She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 985

Chapter 985

Chapter 985: Xander, Look Out!

The look in the mans eyes suddenly changed.

Without any hesitation, he yelled, Xander, look out!

Then, he rushed toward Xander immediately without hesitation.

The mountainous path was not very wide, but neither was it narrow There was a group of bodyguards around Xander, but even if they turned around in this instant and realized the danger he was in, it would still be too late for them to save him.

Upon hearing Truemans shout, Nora abruptly turned her head and looked over. When she noticed the boulder, even though her body reacted faster than her brain, it was still too late.

She ran toward Xander frantically.

But in her heart, she knew that it was too late.

It was too late!

Was her son going to die in this place just as she was about to obtain the V16?

She couldnt accept this!

But right at this moment, a shadow rushed over and then Bam!

The boulder crashed into the shadow.

Trueman No, one might say that the man was Caleb at the moment because the aura around him had suddenly changed. At the most critical moment, he had switched personalities and become the one to protect Xander!!

However, even though he was fast enough, he still didnt manage to push the boy away but only held Xander tightly. The next moment, the rock struck his head.

The man lowered his head, his eyes meeting the other pair of big, grape-like, innocent eyes.

Then, he felt warm liquid trickling down his head.

One drop, two drops They landed on Xanders face.

The little guys eyes widened in shock as he stared at him in disbelief. A moment later, Xanders murmurs suddenly turned into a shout. Daddy!

Although his voice was soft, the man still heard him.

The man stretched out his long slender fingers and wiped off the blood on his cheek for him. Then, the corners of his lips raised slightly into an arc.

He looked like he wanted to say something, yet it also looked as though he wanted to mock the boy for looking so funny at the moment. However, his vision went black, and he suddenly collapsed onto the ground

At some point, the V16 that he had been holding tightly in his hands had also dropped to the ground.

By the time he reached Xanders side, it had already been too late for him to push the boy away. Thus, his palm had opened, causing the V16 to fall to the ground. In return, however, he had managed to protect Xander.

Nora stared at everything happening in front of her in shock and astonishment.

The bottle containing the V16 was extremely st.u.r.dy. After falling onto the ground, it rolled over to her feet.

She bent over and picked up the V16.

She couldnt tell if it was because the man had been holding the V16 for too long, but the V16 felt burning hot

Mommy, save Daddy!

Xander suddenly shouted.

Nora handed the V16 to Justin and strode over to Xander, where she then bent over to check on Caleb. He had suffered serious trauma to his head, and he needed to be sent to the hospital for surgery at once!

In a small town not far away.

The hospital in the town was obviously simple and shabby.

However, the operating room was brightly-lit at the moment.

Little Xander sat stubbornly in the corridor outside, his eyes locked onto the operating room.

Justin stood beside him.

Xanders little hand clung to his sleeve. Seemingly feeling rather uneasy, he didnt let go even once. Suddenly, he looked at Justin and asked, Will Daddy Trueman die? Is he going to be buried in the ground like b.u.t.terscotch?

b.u.t.terscotch was one of Xanders dogs that had died a few months ago.

Justin kept quiet for a moment before he replied, No, he wont. Believe in Mommy.

Xander nodded and continued to stare at the operating room.