She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 982

Chapter 982

Chapter 982: I Have A Solution

How did Trueman appear in the first place?

Nora asked.

If Trueman refused to appear, then they would have no way of forcing him to reveal the whereabouts of the V16. Moreover, Caleb was the primary personality, whereas Trueman had only appeared later on in his life.

Caleb sighed. When I was ten years old, there was once when I was on the verge of death after being injected with the gene serum. It was then that he appeared, endured the pain, and helped me pull through

He pondered for a while before he suddenly said, How about you beat me up? Until Im about to die. He usually shows up at moments like that.

That works said Lawrence as he eagerly rolled up his sleeves. However, Sean pulled him back.

Lawrence looked at him in bewilderment. Whats the matter? What are you pulling me back for? Surely its not because you cant bear to hit him, right?


He glanced at Justin who thought for a moment before finally saying, No, that wont do. What if we kill him?


Nora ignored the two of them. As she stroked her chin, she started to ponder.

She was thinking about how they could force Trueman out.

Lets just stay here tonight for now. You two, get a few men to search the place. Even if you must flip the whole place over, try and find the V16.

Justin ordered Sean and Lawrence.

The two nodded in unison.

After they left the room, Lawrence was still asking, Why didnt Boss let us beat that guy up? Isnt this the best solution?

Sean was awfully troubled over the mans IQ. He said, Boss doesnt want Ms. Smith to owe Caleb any more favors!

Of course, the people in the room did not hear the conversation between the two.

Justin was currently looking at Caleb. He asked, Which room do you want to stay in?

Caleb glanced at the room they were in and then at Xander who was asleep on the bed, the meaning of his actions obvioushe wanted to stay here.

He sighed and said, It doesnt matter where I stay. Im just afraid that Trueman would suddenly show up, causing you guys to miss the opportunity.

Youre right.

Nora nodded. In that case, I will stay here with you.

As soon as she said that, Justin subconsciously interjected and said, No, you cant!

Nora: ?

She raised her eyebrows and looked at Justin, who cleared his throat and said, Ill stay with him. If Trueman appears, Ill call you over.


As such, Nora got into bed.

Justin and Caleb went out the door and to the next room.

There was only one bed in the room. After the two men entered, neither of them got onto the bed. Instead, they both sat on the sofa.

Justin looked at Caleb intently. When does Trueman typically appear?

Caleb sighed. He doesnt come out very often, nor is there any pattern to when he shows up. He comes out whenever he wants to. This is something outside of my control. To be honest, over the years, my control over this body has been getting weaker and weaker.

Justin narrowed his eyes. He was about to speak when Caleb said, I didnt expect you to be my younger brother.

Justin didnt explain the matter about their blood ties this time eitherhe wasnt intending to. He merely replied frostily, Blood ties dont matter to me; only relations.h.i.+ps do.

In other words, even if the two of them were related by blood, he wasnt going to show Caleb any mercy.

Caleb nodded. He leaned sideways on the sofa and said, Im going to sleep. If Trueman wakes up, remember to keep a close watch on him.

After Caleb fell asleep, Justin suddenly stood and went out.

Outside the door was Nora.

She looked at Justin and asked, How is it?

He didnt come out.

Nora frowned. Are we going to just keep waiting if he stays inside and refuses to come out?

After looking at Nora for a while, Justin suddenly curled his lips into a smile and said, I have a solution.

What is it?