She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 995

Chapter 995

Chapter 995: Im Behind You

In the bridal chamber.

Huh? Youve already sneaked into the bridal chamber? But Justin is not there right now Oh, I get it!

Nora raised her brows. Had the Queen finally realized who she was?

However, the next moment, the Queen said, You must have gone there to Nora!

Nora: ???

The Queen continued smiling as she said, You have my support, Black Cat! Still, you shouldnt kill her. Although I hate Nora, Cherry would become a very pitiful child if she loses her mother. How about this? I think its better if you just kidnap Justin instead

As Nora listened to the Queen on the phone and the hurried footsteps outside the door, the corners of her lips curled into a smile.

The Queen continued. Dont be ras.h.!.+ Its not right to take another persons life. I know you are a killer, but if you kill Nora, Justin wont let you off Like you, I really dislike her, especially that poker face of hers that looks as though she never smiles. On top of that, shes so lazy, and all she does every day is sleep But Kitty, dont be ras.h.!.+

Kitty? Noras lip corners spasmed.

The next moment, the Queen lowered her voice and said, Im at the door now. Where are you? Ill pick you up and get you out of there

Then, she rushed into the bridal chamber.

Nora was alone in the room. Justin had dismissed everyone else because Nora, who had to go to her own wedding as soon as she stepped off the plane, had become sleepy!

Thus, after the Queen entered and looked left and right, she didnt see Black Cat. She curled her lips disdainfully at Nora and said, Im here to tour your room. You dont mind, do you?

Nora raised her brows and gestured to her to do as she pleased.

The Queen went straight into the bathroom. The room outside was huge, but there was only a big bed in it. There was nowhere else for one to hide, so the Queen had thought Black Cat was hiding in the bathroom.

It was only after she went in that she realized that Black Cat wasnt in there.

Thus, the Queen whispered into the phone, Where on earth are you, Black Cat?

Im on the bed.

The Queen was taken aback by the reply.

After replying, Nora hung up.

She felt that the Queen must have understood what she meant by now.

She waited for the Queen to exit the bathroom and face her. She wanted to know how the Queen would react since she had dissed Nora for so long just now.

The thought had only just formed when she spotted the Queen furtively sticking her head out of the bathroom.

The Queen had blue eyes and blond hair and was a beauty. Her current actions added some playfulness to her bearing, and there was none of the imposing aura she usually displayed before outsiders.

She smiled awkwardly and walked toward Nora.

Nora looked at her quietly, waiting for her to speak.

The Queen slowly came up to her. She said, Uh Your bed is really big!

Nora raised her brows but said nothing.

The Queen coughed and touched her own hair. Then, she continued in Welsh, Even my bed back in the UK is not as big and soft as yours Can I try lying down on it for a while?

Nora: ?

She frowned, but right after, she saw the Queen suddenly throw herself on the bed. Then, she rolled across the bed all the way from the top to the end. In between, she even pressed her hands against the mattress, seemingly looking for something?

Nora: ??????

The corners of her lips spasmed, and she finally understood what the Queen was doing. Thus, she picked up her cell phone and dialed the Queens number.

The Queen got a shock when she saw her cell phone ringing. She gave Nora a smile, then hid at the side and asked in a low voice, Which part of the bed are you at, Black Cat? Why didnt I find any mechanisms on the bed?



As expected, the Queen hadnt realized anything at all!

When she made all those excuses and even rolled back and forth on her bed, she was actually searching for Black Cat.

By then, she couldnt help but really suspect that the Queen had lost her mind. She slowly stood up, walked up to the Queen from the back, and said into the phone, Im behind you.

Im behind you.


The voice on the phone and the one in real life coming from behind her merged into one, causing the Queen to freeze. Then, she looked behind her incredulously.