She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 975 - They Are In Love With Her!

Chapter 975 - They Are In Love With Her!

Chapter 975 They Are In Love With Her!

I dont agree to it.

Nora was very firm. Even if the one standing in front of her was Trueman, a man with a strange temperament, provoking whom might easily bring her trouble, there were still some boundaries that must be protected.

Sure enough, Trueman frowned and snorted coldly. Arent you afraid that I will kill Xander?

Nora raised her eyebrows. If you kill him, you wont have anything to threaten me with anymore. Also, if you even lay a finger on him, I will make you wish you were dead!

Toward the end of her sentence, Noras voice became awfully sinister.

Her reaction startled even the man standing in front of her.

Truemans eyes flickered a little. Seemingly having thought of something, he snorted coldly and narrowed his eyes. Theres no rush. Sooner or later, I will make you bear my child willingly!

After speaking, he left.

After leaving Noras room, he entered his own room on the third floor.

His room had great soundproofing. People outside wouldnt be able to hear anything being said inside. After the man closed the door, the look in his eyes suddenly changed.

Whats the matter? Why do you suddenly want to come out so badly? Do you have something to tell me?

Dont force her into doing things she doesnt want to!

An air of certainty suddenly entered the mans voice as he said, Youre in love with her too!

Ha, how can that be?!

I am you, and you are me. I know your true feelings! I didnt expect us to actually reach a consensus on this matter.


So, if you want her so badly, why dont you force her to do what you want? I doubt she wont do as you say if you hold a knife to Xanders throat!

Ha, youre having regrets now!

Im not! Shut up!

You are! She was originally supposed to be your woman! But you rejected her back then!

I told you to shut up!

Hmph, I told you back then that the fatty would be lots of fun, but you didnt believe me and insisted on going against King, instead. You even looked down on her You looked down on her in the past, but she has now become someone way above your league!

You make it sound as though you didnt have a part in rejecting her back then. Thinking about it now, though, did the two of us oppose the marriage so strongly back then because she was so fat? Or was it because it was what the old man wanted us to do?

Both of them had been awfully rebellious when they were young.

No, even now, they were still going against their old man.

Although that man had given them life, he had thrown him and his siblings into h.e.l.l! The two of them were the only ones who had come out alive.

Under such circ.u.mstances, how would they possibly be able to make peace with what had happened?

Even if they had become schizophrenic, in this aspect, theyd never had any disagreementsin other words, they would never do as they were told!

No matter the reason, since we have already lost her, theres nothing else we can do! You cant do this to her! This is your fate!

Shut up! I told you, I will never accept this fate! If I was going to do that, then why wouldnt I live like how the old man wanted me to?

Both of them were rather angry, and both their voices had become sharp and piercing, gradually making it hard to tell them apart.

When they were young, they were too weak and could only live in the laboratory as though they were mere objects.

Later, when they survived, they began to put up a resistance. The first thing they had done as a sign of defiance toward King was to reject Kings orders for him to conceive a child with Nora Instead, they had pushed the responsibility to someone else.

After that, they cut off all contact with King.

But now that they thought about it, they had done as they were told all their lives, yet they now regretted the one and only thing they had done as an act of defiance.

What a joke.


Winnie, the cook, went out to buy fresh groceries for that nights dinner.

She glanced around outside a vegetable store and then entered.

As soon as she did, she spied a tall and ruthless figure standing in the shadows. Winnie lowered her head at once and greeted him respectfully. Mr. Hunt!

Although Justins demeanor was distant, there was a bit of anxiety in his voice. How is she? Mrs. Hunt is fine. She wants me to tell you to avoid alarming the enemy, and to wait for the right moment.

Justin breathed a sigh of relief. Okay.

But after speaking, he noticed that Winnie was hesitating about something.

Whats the matter? He asked.

Winnie glanced at him, not too sure if she should relay what she had heard. However, her loyalty lay with the man in front of her, so she coughed and said, I heard Trueman Yale say that he wants Mrs. Hunt to bear him a child. If she does, he will release Xander

Smas.h.!.+ The man crushed the drinking gla.s.s in his hand, and his expression turned extremely awful.