She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 970 - Psychotherapy

Chapter 970 - Psychotherapy

Chapter 970 Psychotherapy

When Nora heard Truemans grating voice, she immediately frowned.


That guy was currently not only having a ball of a time making fun of her, but also feeling great distaste toward Xander. Now that she had beaten up his little chef, he was definitely going to use it against her again. She frowned and put her arms around Xander. Then, she looked at the chef and said warningly, Its nothing. Your master is already very tired, isnt he? Seeing her behavior, the chef immediately knew that she was backing down, so she immediately retorted, What do you mean nothing? Why didnt you say it was nothing when you hit me just now? Mr. Yale, you must help me out here!

After speaking, she immediately ran up to Trueman and grabbed his sleeve. Mr. Yale, that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d demanded that I serve him! Hah, but why should I? You personally hired me as your chef, and you once said that I am allowed to serve only you! On top of that, he even wanted to eat the lasagna I made for you! When I refused, he flipped the plate of lasagna at me! It really hurt! And that woman, too! Boohoo, she actually hit me!

The look in Truemans eyes turned a little displeased, and he looked at Nora darkly. She hit you?

The chef nodded repeatedly. Yes. Not only did she hit me, but she also scolded me. Boohoo, I only cooked a plate of lasagna for the child because I found him pitiful. What makes them think they can boss me around? And even hit me if I refuse to obey their orders?

The chefs face was dripping with tears.

Nora looked at Trueman warily, wondering how the man was going to make things difficult for her because of this issue.

But when she was thinking about it, she instead saw Trueman stroking his chin. He suddenly smiled and did something jarringtaking out a pair of and putting them on. Then, his voice turned sinister as he said, Maybe its the fact that he is also your master?

The chef was stunned. What did you say, Mr. Yale?

Truemans expression was dark and sinister as he repeated, I said, its because he is also your master!

Then, Trueman shouted toward the outside, Harry!

Coming, Mr. Yale!

Harry arrived upon the summons. When he saw the bespectacled Trueman, he was a little taken aback. Mr. Yale?.

Trueman No, one should call him Caleb now instead. Caleb pointed to the chef and ordered, Take her out and teach her the rules. Let her know who she can mess with and who she cant! Also, get another chef here to make something for the child to eat.

Yes, sir!

Harry s.h.i.+vered. He immediately lowered his head, grabbed the chef, and led her out.

The chef yelled, Mr. Yale! Mr. Yale!

Shut up! Harry covered the chefs mouth at once. Are you still courting death even at this moment?! Have an idea of who youve just offended!

The chef continued to let out m.u.f.fled cries as she was taken away.

In the room.

At the sight of Caleb, all the tension melted away from Noras head.

Caleb rubbed his temples and sighed. He didnt do anything outrageous when I was away, did he?

Nora paused and then said, No, he didnt.


Caleb sighed and pulled over a chair in the room. Xander, well get you something yummy soon, okay?.

Xander looked at Caleb, finding the mans behavior very novel. He nodded and replied, Okay.

Then, Nora looked at Caleb and suddenly asked, Can he hear what Im saying to you right now?

No, he cant.

Caleb added, He will only know when we converse.

Good to know that. Nora sat on the bed. I want to talk to you about psychotherapy.