She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 990

Chapter 990

Chapter 990: Two More Things

Why? Why did you inject me with the V16?!

In the van on its way home, Caleb, who had regained consciousness, couldnt help but glare at Justin. I didnt want to live. Besides, Im already thirty, whereas Xander is only five! Why did you give me the V16?!

Xander was seated next to him, his short legs dangling off the seat as he kept his head down.

Nora looked ahead.

Justin ignored him.

The furious Caleb grabbed Justins collar. Ive heard the specifics of what happened. Nora had decided to give the V16 to Xander! You were the one who stopped her! Why? Is it really only because you dont want them to feel guilty? But hes your son! Justin, is your heart made of stone? Or do you share the same mindset as that old geezer and feel that you can just father more children? Do you think that you already have enough children, so it doesnt matter even if you abandon one?

He clenched his fists agitatedly, his eyes filled with bloodthirst as he stared at Justin.

Justin, whose head was lowered, reached over and pried off Calebs fingers clutching his clothes one by one. He looked at Xander and asked, Xander, do you regret it?

Xander shook his head. No, I dont.

Justin pointed at him and said to Caleb, Did you see that? Now, thats my son! This is his choice! Rather than living in guilt and suffering for the rest of his life, it is better that he goes with a blast instead!

Caleb stared at him in astonishment. Only after a while did he spit out contemptuously, You Your heart must be made of stone!

Xander took his hand. Daddy Trueman, dont blame Daddy. I am a man. If I was in the hospital at that time, I would have made the same choice as Daddy too. Thats what a real man should do!

He raised his chin slightly.

Caleb looked at him. After a while, he finally heaved a sigh and touched his hair. Youre only five. Youre no man

Xander didnt speak anymore.

Caleb clenched his fists and looked at Nora. Nora, what about you? Why did you let him convince you?


Because the look in Justins eyes at that time had told her to trust him!

Even though Justin still hadnt given her an explanation, Nora didnt say much. She merely turned her head and looked out the window.

If there was someone in this world whom she could trust unconditionally, it was undoubtedly Justin.

Before she knew it, after going through so much together, it was only at this moment that Nora realized that she was leaving herself this unguarded against him.

While she was thinking, Caleb said, By saving me, youve also saved Trueman. He


Nora looked at him intently. I will cure you of your schizophrenia and wipe him out completely!

Her words made Calebs eyes light up. Can can you really do it?

Nora nodded. But this needs time. Itll take a month at the earliest and half a year at the longest. Therefore, youll have to go back to the States with me.

Go back to the States?

Caleb was stunned. Are you guys going back to the States?

But the path they were taking was clearly the way to Queenies manor.

They were already back from the border.

Nora nodded. She looked at Xander with a tender glow in her eyes and said, Weve settled everything, so its time for us to go home to prepare for the wedding.

After realizing that the mysterious organization belonged to the Imperial League, Justin had cut off all of the mysterious organizations income sources.

In addition, the mysterious organization was ultimately still inferior to the Imperial League. By utilizing everything at his disposal, Justin had completely dissolved the mysterious organization.

The mysterious organization no longer existed.

The previous King who killed Noras mother had long since died Its new master, Trueman, was also right in front of them. Everything had ended.

Nora would never take her anger at the previous Kings deeds out on Justin, of course One should only hold the perpetrator responsible for their misdeeds. The previous Kings wicked deeds had already ended during his time.

She had also finally fulfilled her mothers last wishes and destroyed the mysterious organization, wiping the terrifying biological laboratory off the face of the world

Therefore, there were only two things left for her to do now.

First, she had to cure Caleb of schizophrenia and get rid of his other personality that had committed all those evil deeds. That would count as her revenge.

Secondly, she had to fulfill Xanders wish.

As soon as Nora said what she did, the car fell silent.

Two days later, they finally arrived at Queenies residence. When Cherry and Pete saw them, they rushed forward excitedly and gathered around Nora and Justin happily.

Cherry clung to Noras leg and said sweetly, Mommy, Xander said that youre marrying Daddy. Is it true? Our family of five wont ever have to separate again in the future, right?

Pete also looked up at them, his eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with antic.i.p.ation.

Nora ruffled the two childrens hair and looked at Justin.

Justin bent over, picked up Cherry, and nodded as he said, Uh-huh. Is your luggage all packed? Were going back to the States!

Iris was in the United States. Moreover, Nora and Justins friends were also there. Therefore, they were holding the wedding in the States!

As for Queenie

Nora looked at the suitcase behind her, as well as at Ian whose wheelchair was being pushed by a caretaker. With a wave, she said, Lets go back!

After they chartered a plane back to the United States, they went back to the Smiths residence first.

Joel and Tanya, who had already heard the news, were standing outside the door with smiles on their faces as they waited for them. The group reunited and chatted away.

Mia had already hopped over to Pete. The two little ones seemed to have endless things to talk about.

The group, however, had no idea that a coup was currently taking place at the Hunts residence.

Mrs. Hunt, whose hair had already turned white, was seated in the living room at the moment and watching the crowd there

Everyone was questioning her.

Why hasnt Ms. Smith come to work for so long?

As expected, women really cant do it after all? How can we support her when she doesnt even show up?

Maam, Pete is still young, but Ms. Smith is so unreliable Besides, as far as we know, she and Mr. Hunt are not legally married yet. In the eyes of the law, she doesnt even qualify to manage the company!

Yes, thats right. Therefore, we still recommend letting Raymond Hunts family take over the company. Maam, you must look at the big picture! Of course, if Raymond Hunts family cant do it, then lets get Herman back. He is Petes grandfather and Mr. Hunts father after all! He will never harm Pete!

All of us here are either too old or too young, yet Ms. Smith, the only one who can manage the company, isnt legally married to Mr. Hunt. Maam, for the sake of the Hunts, make the call to get Herman back first!

In the midst of the heated discussion, a thrilled f.a.n.n.y, the housekeeper, rushed into the living room!!