She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 991

Chapter 991

Chapter 991: Wedding Preparations!

Maam, Maam! Theyre back! Theyre back!

f.a.n.n.y was so excited that she was at a complete loss and stuttering.

Mrs. Hunt frowned. Pete and the others are back?

Yes, yes! And, and

Mrs. Hunt understood that Nora, Cherry, and Xander had likely also returned.

But so what even if they were back?

Wasnt their return just in time for the group of people here, then?

Nora had already blown these shareholders away with her commercial prowess. The strategies she had drafted in the company had impressed them all.

But whod have expected them to suddenly find out that Nora and Justin hadnt actually registered their marriage?!

In other words, Nora didnt have the right to manage the Hunts a.s.sets at all!

The shareholders here were also terribly troubled, hence the commotion today.

They didnt really have the intention to speak out against anything; it was just that the Hunts ultimately still had to be ones managing the Hunt Corporation

Mrs. Hunt understood this even more than them.

When Justin first met with the accident, no one was clear about Nora and Justins relations.h.i.+pafter all, the two of them were already living together. Who would have thought that they were not married yet?

They had successfully fudged the issue with that

Who knew that this issue would be brought to the surface when the authorities came to investigate tax issues?

Mrs. Hunt was extremely troubled. What should she do?

She waved to f.a.n.n.y and suddenly said, They must be tired from traveling. Let them rest first

At the very least, she mustnt push Nora out to handle all these now

Mrs. Hunt was completely on Noras side now.

But as soon as she spoke, footsteps came from the door, and Noras calm voice traveled over. We are not tired, Mrs. Hunt Why are all of you here, though?

As soon as she said that, someone said, Ms. Smith, we just found out that you and Mr. Hunt are not married yet. You are not his legal wife, so you cant manage the company!


Nora replied calmly, Then I wont bother anymore.

Everyone: ?

Mrs. Hunt was also stunned. Who is going to manage it if youre was.h.i.+ng your hands off it?

The one who owns the company, of course.

After speaking, Nora suddenly turned sideways. Behind her, three little ones walked in with a large figure.

There was some reflection at the door, so Mrs. Hunt couldnt see the mans face clearly right away.

But even if she couldnt

How could Mrs. Hunt possibly fail to recognize the grandson she had raised?!

She got up suddenly and looked at Justin in disbelief!!

Her lips were trembling as she called out in surprise, J-Justin?

Justin strode forward and soon came up to Mrs. Hunt. He nodded and said, Grandma.

For a while, the whole room fell silent.

Everyone looked at Justin incredulously.

Wasnt Justin dead?

Why was he showing up in front of everyone again?

Mrs. Hunt was the first to recover. She laughed and cried, and then she suddenly shouted, Youre alive!

No wonder no wonder Nora didnt shed a single tear after Justins death They must have planned this!

Couldnt Nora have let her in on it, though?!

But after experiencing so much, Mrs. Hunt had already let such things go.

With tears of excitement on her face, she said, Good, good! This is wonderful!

The shareholders at the side were also terribly excited. They said, Its great that youre back, Mr. Hunt!

This is great. Looks like we wont have to get Raymond and his family back from wherever they are

Yes, and your father wont have to come back to run the show anymore either

The Hunt Corporation has found its leader!!

As they spoke, Justin looked at them and suddenly put his arm around Noras shoulders. He said slowly, Next, I want everyone to go all out and help me with one thing.

What is it?

Didnt all of you say that Nora and I are not married yet? Prepare for the wedding, then! In 20 days, I will give her an unforgettable wedding!


Following Justins words, the entire New York instantly became busy.

At Hotel Imperial Finest.

h.e.l.lo, all appointments for the week before and after the 26th have been canceled. We will compensate you ten times the penalty Yes, you heard right, its ten times Why? Because were holding the wedding of the century!

In the kitchen.

Reconfirm that the ingredients will be airlifted the morning of the 26th! They mustnt arrive too early, or they will be stale by lunch at noon!

At the Smiths.

Ian was in his room calculating something on the computer.

Next to him, Joel said, Dad, give her more. All of this is for Nora I will also give her 10% of the shares in my name

Ian sighed. Dont you think I want to? But she doesnt want it! She says that its annoying when you have too many things!!

Joel frowned. Then what should we give her as a wedding gift?

Next to them, a hesitant Tanya finally spoke up. She said, Er I dont think she would really care even if you give her this much money. Instead, its better that you

That we do what?

Both Ian and Joel looked at her.

Tanya coughed and replied, Its better that you gift her the most comfortable bed in the world.

While everyone was having a headache over their choice of gifts

At the Hunts, Iris looked at Nora and Justin in shock and exclaimed, What did you say? Xander only has one month left to live?!