She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 972 - Bloodstains

Chapter 972 - Bloodstains

Chapter 972 Bloodstains

Nora looked intently at Xander in front of her.

Earlier, when Xander first returned to them, in order to better get along with the child, neither Nora nor Justin had said anything negative about Trueman to Xander.

After all, for the past five years, Trueman was the childs only kin.

However, ever since Xander stole the V16 and gave it to Trueman, Nora was filled with regrets. She should have taught her son to differentiate between good and evil.

Seeing that Xander was finally bringing up the topic, she kept quiet for a while before she finally said, True evil doesnt really exist in this world, Xander, and everyone has a dark side deep down in their hearts. But as humans, we should safeguard our moral boundaries and stick to them. No matter what we do, even if we act a little selfish for our own sakes, we mustnt cross that boundary.

Trueman had taught Xander to be unscrupulous and resort to any means available to achieve his goals.

This was apparent from how Xander had frequently bullied the nannies and security guards when he was living with Nora and Justin. The little guy was a devil through and through. Fortunately, he was still young and kind-hearted by nature, which was the only reason why he wouldnt do anything illegal.

However, a childs personality was already cemented by the time they turned five years old.

Xanders heretical and dark personality had become ingrained in him.

For some, their childhood could heal whatever suffering they experience in their lifetime.

But for others, it took a lifetime to heal the suffering from their childhood experiences.

Those five years spent in darkness had already led Xander astray.

Therefore, Nora taught him things differently from how she taught Cherry and Pete. She wanted Xander to keep to his moral boundaries.

Xander, who seemed to vaguely understand, nodded. However, he persisted and asked again, So, is Daddy Trueman really a bad person?

Was he really a bad person?

Nora didnt answer him directly. She only stroked his hair and said, People should not be defined by the concepts of good and bad. Although he is a pitiable man, it doesnt give him the right to take revenge on society just because of his unfortunate circ.u.mstances. Xander, I want you to know this-you are still young, so educating and nurturing you are our responsibilities. Real parents never contrive against their children when nurturing them. So, if he ever asks you to do anything that brings harm to yourself, please reject him.

Xander was stunned when he heard her words.

As he looked at Nora, he seemed to truly understand in this instant what parents were supposed to be.

After having a heart-to-heart talk with Xander and gaining a deeper understanding of the childs thoughts, Nora coaxed him to sleep and then went out of the room.

As soon as she stepped out the door, she saw Harry dragging a suitcase and walking out.

The suitcase was huge, and it seemed that there was something very heavy inside.

Nora didnt pay it much heed. However, when the two pa.s.sed by each other, Nora suddenly stopped and turned to look at Harry.

Harry gave her a smile and left quickly without saying anything. But the smell of blood coming from the suitcase wafted in the air, causing Nora to narrow her eyes.

Only then did she enter the room, where she immediately saw Caleb cleaning his hands with a wet wipe. He wiped them very meticulously, cleaning his hands one finger at a time. Finally, he tossed the wet wipe into the trash can beside him.

It was then that he finally turned and looked behind him. He seemed a little taken aback at the sight of Nora, but the next moment, he smiled and asked, Is something up, Nora?

Nora cast her eyes down. Suddenly, she asked, What did you decide to do with that chef in the end?

Without any change in his expression, Caleb replied, I got Harry to send her away. Is that so?

Nora suddenly pointed to a headband next to her on the floor. If so, you guys forgot to take her headband with you.

The headband was stained all over with blood.