Xander were to die, he would only be brain-dead.

Even Nora could not be sure when he would wake up again.

Noras grim expression filled the whole Hunt residence with a depressive mood.

It wasnt until ten oclock in the evening that Xander finally woke up.

The people around him breathed a sigh of relief at once.

Cherry was the first to speak. Xander, why did you sleep for so long? Youve become as lazy as Mommy!

Pete kept quiet.

No one had told Cherry about what was soon to come. All of them wanted to protect her.

When Xander heard her, his expression became dazed for a while before he finally said with a smile, Tsk, Im having a compet.i.tion with Pete to see who can sleep for a longer time. As I expected, I managed to sleep longer. I must be the eldest among us!

Xander had a smug look on his face.

Cherry, who didnt know better, nodded again and again. Yeah! Youre amazing! Even Mommy cant sleep as much as you!

Xander sat up and raised his chin.

Next to him, Pete stayed quiet for a long while before he finally said, Yeah, youre more impressive. Youre the older brother.

Xanders eyes lit up.

Seeing the three childrens interaction, Nora and Justin couldnt help but say, Alright, lets get Xander something to eat!

The group accompanied Xander downstairs for dinner.

Cherry yawned repeatedly.

She was usually already in bed by this time.

Xander ate something and then said to Cherry, Cherry, you can go to sleep first.

No, I have to wait for Pete and Xander to sleep with me!

Just as Nora was about to speak, Xander nodded and replied, Okay, then lets go to sleep.

The three little ones went upstairs again.

A worried Nora stood outside their door, whereupon she heard the childrens conversation coming from within.

Cherry asked, Xander, why arent you sleeping?

I already slept the entire day. Id be a pig if I could fall asleep that quickly! Xander replied.

Cherry said, Oh, thats true. Im so sleepy, though.

Xander replied, Go to bed, Cherry. Can you promise me one thing, though?

What is it?

Even if you want to play games all the time, you still have to learn and master other skills. Be it Pete, Daddy, Mommy, or any of our other relatives, I know any one of them can feed you your whole life, but you are the only one you can really count on!

Cherry didnt quite understand. Nevertheless, the sharp girl caught something in his words. She asked, Why arent you going to protect me?

Because I may not be able to grow up with you anymore.

Cherry was so sleepy that she sounded like she was in a daze. She said, Dont be anxious, Xander. We must grow up bit by bit yeah

As she managed to speak the last few words, she fell asleep.

Nora cast her eyes down, her heart aching a little.

She wanted to push the door open and enter, but Justin stopped her and shook his head.

Sure enough, a short while later, they heard a voice in the room again. Are you asleep?

It was Pete.

Xander replied, Of course not.

Why arent you sleeping? asked Pete.

Xander kept quiet for a while before he finally replied, Because Im afraid that if I fall asleep, I wont be able to wake up again.