She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 977

Chapter 977

Chapter 977: Just Set It Off now

Winnie didnt have the leisure to consider that much anymore.

Mr. Hunt had told her that Nora and Xanders safety took first priority. She took a step forward, but when she was about to say something, she saw that Nora, after taking the bowl of stew from Trueman, only took a quick whiff and immediately asked, What did you add to the stew?

Winnie paused.

Next to her, Harry glanced at her warily and frowned.

Winnie was so frightened that she hastily lowered her head and pretended to smooth out her clothes, putting on a stiff and reserved appearance.

At the dining table, Trueman smiled and asked, What could I possibly add?

Nora lowered her eyes. Dont forget that Im Anti.

Anti wasnt just a surgeon. She was also an outstanding researcher in the field of biomedicine. She was trained in alternative medicine and was capable of making a lot of different types of poison. Therefore, how would she possibly not be able to smell the extra ingredients in the chicken stew?

Trueman leaned back on the chair and smiled. You are so clever, my little servant. Yes, something has indeed been added to the stew.

Nora raised her eyebrows. What is it?

Muscle relaxants, replied Trueman.

Nora: ?

Trueman smiled. Its about time the muscle relaxant dosage is increased. Otherwise, what if your body gets used to the dosage and starts building a resistance to it? So, I added some into the stew.

Nora didnt say anything else.

However, Trueman said, So, finish it and put me at ease. Otherwise, Im really afraid that youll suddenly appear at my bedside tonight and kill me.

The corners of Noras lips spasmed. She looked down at the chicken stew and then turned to look at Winnie. Were you the one who added it to the stew?

Winnie shook her head. N-no, its not me Maam I

She looked at Harry, seemingly asking for help.

Her acting was pretty good.

Nora couldnt tell what Trueman was up to this time, but she picked up a spoon, filled it with a little stew, and then took a small sip. As a fearful Winnie watched on, she said, It is the muscle relaxant indeed.

Winnie: ?

Muscle relaxant?

Then why did Harry say that it was an aphrodisiac?

Winnie was no fool. She immediately understood that Harry was trying to sound her out!

Had she exposed her ident.i.ty?

No, that was impossible.

She had been living here for many years and was an informant that Justin had been keeping here. Originally, she was not in charge of this matter, but rather, had suddenly been a.s.signed the task.

If she hadnt exposed herself, then there was only one possibilityTrueman didnt trust anyone, so everyone was required to undergo a test.

She must have pa.s.sed the test, right?

It was fortunate that she had kept calm, as well as that Nora had identified the drug as a muscle relaxant and not an aphrodisiac. Otherwise, even if she must expose her ident.i.ty, Winnie would still have prevented her from consuming the bowl of chicken stew.

She heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Nora finished the bowl of chicken stew.

Then, she put down the utensils and got up. Im full.

Only then did she head upstairs.

Trueman said to Winnie, Make a sandwich for Xander.

Yes, sir.

Winnie entered the kitchen, made a sandwich, and brought it upstairs.

After entering Nora and Xanders room, she closed the door and turned behind to look at Nora. Before she could speak, Nora suddenly asked, Do you have anything you can use to make contact with the outside world?

Winnie was surprised. The room should still be under surveillance, so why was Mrs. Hunt being so careless all of a sudden?

Regardless, she lowered her voice and replied, Yes, I do. Mr. Hunt said that if an emergency comes up, I can set off the signal flare immediately. Our men have already surrounded the place, so they can storm in right away.

As soon as she spoke, Nora sighed and said, Alright. Then go set it off now.