She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 973 - She Offended Someone She Shouldn't Have

Chapter 973 - She Offended Someone She Shouldn't Have

Chapter 973 She Offended Someone She Shouldnt Have

The look in Calebs eyes changed dramatically at once.

Nora stared hard at him and said, Therefore, you can drop the act, Trueman!

Upon hearing this, a smile suddenly formed on Calebs countenance, and it was as though even his voice had changed, becoming sharp and piercing. He removed his and said, My, my. Youre pretty sharp, arent you, my little servant?

After speaking, he licked his lips and then looked at the headband on the floor. Then, he snorted and said, Im the only one who can order my servant around. Does she think she can order you guys around too? Is she even worthy of doing so?

Though his words were what a bossy CEO might say, they instead made Noras hair stand on end.

Just because the chef showed disrespect toward her and Xander, Trueman had killed her?

That guy was too bloodthirsty!

In addition, Trueman had even pretended to be Caleb In that case, did that mean that Nora would have to pay special attention to him in the future when he was switching to his other personality?

Also, when exactly did Caleb turn into Trueman?

The psychotherapy she brought up just now Was he Trueman or Caleb at that time?

Nora couldnt quite tell anymore!

From the start, the two of them were one and the same. On top of that, they were primary and secondary personalities who could converse with each other. It couldnt get any easier for them to pretend to be each other!

While Nora was deep in thought, Trueman started walking toward her, making the look in Noras eyes turn even darker and deeper.

After Trueman came up to Nora, he lowered his head and said with a smile, My little servant, I know that both you and Caleb want the V16, as well as the fact that Caleb will definitely give the V16 to you after he gets his hands on it. He has already lost the will to live a long time ago. To be honest, its not impossible for me to give you the V16 If you agree to a condition of mine, I will yield the only chance of survival to Xander. How does that sound?

A condition?

Nora looked at him warily. She wasnt naive enough to think that Truemans condition would be that easy to fulfill.

Sure enough, the next moment, a smiling Trueman continued, Give birth to my child. When I have a descendant, I will give you the V16.

Noras expression changed dramatically upon hearing his words. You pervert!


Trueman suddenly laughed. Why do I find it such a dependable transaction, though? What do you think? Ill give you five days to think about it. Five days later, Xander will be ready for the injection. By then, well have to decide for real which one of us will be using the V16!

After speaking, he patted Nora on the shoulder and added, Do think about it carefully, my little servant.



On the outskirts of town.

Harry, together with two of his subordinates, removed the chefs body from the suitcase.

There were injuries all over the chefs body, who had died a very miserable death.

The sight made the two subordinates s.h.i.+ver all over, and even their voices were trembling as they spoke. They turned to Harry and asked, Hey Harry, d-didnt she get beaten up a little too badly? Why was Mr. Yale so angry?

Harry stared hard at the two of them and replied, Because she offended someone she shouldnt have!

The two men understood immediately.

It seems that the woman and child that Mr. Yale brought back with him have a special place in his heart! Keep your eyes peeled and take care not to make foolish mistakes in the future!

Has Mr. Yale taken a fancy to that woman? She certainly is very pretty As the two chatted, they dug a pit and buried the chef.

Next to them, Harry looked at the two hesitantly, but in the end, he merely heaved a sigh. Ignorance was bliss sometimes!!

The chef was also pretty unlucky. She sure had offended the wrong person!!