She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 993

Chapter 993

Chapter 993: Marriage!

When the Hunts and the Smiths were up to their necks in work, the parties involved suddenly disappeared.

Justin took Nora and the three little ones, plus an additional Caleb, with him, and the group of six suddenly vanished from the city.

When Joel received Noras text message, the corners of his lips couldnt help but spasm.

Whats wrong? Tanya asked.

Joel replied speechlessly, They said that they are going on their honeymoon.

Were they already going on a honeymoon when they werent even married yet?

But no one who knew about it asked them to return. Even when they encountered problems with the wedding preparation, no one bothered the family of fivethey knew that the family was accompanying Xander on the last leg of his journey.

No one wanted to waste a minute or even a second of the time they had left together.

Although, somewhat contrary to the sorrowful and tragic scene that everyone was imagining

On the beach.

The barefooted Xander stared at the sea and exclaimed, Is that the sea?

Yeah! Cherry put her hands on her hips and raised her head as she said, I often visit the sea. Doesnt it make you feel relaxed and revitalized?

Cherry has improved! She knows words like revitalized now! Pete said approvingly from the side.

Yeah! Xander echoed.

Cherry raised her chin. Of course no, wait, why do I feel like you two are mocking me? Boohoo! Daddy, Pete and Xander are bullying me!

Right after Cherrys words and her pretense of crying by rubbing her eyes with her hands, Justin, who was clad in a pair of cooling beach shorts, strode over.

Pete and Xander looked at each other and hurriedly got ready to flee.

Unfortunately, how could the two little ones possibly outrun the Big Brother of the Irvin School of Martial Arts famous for his agility?

Thus, the two were caught.

Then, the two childrens cries could be heard coming from the hotel.

I was wrong, Daddy! I wont bully my younger sister ever again!

Whoa, Im dying, Daddy! Can you be a little less heavy-handed?!


Nora applied medicine on the two little boys b.u.t.ts.

Pete bore with the pain and kept quiet.

As for Xander, he couldnt help complaining, That tyrant!

Nora chuckled, though her movements were gentle. Who told you to say that you have never been spanked by your parents? We were just cooperating with you so that you wont leave the world with regrets.

Mommy, youve been led astray too! Xander complained.

Then Daddy can just spank him. Why spank me too?

At the side, Justin coughed. It was habitual.

Pete had mild autism when he was younger, so he was extremely disobedient. At that time, Justin didnt know about his condition, so he had spanked him.

Pete was also very stubborn then, so he refused to cry out even when he was being spanked, which caused Justin to spank him even harder. This led to him developing a fever in the middle of the night. If Mrs. Hunt hadnt checked in on him, no one would have noticed.

This was also the reason for the various conflicts between Pete and Justin in the beginning.

When Justin first took Pete to California, Chester had been quite afraid that Justin and the little troublemaker would fight. Neither of them was someone willing to give in. Fortunately, Pete and Cherry had switched places then. Whenever the little girl cried or wailed, Justin would give in immediately.

Come to think of it, it was true that Pete hadnt been spanked for a really long time now.

While the family of five was happily spending time together, Caleb sat by himself in his room.

Even the door was closed.

There was no other way!

Nora wanted to treat his illness, so they had to bring him along. However! Justin didnt want the man to disturb the family of fives time together, so every time they arrived somewhere, he would lock him up.

He was no patient He was a prisoner!

The corners of Calebs lips spasmed.

At this moment, his expression suddenly changed, and Trueman appeared. Ha, what a mockery. Arent you jealous when you see their family of five living happily?

Im not jealous. Stop your nonsense. I will never listen to you!

Truemans voice was sharp as he said, Of course you wont. Not when you have always been the primary personality! Caleb You are so shameless!

Im taking medicine prescribed to me by Nora every day. You will disappear after her wedding at the latest.

Upon hearing this, Trueman fell silent. After a while, in a low voice, he finally asked, Will Xanders time also be up by then?

Yes, but with you accompanying Xander in the afterlife, maybe he wont be so lonely. After speaking, Caleb listened to the excitement in the next room and said, How nice would it be if Xander didnt have to die?

You conniving little rat!

As soon as Truemans ranting began, Caleb suddenly stretched out a finger and said, Shh. Listen to how happy they sound.

After that, his expression changed a few more times, but he ultimately successfully suppressed Trueman, who did not appear again.

Next, the six of them visited the deserts and gra.s.slands.

Xander saw the desert and rode a big horse. Not only did he see the beautiful countryside scenery of the United States, Justin even arranged for a private plane to take them to look at the aurora!

During their twenty-day trip, everyone ran unrestrained, abandoning all their worldly troubles and playing to their hearts content.

Twenty days later, they got on the plane and flew back home.


The wedding was about to begin!

The moment the helicopter landed at the airport, Joel and Tanya rushed over, grabbed Nora, and started walking out. Come on, hurry up!

Whats the big hurry? asked Nora.

The corners of Joels lips spasmed. You need to have your makeup done and your clothes changed immediately! Its your wedding in two hours!

Justin watched as the two of them dragged Nora into the car, which raced off into the distance. He couldnt help but take two steps in that direction but was stopped by Brenda, Chester, Howard, and others. You need to hurry up too, Justin! You have to change into the grooms outfit and prepare for the wedding!

Justin hesitated for a moment and then asked, Isnt the wedding tomorrow?

Everyone: ???

In the car returning to the Smiths residence, Nora couldnt help but ask the same thing too.

Everyone who heard the question couldnt help roaring inwardly, How can you guys be so unreliable?! Did you get even the date of your wedding wrong?!

By the time Nora returned to the Smiths residence, the makeup artist was already waiting for her.

After checking that Noras skin was in good condition, the makeup artist couldnt help but exclaim, Your skin is in such good condition, Ms. Smith! Ill just give you some simple foundation and lipstick! This way, youll look especially healthy and radiant!


Nora, who rarely wore makeup, sat in front of the mirror hesitantly.

The makeup artist applied powder on her face quickly with a brush. It felt quite comfortable, so Nora couldnt help but doze off.

When someone finally woke her up, Nora slowly opened her eyes. She was a little stunned when she looked in the mirror.