She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 974 - It's Not Too Late

Chapter 974 - It's Not Too Late

Chapter 974 Its Not Too Late

Nora returned to Xanders room.

At the thought of the disgusting conditions that Trueman had put forward, she felt as if she couldnt breathe.

She hadnt expected Trueman to actually say something like that.

Someone knocked on the door at this point.

Nora turned and looked behind to see the new cook, the one that Harry had just found, walking in.

With her head lowered, the cook gave her an ingratiating smile as soon as she entered, and then said, Im here to clear the plates, Miss.

As it turned out, the plates from Xanders meal just now hadnt been cleared yet.

Nora nodded.

The cook had obviously been given a heads-up by Harry, so she did not dare to slight Nora. She came forward and treated Nora as though she was her mistress.

With her head lowered, she walked up to the table. After collecting the plates, she suddenly looked at Nora and asked, Do you want dessert, Miss? I can make you some. Nora shook her head. No need.

The cook lowered her head and laughed. Alright. Having something sweet will make you feel better, though.

When she said that, Nora was taken aback.

She suddenly looked at the cook.

A while later, she finally got up and said, Youre right. Xander had been tense and scared the whole way here. Lets make some dessert in the kitchen so that he can have some ready when he wakes up.

Huh? I can just make some by myself and bring it up for you.

No, its fine. Lets go.

Nora took the lead while the cook followed behind her holding the plates and cutlery. As soon as the two left the room, sure enough, they saw Trueman leaning against the wall watching them. A heretical smile hung on the corners of his lips as he said, Make me some too.


Nora rolled her eyes but did not refuse. Okay.

My little servant sure is gaining more and more self-awareness. Trueman smiled. Just as he was about to follow them, Nora suddenly stopped and said, Trueman, if you follow me everywhere like this, you are going to give me a certain impression.

Trueman was taken aback. What?

Nora raised her eyebrows. You are going to make me think that youre in love with me.

Trueman was instantly dumbfounded. After a whole two seconds, he finally lost his temper and snapped, No way! You sure think really highly of yourself!

Nora didnt say anything else but merely raised her eyebrows.

A furious Trueman immediately entered his bedroom at the side.

Only then did Nora follow the cook downstairs and enter the kitchen.

The cook turned on the stove and boiled some water. Now that there were some sounds in the background, she suddenly lowered her voice and said, My name is Winnie. Mr. Hunt sent me to help you.

As she spoke, she added some sugar and other ingredients to the pot.

Nora lowered her eyes.

Thats right. What the cook said about how having something sweet would make one feel better had allowed Nora to recognize the other partys ident.i.ty.

Those were Cherrys words.

It was just that Nora suspected that she was being monitored in the room upstairs, so she hadnt dared to take any action. Now that they were in the kitchen and boiling water, with the steam providing the two of them cover, as well as the sound of the exhaust hood running in the kitchen, the two finally dared to converse.

Nora also lowered her voice. Where is he?

After Trueman lost his s.h.i.+p, his finances were also sanctioned by King.

His decision to make his way here had been a last-minute one. Additionally, Trueman was also very careful the whole way here, so Nora had thought that Justin would not be able to find them so soon.

But unexpectedly, the man was pretty efficient.

Winnie replied, Hes in the town. I can go out to buy groceries once a day. Mr. Hunt said that once you are ready, he can storm the place with his men any time. Is there any message you would like me to pa.s.s on to him? Are you safe at the moment? Yes, Im safe.

Nora was also helping out by looking for ingredients like milk and so on. She kept her head down and tried her best to keep her lip movements subtle as she spoke. She said, Tell him not to act rashly. Dont alert the enemy before I find the V16. Both Xander and I are safe, dont worry. Okay, Ill pa.s.s on the message later.

Winnie raised her head and gave Nora a smile. I can take care of the rest by myself, Miss. You can go back.

Alright. The cooking will take a while, so make sure to watch the heat.


The two conversed normally for a while more before Nora finally left the kitchen.

As soon as she went up the stairs, she got a shock-Trueman was standing right in front of her and staring straight at her.

Nora ignored him and got ready to enter the room to sleep with Xander.

However, Trueman grabbed her arm. Hey, so, what do you think of the conditions I mentioned earlier?

Im not very impressed.

Nora looked at him. Im a human being, not a machine. Besides, if you want children, there is no lack of people willing to have your baby, is there?

But I dont want to go to them, Trueman immediately replied.

Nora frowned.

Trueman, who felt embarra.s.sed, became a little angry. Are you protecting your chast.i.ty because of Justin Hunt? Just because you bore him three children?! Do you know that the children you gave birth to back then should have been mine?!

As soon as he said that, Noras head suddenly whipped up, and she looked at him in disbelief. What did you say?

Trueman sneered, I said, the children you gave birth to back then should have been mine! Your pregnancy back then was a conspiracy from the start!

Nora stared at him. So you were the one who devised that scheme against me back then, werent you?


Trueman spoke without hesitation. He said, The moment you were born, your mother injected you with an enhanced version of the gene serum. You had to give birth once you turned eighteen years old, so that you could expel part of the gene serum, or else you would have suffered its backlas.h.!.+ The old Kings plan back then was to have me conceive a baby with you! This way, in order to save our child, you would have had to do anything I said!

Nora clenched her fists. Then why was it changed to Justin?

Why was it changed to Justin?

Because he didnt want to do it, of course!

Putting aside the fact that Nora had been so fat back then that one couldnt tell what her facial features looked like at allso there was no way he would let such an ugly woman bear his child he had also been resistant to everything arranged by the old King at that time!

Therefore, when the Imperial Leagues old butler approached him and told him to conceive a baby with Nora, Trueman had rejected him at once. He had raised his chin high and said, No, Im not doing it! Itll do as long as we find her another man, right? Find her someone more handsome! In my opinion, that American named Justin Hunt is the most good-looking! Have him complement her


That one line of his got the people from the Imperial League to secretly take action, leading to Justin and Nora spending the night together

Of course, Trueman didnt know that Justin had already taken the King mantle by then.

When the butler received the news, he thought of the old Kings wishes, and thus, agreed to it as well. As such, Justin had actually been duped by his own men.

Otherwise, how could someone as powerful as Justin possibly be drugged by anyone? And even forget what had happened that night?

This all came later, though. Truemans face flushed red in this instant.

He looked at Nora.

Who would have thought that Nora would be this attractive after she slimmed down?!

In addition It was only when he returned to the United States later and deliberately made contact with her that he found out that the woman was no blockhead. Apart from being a beauty, she was also really interesting!

But it was too late.

Everything was too late.

If he had gone along with the old Kings plans and conceived a child with her, would their relations.h.i.+p have been different from what it currently was?

He had pushed the woman into another mans arms with his own hands

But it wasnt too late yet either!

If Nora was willing, she could still conceive a child for him now