She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 988

Chapter 988

Chapter 988: Someone Has To Be The Villain

Old Maddy looked at Justin again. At that time, he became seriously injured trying to save Xander. He wanted to save Pete too, but he simply couldnt walk or move anymore, so he called Mr. Hunt To be honest, be it Xander or Pete, it didnt matter even if they had died back then because having one child alive was enough. You can say that its all thanks to Caleb that both of them survived

Old Maddy lowered his head. I didnt know that he was Trueman at that time; I thought he was just a young man with a crush on Ms. Nora. It was only after I recovered my memory that I realized that he used to hang around Ms. Nora in the past.

Nora was a little stunned. Really?

Old Maddy nodded. I was under orders to protect you at that time, so I had been observing you the whole time. The young Ms. Nora was round and chubby. He often came over to play with you and also occasionally gave you food

Nora had fallen ill and started to gain weight when she was five years old.

She vaguely remembered that she did meet a little boy when she was eight or nine years old

The little boy, who was about twelve or thirteen years old, had stood outside the villa and mocked her for being a little fatty.

But occasionally, when her stepmother didnt cook for her, he would give her something to eat He had liked teasing her.

However, he had stopped visiting her after a while

So, she and Caleb had already met in the past?


Caleb didnt only save Xander this time; he had already saved Xander and Pete once back then!

One could say that without Caleb, the two children would have been killed by Henry long ago!

Nora stared blankly ahead.

There was only one V16 left now. To be honest, after hearing what Old Maddy said, she was now even more at a loss as to what to do.

However, she had always been hard-hearted.

And people were selfish.

Though Caleb had helped her a lot, Xander was her son. The degree of her closeness with them was of utmost importance at this moment. Besides, she had never been the traditional definition of a good person.

She wasnt capable of abandoning her son to save Caleb.

She looked up at Justin, but saw the man frowning in silence.

Nora understood what he was thinking.

Justin couldnt make the decision for them.

Because Caleb had helped her and saved both Xander and Petes lives. If Justin made the decision, Xander might hate him for the rest of his life, and their relations.h.i.+p as father and son would never ever be a harmonious one.

But someone had to be the villain here.

Nora took a deep breath. Ill make the decision.

She looked at Justin intently and said, The V16 is to be given to Xander.

Justin frowned. Even if he hates you in the future?

Yes, Nora nodded and said, Even if he hates me, he would still be alive. I dont mind.

Lawrence stood at the side.

He had immediately returned after he and Sean sent Xander back, in case his boss needed him.

After hearing what Nora said, Lawrence couldnt help but sigh.

Sean had said that their boss would not be able to make the decision because he was afraid that Nora and Xander would hate him.

But in this instant, for the first time, Lawrence found himself admiring a woman and a mother from the bottom of his heart.

As expected, mothers were the ones who could make the greatest sacrifice.

Despite having to endure a lifetime of guilt and her sons hatred in the future, Ms. Smith could still bring herself to make the decision Compared to this, his boss dilemma suddenly didnt seem as serious as hers anymore.

But Lawrence also understood that once Nora made this decision, she would have to live in guilt forever for the rest of her life. She would never be able to find peace.

She would owe someone a life for the rest of her own.

Would Ms. Smith, who felt that way, still spend her days happily with his boss?

Lawrence even thought of all the stories where people took their own lives along with the person who died because they owed their life to them

Since they couldnt save their life, they would die with them

Ms. Smith wasnt such an extreme person, was she?

Lawrence, who had a bad feeling about it, suddenly became worried for his boss.

But when he turned his head and looked over, he saw that