She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 979

Chapter 979

Chapter 979: King!

The sound of people fighting downstairs was getting closer.

This showed that King was slowly storming his way upward with his men.

Because of this unexpected turn of events, Winnie was not taken away but only bound by Harry and thrown aside into a corner of the room.

Harry guarded the entrance loyally.

Seeing that the group of people were about to come up, Trueman suddenly said, Harry, leave.

Harry was taken aback. No, I cant leave, Mr. Yale!

Trueman narrowed his eyes. The man wearing the mask is my father, he wont do anything to me. But he is a tyrant and hates people defying him the most. He will never let you off, so its better that you leave.

When Harry heard him, he glanced outside again. However, he remained firm and said, Im not leaving, Mr. Yale! Even if he kills me, I still cant abandon your side and leave you high and dry!

He stayed at the door and kept watch on the outside.

My life was all yours when you saved my life back then. I dont mind even if I must give it back to you today.

When Nora heard this, she glanced at Trueman in surprise.

She originally thought that the people here only obeyed Truemans orders because he was paying them, but from the looks of it now, it seemed like that wasnt the case. As it turned out, Trueman surprisingly had his own personal charm too?

While she was thinking about it, Trueman suddenly looked at her. Nora, Id advise you to take Xander and leave this place now. Otherwise, if you fall into his clutches, you will only suffer a fate worse than your mothers!

Trueman frowned, a ruthless look coming into his eyes. He said, You are so foolis.h.!.+ So, so foolis.h.!.+ To think you would choose to join forces with a man like him You have no idea just how cruel he is. He used even his own children for experiments simply because his genes would be closest to theirs once the experiments succeed, which would help him complete the genetic modification needed to achieve immortality A man like him is the devil himself! Just what kind of deal did you make with him?

Nora pressed her lips together hard. A while later, she finally asked, So, you took the V16 and stopped obeying his orders because of this?

The old King had conducted experiments on his children, and Trueman was now the only experimental subject who might succeed.

But Trueman didnt want to be led by the nose by him, so he had gone against the Imperial League and brought the V16 to a place in the middle of nowhere like this

Trueman sneered. Of course. Why should a cold-blooded animal like him enjoy a long life? Ha, even if I must die, I will never let him extract my genes for research!


Suddenly, she raised her eyebrows and said, In that case, where is the V16? Why dont you give me the V16 now, and I leave with the V16 and Xander? This way, he would never be able to get his hands on your genes, right? If not, sooner or later, he will be able to extract your genes if you fall into his clutches!

As soon as she said that, Trueman instantly raised his voice. Ha, are you trying to provoke me? The V16 is the only thing I can bank on for survival now. Why would I be so stupid as to give it to you?!

I am the one in control of my life, and I will never allow anyone to manipulate me ever again!

After saying this, Trueman approached the door again.

The next moment, someone kicked the door of the room open from the outside, and a few people rushed in led by Justin.

Just as Harry wanted to fight back, he was restrained at once.

Trueman stared at King. After staring at him for a while, he suddenly frowned. Y-you are not that old geezer. Who are you? Wheres the old geezer?

The last time he met King, Caleb had been relatively far away from him, so he hadnt been able to get a clear look at King. Moreover, Justin had also covered himself up quite a lot that time. However, the two were standing too close to each other this time.

They were standing so close to each other that Trueman noticed the other mans hands immediately.

It was a pair of youthful hands.

They werent the same wrinkled old hands he had seen ten years ago.

His eyes widened, and he stared at King in disbelief. He repeated, Who are you?

I am King.

Justin answered calmly.

His answer stunned Trueman, who then asked blankly, Then wheres the old geezer?

Justin paused for a moment. Then, he suddenly took off his mask.