She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 987

Chapter 987

Chapter 987: Old Maddy

Immediately after Nora spoke, a group of people suddenly walked over.

There were two bodyguards with another person in the middle.

The bodyguards were both members of the Alliance while the person they had brought with them turned out to be someone familiar!

The persons face was full of burn scarsit was Old Maddy who had run away without telling her the truth back then!

Nora still remembered what Old Maddy had said back then. If they couldnt get the support of King from the Imperial League, they would never be able to defeat the mysterious organization

Thinking about it again, Old Maddy must have already known at that time that the Imperial League was the one backing up the mysterious organization, right?

Therefore, Old Maddy hadnt believed that she could get Kings support at all, so he had escaped with the truth to avoid provoking her into becoming enemies with the mysterious organization.

Nora hadnt stayed idle after Old Maddys escape. She had gone straight to Karl to help find him. Once found, they were to bring him to her immediately.

Old Maddy stood in front of Nora and let out a small sigh. He said, Ms. Nora.

Nora was not in a good mood. Her mind was preoccupied with thoughts of Calebs condition, so she only nodded and said, I finally found you. Id like to inform you that King

But before she could finish, Old Maddy interrupted her. I know.

A smiling Old Maddy looked at her and said, I told you, I will naturally appear when the time comes. And now, Im here.


So, the bodyguards hadnt found Old Maddy at all? Rather, Old Maddy had allowed himself to be caught on his own initiative?

Old Maddy looked at Justin. He said, Id been looking for clues about King all this time, and I finally found out that youre King. If I had known, I wouldnt have had to run away in the first place I could have just told you two the truth.

Nora gave him a wry smile. We know the truth now.

But when Old Maddy heard her, he looked into the ward. After a moments hesitation, he said, No, there may still be something that you dont know yet.


Old Maddy sighed. I dont know if I should say it, because telling you will only give you more trouble.

Say it. Nora looked at him. Actually, if you had told us the truth from the beginning, we might have been able to avoid all the detours we took after that.

The old man nodded in agreement, and then said, Its about Trueman Yale.

Nora was taken aback.

Old Maddy sighed. I was crazy back then, but after I regained my senses, I started investigating the events back then. I knew about you giving birth to triplets back then.

He said slowly, I also saw with my own eyes Henry Smith taking your baby and handing him to the bodyguard to get rid of

Old Maddy clenched his jaw. At that time, when the first baby was abandoned, they were going to drown him. I rushed forward to save him, but Henry got someone to stop me. Later, someone came forward and single-handedly saved the baby.

Nora thought of what Caleb had once said, and it took her slightly by surprise. Who was it?

It was Trueman.

Old Maddy paused for a while and then went on. Or maybe Caleb Gray. I didnt know who he was at the time and he had shown up alone. A few bodyguards stopped us. When he rushed over, he was stabbed trying to save Xander. The stab he took from the back almost struck his heart and killed him on the spot. To be honest, he could have dodged the attack, but if he did, Xander would have fallen into the water

Nora stood frozen hearing those words.