She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 989

Chapter 989

Chapter 989: Mommy and Daddys Wedding!!

It was extremely difficult for Nora to make this decision.

For the sake of her son, she was going to let down the man who had saved her whole family.

For the rest of her life, she would have to live owing someone else a life

But so what?

If she could save her son, she would give up even her own life without any hesitation, let alone Calebs!

But immediately after Nora made the difficult decision, the man in front of her suddenly sighed.

Nora looked at Justin. For the first time, she felt a little like she couldnt breathe.

What did he mean by that?

Did he not support her decision?

While she was wondering, the door of the ward was pushed open again, and the nurse came out. Dr. Smith, the patient is in shock! We are attempting resuscitation, but the cause of the patients condition is unknown. We noticed that he has cancer, so that may be it, but we dont know what exactly is going on. Dr. Smith!

Beep, beep

Along with the nurses voice, the sound of the patients heart beating again came from the ward. However, it was awfully weak, as though it would disappear the next second.

Nora clenched her fists. If she didnt administer the V16 to Caleb right away, he would die.

She turned her head abruptly to look at the ward. I will send him off.

This was her punishment to herself.

Witnessing the death of her sons savior This scene would keep replaying in her mind in the future, making her heart hurt and filling her with shame and guilt.

Nora, you are such a cold-blooded person.

She dissed herself inwardly. But as soon as she took a step forward, a strong and warm hand suddenly held her wrist.

She turned around to see Justin placing the V16 in her hands.

On the mans handsome face, the beauty mark at the corner of his eye s.h.i.+mmered especially brightly. His voice was low and strong like the cello, which helped her find her bearings amid her turmoil and confusion. He said, Give it to him.

The four words stunned Nora.

She looked at Justin in astonishment.

The two of them stood where they were.

Nora was wearing a white surgical gown and gloves. Her dark hair was coiled into a bun with a pencil, revealing her delicate and exquisite face. Her almond-shaped eyes were slightly widened at the moment.

The man was clad fully in black, and his black silk s.h.i.+rt shone a little under the light. His expression was calm, and his eyes were bright and piercing.

They looked at each other, both silent for a long while.


The heartbeat in the ward was becoming slower and slower Every beat seemed like it might be the last.

It was hard to tell just how much time had pa.s.sed until Nora clasped her fingers on the V16 that Justin had handed her. Then, she turned and entered the operating room.

At the side, Lawrence rushed over suddenly and exclaimed, Boss, you, you How can you make such a decision? What about Xander?!

Justin didnt say anything.

Lawrence shouted furiously, I know you have three children, and you have the least amount of affection for Xander, but hes your son! You cant

By this point, Lawrences voice was already all choked up.

In the past, Lawrence had disliked Xander and thought of the boy as a little devil.

After all, he had dark and sinister thoughts and loved playing tricks on the bodyguards and nannies the most. His behavior was also vicious and ruthless

But when they came to pick them up this time, Lawrence had slowly come to understand Xanders personality.

The child was clearly pure and kind. All the bad things hed done in the past were because he had been led astray

In particular, Xander had stayed by Calebs bed. Even when he was extremely sleepy, he had refused to go back to sleep. In the end, Nora had to order him to go back

The child was very loyal and faithful!

Lawrence had started to become fond of him.


Was the child he had just started to become fond of going to die soon?!

How could his boss make such a decision?

But he didnt dare to say too much either. He could only stare at the intensive care unit angrily.

Through the gla.s.s window, he saw Nora opening the V16 gene serum bottle. She drew out all the liquid in the syringe Then, she looked at the needle.

Under the bright incandescent lights in the ward, the pillow reflected an icy sheen. She pushed the needle slightly to ensure that all the air inside was pushed out. Then, she suddenly looked behind her.

Through the gla.s.s door, she and Justin looked at each other.

Justin nodded.

Nora understood at once. She lowered her eyes and injected the V16 straight into Calebs arm without hesitation!!

Calebs heartbeat returned to normal.

Justin ordered one of his best bodyguards to stand guard over him, in case he turned into Trueman and escaped after he woke up.

The V16 was indeed powerful.

Even though Caleb had suffered grievous injuries to his head, after he was injected with the V16, his physical fitness became stronger and stronger, and his recovery speed was twice as fast as that of ordinary people. He indeed showed signs of longevity.

After ensuring that he was out of danger, Nora and Justin returned to the hotel.

The two entered the room at the same time.

Little Xander was lying on the bed. He was so small that one couldnt even see any depression on the soft mattress. It was as if there was no one on it at all

Justin looked at Nora and suddenly asked, How long does Xander have left?

One month.

Nora replied. She looked at Justin. Weve given the V16 to Caleb. What is Xander going to do?

Justin contemplated for a moment, but before he could speak, Xanders voice suddenly reached them. Mommy, I dont mind.

His words took Nora aback for a moment. Then, she turned to look at him.

Xander said, Daddy saved me several times. I owe him a lot of lives. Thats why I had decided to give him the gene serum long ago. This is my choice.

Rubbing his eyes, he sat up from the bed. Then, he looked at Nora with a smile and said, I still have a month to live! When I was in the bas.e.m.e.nt, I wanted to see the sea and the desert But actually, what I really want to see is something else.

Noras eyes were a little red. She walked over to the bed and sat down. Then, she picked up Xander and put him on her lap.

Five-year-olds were still very small.

Xander was not quite used to such intimacy.

He smiled and said, I wanna see Mommy and Daddys wedding! You know what? Pete and Cherry really racked their brains to get you guys together. They told me that the two of them were the first to discover each others ident.i.ties and that they first found each other in a hotel in California. But at that time, they were afraid that the two of you wouldnt like each other and the two children might even end up separated from their respective parents, so they chose to hide the truth from you two

Back then, Cherry and Pete had really racked their brains and done everything they could to bring the two of them together.

They had even hidden their ident.i.ties

Time seemed to return to the very beginning when Nora returned to the United States with Cherry

Ive achieved what they couldnt. Im a pretty good big brother, right?!

Although Xander was sleepy, he looked very smug. He said, This alone should be enough to make the two of them willingly acknowledge me as the eldest.

Nora listened to Xanders tender voice. The boy had finally become more cheerful and wasnt so gloomy anymore.