She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 978

Chapter 978

Chapter 978: Falling Out

Winnie: ?

A little stunned, she quite didnt seem to understand. What?

Your ident.i.ty has been exposed.

Almost as soon as Noras words came out of her mouth, the door was pushed open, and Trueman led Harry and a few people into the room. With a smile on his face, he said, Thats right. Your ident.i.ty has been exposed.

Winnie was stunned yet again. She subconsciously reached for the smoke bomb, but before she could move, Harry and the others rushed forward and subdued her.

With an extremely cold look on his face, Trueman ordered, Kill her!

Harry and the others escorted Winnie out.

As Winnie thought of the previous cooks fate, she became disheartened.

But just as they were about to exit the room, a voice suddenly came from behind them. Wait a minute.

Nora said coldly, Let her go.

Trueman clicked his tongue and said, When are you going to change your bad habit of being a softie? She is just a servant! Yet youre actually begging for mercy for her?

There was no way Nora could treat human life with blatant disregard, of course. She repeated, Let her go.

Trueman sneered. Sure, I can let her go, but only if you bear me a child! If you do that, I can not only let her go but also Xander, and even you!

Thats impossible.

Nora flatly rejected his suggestion.

Trueman was infuriated. Then why should I listen to you and let her go?

Nora sighed. Suddenly, she took a step back and revealed something in her hand. Because of this.

After getting a clear look at what she was holding, Trueman, Harry, and the others expressions changed drastically.

It was a signal flare!

Even Winnie couldnt help but take a subconscious look at her pocket. Her signal flare should clearly have been in there. When did Nora get her hands on it?

As Black Cat, stealing something without anyone realizing was the most basic ability she should have.

Trueman took a step forward to s.n.a.t.c.h it from her.

However, the corners of Noras lips curled upward, and she activated the signal flare.


Something that looked like fireworks shot straight out of the window, making a pop sound in the sky.

The signal had been set off.

At the sight, Trueman became even angrier. With a huge frown on his face, he looked at Nora. You!!

Nora heaved a quiet sigh. I originally wanted to work with Caleb to find out the whereabouts of the V16, but now it seems that I can give up on that.

Nora lowered her eyes, her expression terribly cold and indifferent. If I cant outwit you, then Ill just have Black Cat interrogate you instead! I believe no one in this world can survive Black Cats interrogation.

After all, Black Cat was a master of torture!

At her words, Truemans handsome face instantly turned sinister. He said coldly, Nora, you will regret this! No one can hurt me here!

As soon as he spoke, the sound of fierce fighting suddenly came from outside.

Harry immediately went out to check what was going on. He returned almost immediately and shouted in panic, Hurry and leave, Mr. Yale! There is a group of people below us! Our guys wont be able to hold them back!

But Trueman didnt believe him. Thats impossible! Theres no way she can get so many people here! Especially in such a short time!

He went toward the window and glanced outside, whereupon he suddenly smiled and said, Oh, so its King! Hehe, Nora, youve really shot yourself in the foot now. Dont forget that no matter how much I betray him, I am still his son! Im afraid youve asked the wrong person for help!

The corners of Noras lips curled in a smile. Well, hes certainly here for his son.