She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 997

Chapter 997

Chapter 997: The Dawning Sun Lights Up The Clouds

Joel had ordered someone to construct a big bed and specially sent it over. The mattress was even a high-tech one that felt extremely comfortable. It suited Nora very well, and also suited him and Nora sleeping on it together very well

No matter what they did on it, the bed would never creak

With his head lowered, he hurriedly entered the bridal chamber. Just as he was about to go for it, he suddenly spotted one two three four people lying on the bed!

The three little ones were lying beside Nora and even rolling about. Mommy, this bed is awesome! Uncle Joel is still the best, after all! He gave us such a huge bed!

Yes! This way, we can all sleep with Mommy! And its not a squeeze either

Justin: ???

What the #%#&!!

He couldnt help but curse in his head!!

Thanks a lot, Joel!!

The corners of his lips spasmed. He was about to speak when Cherry spotted him. She stood up at once and waved at him. Come on over, Daddy! Lets sleep together!

The little girl scuttled inward and patted the area beside her. Youre the biggest among us! This s.p.a.ce here is yours!

A resigned Justin walked over. His eyes met Noras.

Nora looked breathtakingly beautiful that day. From the very moment he laid eyes on her at the wedding, he couldnt look away anymore. Even Cherry couldnt take his attention away from her.

He smiled. But before he could speak, Nora said, You looked pretty handsome today.

Justin paused when he heard her. Then, he suddenly broke into a grin.

Xander looked at Justin and then at Nora. Suddenly, he said, Hey tyr Daddy. You didnt say any sweet nothings to Mommy at the wedding today. You have to say one before you can get on the bed!

Pete also nodded. Yes, you must say that you love Mommy! Otherwise, what if you bully her in the future?

Why would I bully her? I cant even beat her in a fight, said Justin.

At the side, Cherry suddenly asked, Daddy, youre King, so youre really powerful; but so is Mommy. In that case, who is stronger, you or Mommy?

Nora was also curious. She looked at him eagerly and asked, Which one of us is the stronger one?

One was the Big Sister of the Quinn School of Martial Arts while the other was the Big Brother of the Irvin School of Martial Arts

Both of them were equally strong, but in their private fights, no one ever came out the winner because Justin always let her win.

Justin looked at the four in front of him. Suddenly, he smiled and slowly said, That which wafts and drifts, yet is neither smoke nor clouds; and that which is lush and rich, circling about; that is what we know as the clouds of auspice.

As soon as those words came out of his mouth, Cherry and Xander were stunned. What does that mean?

Pete sighed silently and explained, Those lines come from the Records of the Grand Historian: Treatise on the Celestial Offices. It means that the morning glow lights up the sky, dyeing the clouds into dazzling colors, thereby complementing each other.

The tyrant was likening himself to the sun and Mommy to the clouds.

Xander and Cherry looked at each other, both suddenly feeling that they should study harder!

Cherry then asked, Daddy, are you saying that you and Mommy are equally strong?

No, Im not as good as her.

Justin replied honestly as he looked at Nora affectionately.

As King, and as a leading figure in various industries, he had always been arrogant and never bowed down to anyone. However, in this instant, as he gazed at the woman before him, only one sentence came to his mind:

The dawning sun lights up the clouds.

Even if he was the sun, he was willing to stand behind the clouds and let her s.h.i.+ne.

That night, the family of five slept together.

Even after spending more than 20 days outside having fun, their relations.h.i.+p was still surprisingly good.

Nora also had a rare good nights sleep. Perhaps she was tired or perhaps it was something else, but the corners of her lips curled into a smile in her dreams.

The next day, when she woke up and opened her eyes, she met Cherry and Petes eyes at once.

When Nora stretched, Cherry immediately gestured at her to keep it down. She said, Shh. Mommy, Xander is sleeping in like you. He has already slept for 16 hours, but hes still not up!

When she said this, Nora froze.

Her head turned to the side sharply and she looked at the face fast asleep beside her

Was one month over so soon?