She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 996

Chapter 996

Chapter 996: Bed

The Queens eyes widened and she stared at Nora in disbelief.

She stared hard at Nora. You, you, you

Im Black Cat, Nora said directly, worried that the Queen hadnt still realized her ident.i.ty, as well as to avoid causing further misunderstandings.

You are standing right in front of me! Of course Ive realized! The Queen replied.

Oh. I was afraid youd misunderstand and think that I kidnapped her.

Noras reply made the Queens eyes flicker. To be honest, when she first saw that Nora was holding Black Cats cell phone, that had indeed been her first thought.

However, she would never admit it, so she raised her chin, snorted, and said, Im not that stupid!

Just as Nora was about to speak, Brenda rushed in. She said, My goodness, why are you here, Your Majesty? Justin instructed everyone to leave my sister-in-law alone and let her sleep. What if your presence here affects her?

The Queen:

When she wanted to speak, Brenda grabbed her arm and said to Nora, Have a good sleep, Nora. Its all because I went to the bathroom and took my eyes off her. In just that split second, she made her way here. Dont worry, no one will disturb you after this!

The Queen struggled. I

Yeah, yeah. Alright, lets go, Your Majesty. I know you have feelings for Justin, but you mustnt do anything to harm Nora, or I wont let you off

The audacity of you! How dare you talk to me like that! Im the Queen!

You may be the Queen of the UK, but Im not a citizen of the UK, retorted Brenda.

The two left the room as they quarreled.

Brenda had received a task from Justin that dayeven if the world came cras.h.i.+ng down, no one was to disturb them in the bridal chamber!

And so

When Chester, Howard, the rest of Justins cousins, his friends in New York, and other friends from the Smiths came to visit the bridal chamber, they saw Brenda standing at the door.

Brenda was wearing a fiery red mini dress. She brought a chair over and placed it at the entrance of the corridor to block everyones way. Then, she said righteously, Do you have the heart to disturb those five people in the bridal chamber tonight?

Xander was dying.

Everyone in New York had heard of it. Thus, when they heard what Brenda said, they lost interest in visiting the bridal chamber at once and even cast a glance full of heartache at it before leaving obediently.

Chester also started to entertain the continuous waves of guests on Justins behalf, so that he could go upstairs too.

Seeing that the bedroom had quietened, Nora finally lay down on the bed.

She had only just lay down when she heard rustling at the door. When she looked over, she saw three little headsfrom top to bottom, they were Xander, Pete, and Cherry respectivelylined up in a row. The three little ones looked at Nora curiously.

When Nora looked over, Cherry asked, Mommy, are you and Daddy making a baby brother for us tonight?

Justin had to pretend to be slightly drunk before he could finally go upstairs.

It was his wedding night. The mere thought of what was about to come excited him.

It was just that when he was heading upstairs, he received a text message from Joel: Youre welcome for the bed! Itll definitely be to your convenience! Youll love it!