She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 967 - Eat First

Chapter 967 - Eat First

Chapter 967 Eat First

Nora replied and looked at the person welcoming Trueman. She asked, Wheres the kitchen?

The person looked at Trueman and then at Nora before saying, Follow me.

The entire building seemed to be Truemans property. Nora followed the man to the kitchen. As soon as she entered, she heard a clear voice. Is Young Master here? Ill cook for him immediately.

Before she could finish, the person retorted, No, you go out!

The chef turned around looking a little stunned.

Her face was dark as if she had been tanned in some place. She had small eyes and a big face. She did not go out even when told to leave. She asked, Why?

The man who led Nora in was named Harry. He was the boss when Trueman was not around. When he heard her, he spat. What do you mean why? I told you to go out, so go out! Young Master wants to eat food made by this person! Hurry up and scram!

The chef looked unhappy. Fine, Ill go out! Why are you talking to me like this?! I was specially invited by Young Master to cook! Every time Young Master comes over, he eats food cooked by me. Is her cooking so good?

The chef looked at Nora warily.

Nora did not care. She thought about it and suddenly said, Then go cook for Xander. The chef was stunned. Whos Xander? Nora: My son. Harry had seen Xander, of course. When Nora came into the kitchen, Xander wanted to follow her, but his little head was spinning after traveling for two days straight. He was already tired.

Therefore, Nora got Harry to take Xander to the bed upstairs to rest.

On the way to the kitchen, she had already seen about seven to eight people in this dilapidated building, but all of them were burly men. She finally met a woman in the kitchen

Furthermore, Nora had also asked Harry. She knew that other than the chef, no one else could cook, so she asked the chef to cook for Xander.

As for what she could cook ahem.

Nora did not make any comments.

The chef still wanted to say something, but Harry waved his hand. This kitchen is to cook for Young Master. Go to the small kitchen on the side.

The chef went to the small kitchen. Nora then rolled up her sleeves and prepared to cook.

However, when she turned around, she saw Trueman standing at the door gawking at her. Nora raised her eyebrows and asked, Why are you here?

I was afraid you would poison me.


Although Nora really wanted to poison him, he had brought the scanner from G.o.d knows where to check her entire body from head to toe before confiscating all weapons and poisons she had on her.

She was really unable to poison him even if she wanted to.


She ignored Trueman and picked up the steak beside her. Ill cook steak for you? This is the most common dish I ate overseas.

Trueman knew about this.

After all, for so many years, he had been sending people to monitor Noras every move.

Trueman nodded. He saw Nora throw the steak into the frying pan and light the fire.

Nora seared the steak familiarly. Trueman walked behind her and asked, Have you cooked steak for Justin before?

Nora: ?

She glanced at the corner of his mouth. No.

Truemans eyes lit up as a smile appeared on his face.

Five minutes later, Nora moved the steak from the pan to the plate and handed it to Trueman.

Trueman praised, Little servant, you know how to properly serve your master now. Not bad. It looks like I didnt teach you in vain This improvement is really good!

As he said this, he saw Nora swallowing; she seemed to have smelled the delicious aroma.

He thought about how they had been eating and drinking on the road these past two days. In order not to let Old King find their traces, they had indeed been surviving direly.

She had not eaten well. All she could have was bread and water.

When they were about to reach their destination, there was not much bread left, so she simply gave it all to Xander. He and Nora had not eaten for twelve hours.

Trueman cut his steak into two and brought half of it to Noras mouth. You eat first.