She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 981

Chapter 981

Chapter 981: The Weirdest Situation Has Arisen

Justin thought for a moment. It was indeed going to be hard to get Trueman to suddenly grow a conscience and tell the truth. Moreover, they didnt want to waste any more time either.

Since they had already surrounded the other party and even captured the man himself, why wait any further?

Justin nodded.

He led the others out of the room and closed the door.

Sean and Lawrence were outside the room. When Lawrence heard their exchange, the puzzled man asked, Has Black Cat come, Boss? Why is Ms. Smith asking Black Cat to handle the interrogation?


Justin ignored him and looked at the others.

Winnie had already been freed and was currently standing at the side. As for Harry and the others, they had been captured and were glaring at him fiercely. Dont hurt Mr. Yale! Ill do anything you ask!

Justin ignored them and looked straight at the room instead.

No one could escape Black Cats interrogation.

Half an hour later, the door opened.

Nora came out.

Justin hurriedly stepped forward and asked, Did he talk?

Nora let out a quiet sigh. Somewhat troubled, she replied, No, he didnt.

Nora had encountered the first obstacle of her life!

Justin was surprised. He didnt?

He had faith in her abilities.

As soon as he spoke, Nora gestured to the room with her chin.

Justin entered to see Trueman sitting on the sofa hanging his head helplessly with a gentle and wry smile.

This wasnt Truemanhe was Caleb.


Wheres Trueman? He asked.

Caleb sighed. He wont come out.

At the door, Nora also let out a soft sigh.

Justin suddenly said, How about doing a body search?

A resigned Caleb replied, I have already searched everywhere. Of course, feel free to have your men search me again.

Okay, Ill do it. Nora stepped forward. Im also a forensic doctor, so Im great at body searches. Ill look at the places that you might have missed.

Just as she was about to step forward, Justin stopped her. He coughed and said, Sean and Lawrence are also experts in this aspect. Let them do it instead.

Nora wasnt bothered. She nodded and said, Okay.

Justin glanced at Caleb. For some reason, he seemed to spy a trace of disappointment on his face???

Justin let out a cold snort. With a wave, Sean and Lawrence entered the room.

Lawrence was still hesitating when he entered the room. Didnt you say that Black Cat would be doing the interrogation? Why is Ms. Smith doing it instead I think we should have Black Cat do it. Ms. Smith cant do it

Sean covered his mouth and dragged him into the room.

The door closed. Ten minutes later, it was reopened, and Sean and Lawrence both came out. Both of them looked at Justin and shook their heads.

Sean said, I searched all over but didnt find the V16. I suspect that Trueman doesnt carry it around with him but has placed it somewhere instead.

Lawrence nodded. We even took off his underwear, but there wasnt anything.

Caleb, who had just exited the room with the two of them:

When he heard Lawrence, the bespectacled man coughed and glanced at Nora with his cheeks a little red.

However, Nora wasnt concerned with their conversation at all.

To be honest Nora could have subdued Trueman from the start. However, once she realized that Trueman and Caleb were multiple personalities of the same person, she abandoned the thought.

She was afraid of this exact situation.

The moment he was caught, Trueman had gone into hiding.

What was the point of her interrogation when Caleb was already willing to tell her everything? She couldnt possibly torture Caleb, right?

That was why she had followed Trueman here, in hopes of tricking him into revealing the location of the V16.

But Winnie had exposed her ident.i.ty.

She couldnt just watch Winnie die and not do anything about it

This had led to their current awkward situation.

What were they to do now?