She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 986

Chapter 986

Chapter 986: He Will Die!

Justin reached out to touch Xanders head, but when his hand was about to touch his head, Xander suddenly pulled away.

Justins hand landed on nothing.

Xander said softly, Daddy Trueman said that not just anyone can touch my head.

His eyes were a little red.

Justin squatted down to look Xander in the eyes. He turned his son to face him and he said, Xander, its not your fault.

Its my fault! Daddy Trueman only got hurt because he was trying to save me!

That wasnt Daddy Trueman but Caleb. Justin didnt know how to explain it to his son. He said, Trueman is a bad guy who has been using you all this time. The one who saved you is Uncle Caleb.

I dont care. They are the same person! Xander shook his head stubbornly. I know Daddy has schizophrenia. No matter which personality of his is nice to me, they are the same person to me. I dont want him to die!

He didnt want him to die.

Neither did Justin want anything to happen to Caleb. Otherwise, he would owe him a huge favor!

And Xander would remember him for life!

All the bad things he had previously done would be gone with his death.

And Nora would also feel guilty for the rest of her life.

It seemed that Caleb had done too much for her!

Thus, he didnt want him to die either!

The look in Justins eyes turned solemn, and he looked at Xander intently. He said, Dont worry, he wont die! You have to believe in your moms medical skills!

Those words seemed to give Xander strength.

Xander finally relaxed.

Another two hours pa.s.sed.

Even though it was already three in the morning, Justin didnt tell Xander to go to bed or anything like that.

At six oclock in the morning.

The sky was starting to light up.

At last, Nora came out of the operating room.

She looked exhausted. The moment she came out, Xander stood up abruptly.

The little boy looked at her hesitantly, wanting to ask something yet also too scared to do it.

Hell live.

Noras two-worded reply put Xander at ease immediately.

The next moment, a nurse wheeled Caleb, whose head was bandaged with gauze, out of the operating room on a gurney to the ward for observation.

Xander followed behind the nurse and entered the ward.

Justin walked over to Nora, and the two went to the ward together.

Calebs injury was very seriousafter all, he had been struck by a huge rock Although he was out of danger, he was still admitted to the intensive care unit.

Xander stood outside the gla.s.s door of the intensive care unit and looked inside.

Nora walked over and stroked his hair. Get some sleep.

But Daddy Trueman

Ill be watching over him here. Trust me, he wont die.

Xander looked at Nora for a long while before he finally nodded and said, Okay.

Lawrence and Sean took him to a nearby hotel to rest.

Justin and Nora stayed outside the ward.

For a while, neither of them spoke, mainly because they didnt know what to say at a time like this. Neither of them felt any joy at beating Trueman and obtaining the V16.

In the middle of the night, the equipment in the intensive care unit suddenly started to beep.

Nora stood up abruptly and rushed into the ward.

But after a while, she suddenly staggered out of the ward

Whats wrong? Justin was shocked at her behavior.

Was Caleb dying?

As soon as the thought formed in his mind, Nora said, His time is up.

What time?

The time for him to take the V16. If the V16 is not administered to him right away, he will die.