She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 994

Chapter 994

Chapter 994: Stealing The Groom!

Now that the woman, who didnt usually wear makeup, was wearing a little makeup, her skin looked even more beautiful and radiant.

Everyone in the room looked at her in a daze.

They knew that Nora was good-looking, but they didnt expect her to be this stunning!

At the side, Tanya marveled, Justin is such a lucky b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Joel and Ian also stared at her blankly.

Soon, the cars that were to take them to the church arrived

The grand celebration was so huge that people were still marveling at it a few years later.

The cost of the wedding was nearly a legend on its own.

Be it the Hunts or the Smiths, both families seemed to want to give them a perfect wedding

The decoration in the church was also done ingeniously. White and pink exotic roses covered the place. It was as if the imported flowers didnt cost a cent

Noras wedding dress was specially made by a world-renowned fas.h.i.+on designer. As time was of the essence, they had to pay through the nose for it

On the wedding day, the guests at the wedding banquet also shocked the entire wealthy circle in New York City

Not only did Queenie Schmidt, who was based in Switzerland, attend the wedding in person, but she was even seated on the brides side.

People from the pugilistic world also attended the wedding. Quinn and Irvin sat at the same table, which amazed everyone.

The frail and sickly Dr. Silvester Zabe also attended the wedding

There were also international car racers there

Even the famous Karl Moore was there

A singer of international fame also personally attended the wedding and sang a song that paid tribute to love

All kinds of people one would never have imagined coming were all attending the wedding in personand they were all kith and kin of the bride!

If there was a reporter here, they could make headlines on social media just by interviewing any random person there.

Unfortunately for them, security at the wedding was strict, so not a single reporter made it in.

Nevertheless, the reporters still caught wind of some news because

Even the Queen of the UK was here!

It must be mentioned that visits by the Queen to other countries must be discussed in advance. However, the Queens visit this time was very special. Her reason for visiting the United States was just to attend a wedding

Although the princess of the UK had also attended little Cherrys birthday party the last time, she was ultimately still just a princess. Moreover, Lucy was the second child and not the heir appointed by the Queen. Therefore, her visit was in no way as astounding as the Queens.

Never mind that the Queen was here, but when she saw the jewelry Nora was wearing, she said jealously, there and then, that she had failed to win it at an auction in the past. She hadnt expected to see it on Nora

The wedding was immortalized as a legendary event.

When the bride appeared, the long wedding dress behind her was held up by three insanely adorable children who won over the entire audience. They carefully followed behind their mother and brought her to the tyrant.

When Ian placed Noras hand in Justins, he closed his eyes, and tears fell from the corners.

He didnt say anything emotional but only one sentence: Lad, if you ever dare bully her, I will kill you!

Justin didnt get mad. Instead, he nodded solemnly and replied, Never.

The three little ones behind him also rushed over waving their fists. They said, Daddy, if you dare bully Mommy in the future

The look in Justins eyes turned frosty as he looked at them, the beauty mark at the corner of his eye s.h.i.+mmering. What are the three of you going to do?

Cherry found herself at a loss for words at once.

Pete and Xander looked at each other and said in unison, We will bully Cherry!

Cherry: ??

Mr. Slave-To-His-Daughter Justin: ??

He sneered and said, Can the two of you bear to do that?

Who were they kidding? Those two boys with sister complexes were way scarier than he was, alright?

He couldnt imagine anyone being able to take Cherry as their wife in the future. With those two fearsome brothers around, they would probably drive everyone away!

After the wedding, at last, Nora sat on the bed at the Hunts manor to rest.

Everyone had a great time that day. Even those who knew that Xander didnt have long to live all feigned happiness because no one wanted to leave behind any regrets.

The Queen was the only one somewhat distracted at the wedding. She looked at the door from time to time, as if waiting for someone.

While Nora was thinking about it, her cell phone suddenly rang.

When she answered the call, the Queens quiet voice came from the other end. Black Cat, do you know that King got married today?

Yes, I know, replied Nora.

The Queen sighed. I just knew you would be aware of Kings true ident.i.ty. Why are you being such a defeatist, though?

Nora: ?

In my heart, you are a heroine who does as she pleases! With your personality and skills, I thought you would have come to the wedding to steal the groom! You are too cowardly!

Nora: !!!

The corners of her lips spasmed. Just as she was about to speak, the Queen coughed and spoke again. But you still have a chance!

Nora narrowed her eyes. What chance?

Tonight, of course. They havent consummated their marriage yet. Why dont I create an opportunity for you to take Justin away?

You dont have to do that anymore, replied Nora.

Huh? I know youre skilled, but the Hunts security is still something else. You Suddenly, the Queen realized something and she asked in shock, Youre not already at the Hunts manor, are you?

Noras lips curled into a smile. Yeah.

The Queen sounded excited at once. Where are you? Ill come to you!