She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 976

Chapter 976

Chapter 976: Chicken Stew

Justins expression turned sinister. But before he could say anything, Winnie hurriedly added, But Mrs. Hunt rejected him.

This made Justins expression mellow a bit.

After a while, he said, Go back and protect Nora.

Yes, sir.

After Winnie left, Sean and Lawrence finally came out. Boss, what do we do now? Why dont we just barge in there, arrest Trueman Yale, and torture him? This way, Ms. Smith wont be put in a spot anymore.

Lawrence was angry and indignant. Yale sure knows how to flatter himself. How dare he ask Ms. Smith to bear him a child? Hah, he sure thinks highly of himself, doesnt he?!

As soon as he spoke, Sean cleared his throat.

Only then did Lawrence realize that Justins expression had darkened even further. Justin said, Trueman Yale has a strange temperament. It probably wont work if we employ forceful measures. Do as she says and bide our time for now, but have our men surround them.

Yes, sir!

Winnie returned to the small rundown building where they were staying.

With the vegetables she had bought in her hands, she entered the kitchen and began to prepare dinner.

Every once in a while, she would raise her head and glance at the upper floors. Only after making sure that nothing was wrong would she then return to dinner preparations with peace of mind.

It was at this moment that she suddenly heard Harry chatting with a few other people outside.

Add some stuff to that womans dinner tonight.

What kind of stuff?

Aphrodisiacs, of course. Its her good fortune that Mr. Yale has taken a fancy to her. We should add some drugs to her dinner so that she can serve him better

No problem!

As they chatted, the few of them entered the kitchen. Harry looked at Winnie and said, Make some stew tonight.

When Winnie heard this, she felt chills run down her spine.

She wanted to contact Justin, but after Harry and the others gave the order, they stayed in the kitchen and kept a close watch on her, giving her no chance to tip-off Justin at all!

Winnie became terribly anxious. As she prepared dinner, she tried to think of a way to resolve the situation. Mr. Hunt had already given her instructions that Mrs. Hunt and Xanders safety took top priority!

Winnie took a deep breath. Under the watchful eyes of Harry and the others, she made a table full of dishes.

Soon, it was time for dinner.

Winnie brought the food to the table, where she then saw Harry pouring a packet of powder into the chicken stew she had just made. Increasingly anxious, she turned to exit the place.

However, she had only taken a step when Harry asked, Where are you going?

Winnie coughed and answered, To the bathroom.

Harry pointed to the bathroom in the room. Its over there.

Cold sweat trickled down Winnies forehead at once. She lowered her head and gave him an ingratiating smile as she said, Oh, so thats where it is. Ill make a quick trip to the bathroom then.

Yeah, okay!

Harry looked at another woman next to him and ordered, You, go with her.

After speaking, Harry looked at the people around him and said, From now on, none of us are to move about alone. Got it?

Got it!

The rest nodded.

Winnie: !!

She went straight to the bathroom with the other woman, unable to tip-off Justin at all.

By the time she came back out, she saw that Trueman and Nora were already seated at the dining table. Trueman filled a bowl with the stew and handed it to Nora. Here, I got them to specially make some chicken stew for you.

Nora looked at the bowl of chicken stew but didnt move.

A beaming Trueman looked at her. Why arent you eating, my little servant?

Nora raised her eyebrows. Left with no other choice, she could only take the bowl of chicken stew from him.

At the side, Winnies expression changed dramatically in an instant!