She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 984

Chapter 984

Chapter 984: Why Should I Save Him?

The few of them looked at Calebs handhe was holding a black inconspicuous plastic bag.

When they were getting into the van, Justin had deliberately relaxed the security checks so that Trueman could bring things in. For Caleb to be holding that bag right now, this meant that

The V16 was inside!

It seemed that Caleb hadnt expected himself to pick up the bag either. He was dumbfounded for a while before he finally followed everyones gazes and looked at the bag in his hand.

Confused, he broke into a frown and said hesitantly, Its true, I dont really remember what happened at that moment when I was getting off the van So, the V16 is in the bag??

Before Nora could speak, next to her, Lawrence stepped forward and reached out for the bag.

But Calebs arm suddenly moved, and he took a couple of steps back to dodge Lawrence.

All of a sudden, he sneered, his voice turning sharp and piercing. I didnt expect my dearest little brother to be so skilled at manipulating people! Ha, Ive lost this time! Still, do you guys think that you can get the V16 so easily just with that little trick? Impossible!

With his other hand that wasnt holding the black bag, he propelled himself off the side of the van and jumped right over to the other side. Just as everyone was about to go after him, Trueman suddenly stretched out his arm and held the black bag he was holding near the edge of the cliff.

They were in the mountains.

Below the mountains was an abyss.

The drizzling rain made the area, including the bottom, foggy, and it was impossible for one to see how deep the bottom went. If the V16 bottle dropped down the cliff, it might break!

Gene serums were liquids. Once the bottle broke, no one would be able to recover the contents, not even Nora.

Stay back.

A smug and brazen look came over Truemans countenance. He grinned at Nora and Justin and said, If you come any further, Ill throw the bottle down!

Nora and Justin didnt dare to move anymore.

Under the few peoples watchful eyes, Trueman opened the black plastic bag.

There was indeed a serum bottle in the bag!

Nora had specially designed the bottle for the V16. With it, the V16 could leave the refrigerator for a short time without the contents going bad. Nora looked at the bottle lidit was intact.

Obviously, it had never been opened before.

All of this proved that the bottle in Truemans hand at the moment was undoubtedly the V16!

She nodded at Justin.

Justin looked at Trueman. If you think about it, Xander is your kin too Can you really bear to completely fall out with us?

Although Trueman was technically Xanders granduncle, Justin would never outright reveal the generationaland therefore senioritygap between the two. Thus, he had used the term kin instead.

Trueman sneered. So? It wouldnt matter even if he was my son. Didnt the old geezer himself kill a hundred of his own children?! Do you think that I, who grew up in an environment like that, would still have feelings for familial relations?

Justin cast his eyes down. You are surrounded by my men. Do you think you can escape?

Trueman didnt care. Who says Im escaping? Im going to inject the V16 into myself! Hahaha!

Justins expression darkened. Even if you inject it into yourself and increase your lifespan, believe it or not, I can still kill you right here and now! You wont live to see another day!

Trueman narrowed his eyes. Theres no point in saying all that to me. Once I inject the V16, you will never be able to kill mebecause you would have to draw a sample of my blood as soon as possible in order to study the gene serums chemical composition. After all, Professor Anti here would never give up on saving Xander, would she?

Trueman behaved as though he already had the whole situation under control. He sneered and said, Ive already figured out all your tricks. If anyone dares to take a step forward, I will throw the gene serum down the cliff right away. If worse comes to worst, all of us

The look in his eyes suddenly turned cold and sinister, and there was no warmth in his voice at all as he said, can go to h.e.l.l together!

After saying that, he took a step forward.


Nora shouted abruptly, afraid that he would really fall off the cliff with the gene serum.

He was already at the very edge of the cliff.

The corners of Truemans lips suddenly curled into a smile again. He said, Nora, I told you that you would regret it if you give the other V16 to Queenie. Let me ask you the same question now: do you regret what youve done?

There were originally two gene serums.

Trueman didnt really have any intention to kill Xander.

When he ordered Queenie to take both gene serums with her back then, one was for his own use, while he was intending to use the other to force Nora into begging him for it

But Nora had set up a trap instead. Not only had he almost been captured, but at the critical moment, she had also given the other gene serum to Queenie.

Trueman really wanted to see Nora breaking down in tears right now.

Nora stayed where she was and said firmly, I dont regret anything.

She would never regret saving her aunt.

Seeing that she was still being stubborn even at a time like this, Trueman was infuriated. He sneered and said, Then you can only watch helplessly as your son dies!

Trueman! Nora called out to him. Xander is your son too. He called you Daddy for five years. How about this? Come back here and give me the gene serum. One dropthats all I will take. I will take only one drop for research, okay?


Trueman smirked. The dosage of this gene serum is meant for one persons use. If a drop is missing, it may not take effect correctly. Do you think I am stupid? Besides

He looked at Xander. Why should I save him?

However, the moment he did, Truemans pupils suddenly shrank.

Everyone present was currently looking at him. They had kept Xander well-protected in the innermost part of the mountainous path, so no one ever thought that he would be in danger.

Nora and Justin were at the forefront, while Lawrence and Sean were also watching him.

The rest of the bodyguards all had their backs to Xander.

Therefore, no one noticed that a rock above Xander had suddenly come loose and was slowly rolling down

Suddenly, a rock the size of Xanders head fell from the sky!

But no one noticed anything!

Only Trueman, who had looked at Xander because of Noras mention of the boy, noticed it.

His pupils shrank, and a look of dilemma suddenly appeared on his countenance.

Should he save him?

Even if he called out now, by the time Nora and Justin reacted, it would definitely be too late

Yet if he didnt alert them about it, once the boulder fell and struck Xanders head, the boy would die for sure!

He would die.

But wasnt it better if he was dead?

Then n.o.body would fight him for the V16 anymore!

The corners of the mans lips curled into a faint smile.

Go to h.e.l.l!

But just as the thought formed in his mind