She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 983

Chapter 983

Chapter 983: Justins Solution!

Early next morning, the group sat nearby the dining table.

Caleb had a relatively good sleep. He looked at Justin, who had dark circles under his eyes. Obviously, he hadnt slept well the previous night.

Winnie had already made breakfast and was placing it on the dining table.

After Nora brought Xander over, the few of them took their seats.

Caleb said deliberately, Mr. Hunt No, I should be calling you Justin instead, since youre my younger brother. Did Trueman appear last night?

Justin, who had a very grumpy look on his face, replied, No, he didnt.

Nora looked at Justin and asked, You mentioned last night that youve thought of a solution. What is it?

Justin frowned and said, Lets talk about it after we go back home. I have a device that should be able to provoke Trueman into showing up

Nora was taken aback. Go home?

Justins expression turned a little sullen at once. He nodded and said, Yeah. We cant possibly stay here for the rest of our lives, right?

It was only after he spoke that he realized that he was being rather grouchy. Thus, he immediately explained, Lawrence and Sean have already conducted a thorough search here last night, and they still did not find the V16 even after flipping the place over. Therefore, I am sure that Trueman must have hidden the V16 in the city, so lets go back.

His words made Caleb frown. Nevertheless, he took a sandwich and started to eat as he said, Alright.

Nora didnt think much about it. After pouring some milk into a bowl of cereal and pa.s.sing it to Xander, she looked at Caleb and said, I can treat schizophrenia. If Justins device doesnt work, then well do it the troublesome way and just have you take some medicine to drag Trueman out I believe he will appear for sure once its time to administer the V16.

Caleb thought for a moment and then nodded. You are right.

Xander looked at Nora with his big round eyes. Then, he looked at Justin before finally looking at Caleb. He said, Daddy

Whats wrong?

Justin asked subconsciously. However, he then realized that Xanders words were directed at Caleb, and his expression turned even grumpier.

As for Caleb, he didnt react immediately. He blanked out for a moment before he finally looked at Xander and asked, Are you talking to me?

Xander looked at Nora and shook his head.

Nora said with a smile, I told him to do it.

Her words made both Justin and Caleb look at her.

Justin had an extremely awful look on his face, whereas Calebs eyes lit up a little.

But the next moment, Nora said, Trueman impersonated you the last time. I was worried that Trueman had already appeared and was impersonating you, so I got Xander to do a small test.

So, that was what they were up to.

Justins expression softened.

Caleb said helplessly, It really is me. How about this? Lets think of a secret code.

Nora thought for a moment and then nodded. Okay, that works too.

The two decided on a secret code.

After breakfast, the group packed their things. Under Justins watch, everyone left the house in a grand fas.h.i.+on.

Needless to say, Caleb took the same vehicle as Justin, Nora, and Xander.

The van was extremely comfortable.

Unlike the journey here, there were all kinds of food imaginable in the van. Xander held a can of cola and munched on snacks, his short legs dangling off the seat as he watched the show on the TV screen on the back of the seat in front of him.

It started drizzling outside before anyone had even realized it.

The radio in the car was reporting a piece of news: Some areas have been experiencing thunderstorms, which have caused landslides and mudslides. Fortunately, there were no casualties

Why is the weather so bad all of a sudden?

Nora murmured.

Justin sneered and glanced at Caleb. Youll have to ask Mr. Gray why he chose to come to a place like this.

Located at the intersection point of three countries, which made it a place that none of the countries it bordered cared about, the place was bound to be poverty-stricken and worthless.

The area was poor and dilapidated, and the mountains were also left unsupervised.

Caleb smiled wryly.

Suddenly, Xander asked, Will there be any danger of landslides on the path were taking?

As soon as he said that, the van suddenly stopped.

Justin frowned and asked, Whats the matter?

In front, Lawrence suddenly ran over from the other car. When the window opened, he said, Boss, this is terrible! Its been raining the last two days, so there are landslides in the mountains. The road in front has collapsed!

Following Lawrences report, the area where they were suddenly began to shake violently!!

Justin and Nora looked at each other. Neither of them said anything, and both reached out to grab Xander.

Get out of the van! Quick!

As he spoke, Justin managed to grab Xander first. He and Nora didnt have the leisure to care about anything else anymore, and they jumped out of the car immediately.

Caleb also panicked. He stood up immediately and got out of the van with them.

But the moment he got off the van, he suddenly saw the people outside standing side by side. The van that had been shaking was still shaking violently.

However, the van was actually stationary on a giant shaking platform.

Nothing had collapsed at all.

All of this was Justins ploy.

Upon realizing this, Caleb was stunned. He frowned and looked at Justin, perplexed.

Justin cast his eyes down. He said, The V16 must be on you. There is no way someone like Trueman would hide the V16 in the city. After all, that would be too risky. The fact that we didnt find it could only mean that youve hidden it relatively well. In dangerous moments, people immediately grab the things that matter the most to them before evacuating. Even if you are Caleb at that moment, Truemans consciousness would still wake up, forcing you to make a subconscious reaction

As such, his and Noras subconscious reaction was to grab Xander.

Justin hadnt informed Nora of this plan beforehand. The radio broadcast in the van, as well as the deliberate darkening of the car windows, were all to create a dim and dark atmosphere for the people in the van.

Only when Nora reacted naturally would Caleb believe what was happening.

The clothes that Caleb was wearing today were all clothing that Justin had specially prepared for him beforehand. When they were setting off, he must have hidden the V16 somewhere for sure.

Whatever Caleb was clutching at the moment was the hiding place of the V16!!