She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 971 - Is Daddy A Bad Person?

Chapter 971 - Is Daddy A Bad Person?

Chapter 971 Is Daddy A Bad Person?

Caleb was obviously stunned by her words. It seemed that he had never considered the suggestion before. He broke into a frown and asked, Would you be able to cure me?

Caleb had multiple personality disorder. Bluntly put, he had schizophrenia.

Nora had indeed cured someone of it before.

She nodded. Yeah, I can.

Caleb stayed quiet for a long while before he finally asked, To what extent can it be cured? Nora thought for a while and then answered, If nothing goes wrong, I can stop Trueman from ever appearing again.

Caleb fell silent.

He heaved a small sigh and said, In that case, we cant do that yet.


Nora asked in surprise.

A resigned Caleb replied, Because only Trueman knows where the V16 is. So far, I havent found any info about the V16.

Nora nodded. Dont worry about that. Mental illnesses are not something that can be cured overnight. It takes time. I can get started on the preparations for you first. After Caleb nodded, he sighed again and said, Actually, it doesnt really matter if I get it cured or not.

He cast his eyes down and said, When I get the V16, I will give it to Xander. I wont be using it myself. When Xander gets the last remaining V16, I will die. So it doesnt matter if it is cured or not. And if the three of us cannot outwit Trueman, he will become very strong when he injects himself with the V16. By then, Im afraid you wont be able to treat me anymore.

Nora was about to persuade him to accept the medical treatment when Caleb said, But we can still try having it treated. For now, its good enough as long as I can show up more often and occupy the body for a longer time. This way, itll also be convenient for me to look for clues.

Nora breathed a sigh of relief. Yeah.

After a while, the new chef that Harry had found brought them the meal prepared for Xander. Xander glanced at Caleb and started digging in obediently. Xander seemed exceptionally distant toward Caleb.

Nora thought about it for a moment. Xander had feelings for Trueman instead of Caleb. Just as a touch of hesitation flashed across her eyes, Caleb said, Trueman doesnt let me anywhere near Xander, for fear that I will take him away. So, all these years, he has been the one taking care of Xander.

Then, Caleb smiled and added, But its not true that we havent had any contact with each other at all either. Xander, do you remember how you insisted on asking for medical books when you were four years old?

Xander paused for a moment, then he raised his head and looked at him. How did you know that?

When he was four, many of the animals around him had died. Xander wanted to save them, but Trueman had said with a sneer, You? Saving people is what doctors do! What does it have to do with you? Xander had retorted at the time, Then I will become a doctor! Daddy, teach me how to become a doctor!

When Trueman heard this, he thought of something and sneered, I hate doctors the most! You cant study medicine!

In the past, throwing a tantrum had worked whenever Xander wanted something. This time, however, no matter how much he begged, Trueman simply didnt agree. He said, Who do you think your little animals went to? And who do you think operated on them? You can be anything you want except a doctor!

The executioners in the mysterious organization were all professionals and doctors who, in the name of scientific research, had long since forgotten their basic moral boundaries as human beings.

Moreover, all those people around Truema.n.a.lmost one thousand of themwho had died while he was growing up had not been given proper burials but were dissected by the doctors instead.

In fact Some who werent even dead had also been taken away for live human experiments.

It was a very cruel reality.

Dissecting the human body and observing the probability of people surviving various situations that challenged human limits were the best ways to understand the structure and limits of the human body.

Of course, it was said that they had taken reference from the actions of a country that obtained a lot of invaluable data from conducting similar brutal experiments on prisoners of war. This led to that country becoming more advanced than others in various medical fields.

That was why Trueman hated doctors the most, especially the ones who studied biotechnology.

But Xander didnt know that; he just wanted to save his friends. In fact, he had already gouged out a rabbits heart and put it into a dogs


He then went on a hunger strike and told Trueman that he would starve himself to death if he was not allowed to study medicine.

Trueman didnt give in at first.

But Xander was stubborn, and he never relented on things that he had already made up his mind on, so he stopped eating and drinking for real.

Three days later, the little Xander fainted.

By the time he next awoke, there was a tray next to him. On it was a juicy hamburger on a plate, as well as a USB flash drive.

Next to the USB flash drive was a fiercely-written note: You can only study medicine behind my back. If I find out, I will confiscate everything.

Xander might have grown up locked up in a bas.e.m.e.nt, but he did have access to the Internet and a computer.

He understood something there and then. He got up, ate the burger, and then inserted the USB flash drive into the computer. Sure enough, inside the flash drive were vast amounts of educational material about medicine.

Xander knew that his Daddy Trueman had an awkward personality, so he strictly followed his orders and only studied medicine in secret, when Trueman was away.

Once Trueman returned, he would immediately stop studying At that time, hed merely thought that Trueman was throwing a temper tantrum, but now that he thought about it again

Xander seemed to have realized something. You were the one who gave me that flash drive?

Caleb sighed, stretched out his hand, and ruffled Xanders hair. Xander froze but didnt push him away.

He then heard Caleb say, Youre just as stubborn as him, so I didnt have any other choice but to adopt a solution that offered the best of both worlds. Xander lowered his head, ate a mouthful of food, and then whispered, Thank you.

Caleb didnt say anything. Instead, he got up and walked out. You guys dig in first. Ill go and deal with that old chef.

Nora immediately said, Her mistake doesnt warrant a death.

Although this was a place that none of the countries it bordered on cared about, and many things operated in a corrupt manner here, Nora had never been one to show blatant disregard for human life.

The chef had been disrespectful to her and her son, but beating her up was already enough. There was no need to kill her.

Caleb turned around and smiled wryly at her. Of course. Do you think Im Trueman?

Then, he went out the door after speaking.

Nora and Xander shared the plate of lasagna.

After they finished the food, Nora told Xander to lie down and rest. She suddenly asked, Have you really never seen him wearing all this time?

Xander answered, No.

Nora was about to ask another question when Xander suddenly turned to look at her. He said, Mommy, its Daddy who wont let me see him.

Nora was taken aback.

Xander looked straight at Nora with a bit of dejection and sadness in his eyes. He said, Daddy said he was a bad person and told me not to meet him. But now it seems that Daddy is the bad person instead, right?