She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 968 - My Servant

Chapter 968 - My Servant

Chapter 968 My Servant

Nora looked at Trueman in surprise. To be honest, she was indeed hungry after remaining hungry for twelve hours.

Therefore, when she smelled the meat earlier, she indeed got hungry.

However, was this person really that kind?

Just as she thought of this, she heard Trueman snort coldly and say evilly, Ill have you test it for poison!

I cant poison you without any drugs! Nora complained silently, but she felt that this suited Truemans character. She put half of the steak in her mouth without hesitation and began cooking a second steak.

When Trueman saw that she had eaten, he lowered his head in satisfaction and looked at his half. He asked, Hehe, Justin didnt even get to eat my little servants steak, but I got your first time?

Nora: ??

Why did it sound so wrong?

She suspected that Trueman was doing it on purpose.

She ignored Trueman as he cut a small piece of the steak and placed it in his mouth before beginning to chew it.

The steak was marinated, so it tasted good.

Trueman took a bite and the fresh juice from the steak slipped into his mouth. He chewed again in satisfaction.

Nora blinked and looked at him.

Two minutes later, Trueman was still chewing.

After another minute, Trueman spat out the steak in his mouth. What are you cooking? Isnt the fire too hot? I cant even swallow the steak!

Nora said, Its cooked. As long as its edible!

She had always eaten it like this when she was overseas.

Because she was not in good health and was afraid of all kinds of parasites, whenever she cooked steak, she would cook it very well and then leave it on the flame for another while. Although such a steak was difficult to chew, it was the same in her stomach if she swallowed it in one gulp!

Trueman: !!!

Nora spoke again, Yes, I know my own cooking skills. Thats why I never make things difficult for Justin. I dont hold a grudge against him.

Trueman: !!!!!

He was really angry this time!

He had originally thought that it was her first time cooking steak for someone. He did not expect her to be holding a grudge against him!

Trueman came to Noras side angrily. Go


Nora took a step back.

Trueman reached out. Give me the pan!

Nora handed the pan to him.

Trueman began to cook his own steak.

A piece of steak was flipped over a few times. Trueman cooked the steak skillfully. The fire was just right. After he scooped it onto the plate, he glanced at Nora, who was staring at the meat in his hand as he handed the plate over. Eat half of it and test for poison!

After taking two bites of Truemans steak, Nora finally realized how overcooked her steaks were. In the past, she was always afraid that her steaks would be undercooked, and thus, ended up with steaks simply too difficult to swallow.

Trueman finished cooking the last piece of steak and looked up to see Nora eating. Her mouth was bulging like a little hamster, looking a little like the way Xander ate. Trueman lowered his eyes and looked at the two half steaks on the plate. He pursed his lips. After Nora finished eating, she said, Ill go see what Xander is eating.

Trueman did not stop her.

Nora went out.

The chef had been told to send food upstairs from the small kitchen. She had probably gone to serve food to Xander.

Harry stood staring at Trueman in shock as Nora left the kitchen. Young Master, this is?

A servant.

Trueman said coldly.

Harry instantly heaved a sigh of relief. When he saw Young Master cook for her personally, he had thought that Young Master had taken a liking to this woman. Was this woman going to be their mistress?

But she was also a servant.

With this in mind, he heard Trueman say again, Mine.

Harry: ?

Trueman looked at him coldly. Shes my servant.

Harry: !!

He instantly understood what Young Master meant!

On the other hand, Nora went upstairs. When she reached the top stair, she heard the chef scolding someone. Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Im serving Young Master. On what basis should I serve