She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 980

Chapter 980

Chapter 980: Let Black Cat Interrogate Him

When the mask was removed and Trueman saw the familiar face behind it, he was dumbfounded.

He stared blankly at the man in front of him before he broke into a frown. Ha, so its you. In that case, it seems that the Imperial League hasnt come at all. Or are you saying that youve usurped that old geezers position and replaced him? Good, very good. Ive disliked him for the longest time. Where did you lock him up?

Justin didnt speak immediatelyhe didnt know what Trueman was thinking.

But Nora, who had possibly discerned a thing or two, kept quiet for a while before she finally said, Hes dead.

Trueman was taken aback. What?

He looked back at Justin and narrowed his eyes. That old geezer is dead? How can that be? He is clearly so sick in the head and is even pursuing immortality

Come to think of it, it was indeed ridiculous.

The one who wanted to live forever was already dead.

Yet their experiments were still continuing.

At that instant, Trueman suddenly felt like the mysterious organizations existence was a joke.

He still couldnt believe it.

After a while, he looked at Justin again and asked, Are you also his son?

Justin: ?

Trueman didnt wait for Justin to reply before he smirked and went on. Even if you are his son, youre younger than me! If you look at it this way, you have to treat me with the same respect you would show your older brother!

My dear little brother, you should be thanking me. If not for me, would you have gotten into a relations.h.i.+p with Nora? How are you going to repay me for finding you such a pretty wife?

For a moment, Justin found himself at a loss for words.

Going by their blood ties, Trueman was actually his uncle

The old king was indeed sick in the head.

In order to have a large number of children to conduct experiments on, he had gathered almost a hundred women to conceive children for him. This led to a huge age difference among the old Kings children.

Going by the old Kings age, he had fathered Trueman only when he was in his fifties.

This led to Trueman being only two to three years older than Justin, despite being his uncle.

However, he wasnt inclined to explain all these details to Trueman. After all, why should he get himself an uncle for no reason whatsoever? Besides, someone like Trueman was not worthy of his respect either.

Justin didnt say anything, but Truemans eyes suddenly reddened. He said, Ha Hahaha. I always thought that I was the most special child to him. He had also said that he would hand over the Imperial League to me in the future! Who would have thought that he would still favor you over me in the end?!

Even if Trueman knew that he had only survived because of his own persistence and tenacity, it was a fact that Justin had never been injected with the gene serum!


He still didnt feel like explaining anything.

Besides in a sense, Trueman actually wasnt wrong in saying that.

When the old King realized that he still had a surviving daughter, he had chosen to contact Justin. In addition, he had even handed over the Imperial League to him, even though they had only met once!

This showed that the old King had held doubts about his experiments before his death.

He was afraid that Trueman had become a monster, so he hadnt trusted him

Changing ones fate Could someone still be called human if their genes had been modified?

Justin didnt say anything else. Instead, he asked, Where is the V16?

The V16 Trueman. who felt like all his efforts had become a joke, broke into a smile. You want the V16? Im not handing it over!

Just as Justin was about to speak, Nora said, Lets take a more direct approachwell let Black Cat interrogate him instead.